35 Mad Adorable Products On Amazon That Are Godsends for Anyone Who Enjoys Deriving Joy Out of Life

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Instagram can be a blessing and a curse. While it's nice to live vicariously through your favorite celebs jetting off to their next exotic locales — honestly, who among us doesn't get a little jealous? Although I do enjoy watching my Insta-friends travel the globe, for true happiness, it's the little things at home that really make life worthwhile — and for me, many times, that equates to investing in some retail therapy courtesy of all the adorable products on Amazon.

Because really, I bet even if you asked whoever is behind your favorite popular travel Instagram, they'd tell you that life can be a drag sometimes. So why not surround yourself with products to help you squeeze every single bit of joy out of each and every moment? Separating eggs for your humdrum egg white omelette? Why not do it with a smile on your face courtesy of the ceramic chicken head egg separator? Need a tool to pull out that hot oven rack? Reach for a fun accessory that looks like a cross between a Muppet and a freaked-out ostrich — and if that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will.

This collection of whimsical-yet-functional Amazon finds is custom-made to add the happy back into your day. You bring the credit card, they'll bring the happy. Now get shopping.

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