35 Mad Adorable Products On Amazon That Are Godsends for Anyone Who Enjoys Deriving Joy Out of Life

Instagram can be a blessing and a curse. While it's nice to live vicariously through your favorite celebs jetting off to their next exotic locales — honestly, who among us doesn't get a little jealous? Although I do enjoy watching my Insta-friends travel the globe, for true happiness, it's the little things at home that really make life worthwhile — and for me, many times, that equates to investing in some retail therapy courtesy of all the adorable products on Amazon.

Because really, I bet even if you asked whoever is behind your favorite popular travel Instagram, they'd tell you that life can be a drag sometimes. So why not surround yourself with products to help you squeeze every single bit of joy out of each and every moment? Separating eggs for your humdrum egg white omelette? Why not do it with a smile on your face courtesy of the ceramic chicken head egg separator? Need a tool to pull out that hot oven rack? Reach for a fun accessory that looks like a cross between a Muppet and a freaked-out ostrich — and if that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will.

This collection of whimsical-yet-functional Amazon finds is custom-made to add the happy back into your day. You bring the credit card, they'll bring the happy. Now get shopping.

Entertainment — 35 Mad Adorable Products On Amazon That Are Godsends for Anyone Who Enjoys Deriving Joy Out of Life

1. This Device Makes A Humdrum Chore Just That Much More Fun

FOYO Egg Separator, $8, Amazon

Add a little whimsy to the mundane task of separating an egg with this device that's both fun and functional — and guaranteed to get a laugh. Just crack your egg into the premium ceramic chicken head, (er, bowl) and the dense yolk will sink to the bottom, allowing the white to pour out through the beak. Simple, mess-free, and fun. It works on two eggs at a time, too, and the device is dishwasher-safe.


2. A Little Bird That Always Has His Eye On Your Indoor Air Quality

Crane Filter-Free Cool Mist Humidifier, $33, Amazon

You know that humidity affects your comfort, overall health, and even the air quality of your home or office. Why not have a little fun while making home or work a better place to breathe and put this guy on the job? The 1-gallon tank functions runs whisper-quiet, pumping out ultrasonic cool mist to effectively humidify a space up to 500 square feet for easier breathing. The unit features an automatic shut-off function when the water is low, and is refillable under most common bathroom sinks for ease of use.


3. These Masks Don't Just Have A Fun Cafeteria Vibe — They Really Work

A'PIEU Milk Masks, $10 (Set of 7), Amazon

Don't let the charming packaging fool you: These sheet masks from K-beauty brand A'PIEU are the real deal. Each flavor of milk offers a different benefit for your skin: The Coffee Milk is firming, the Banana Milk has nourishing properties, the Coconut Milk is moisturizing, the Green Tea Milk is soothing, and the list goes on. They're all built on the foundation of milk protein extract, which sloughs off dead skin cells and helps maintain softer, cleaner skin. These should definitely be on your list for that party — or for any time you need a pick-me-up for your skin and for your spirit.


4. This Spoon Rest Is The Note Of Humor Your Kitchen Needs

Fred & Friends Sauced Up Spoon Rest, $16, Amazon

Is it a forgotten ravioli, just laying haplessly on your counter, abandoned? No, this pasta-shaped pillow made of stain-resistant silicone is a billowy over-sized spoon rest to keep your sauces off the counter. It's even big enough to accommodate oversized wooden spoons or ladles — because it has yet to meet a kitchen tool it can't cradle with ease. Plus, this is one ravioli that's top-rack dishwasher safe.


5. This Is The Most Adorable Makeup Sponge Holder You'll Ever Find

LandFox Makeup Sponge Stand, $2, Amazon

Sure, you could get a regular old plastic makeup organizer, but at this price, why not pick up this adorable decorative accent to keep your makeup sponges nearby? It's just the right size to keep your sponge handy, and the tricycle basket will ensure that the sponge is well-ventilated so it will be able to dry off in between uses. Offered in blue, white, and pink, you'll receive a color at random. These little cuties would be super for small succulents and air plants, too.


6. The Hook That Keeps Your Bag Off The Floor And By Your Side

Bag Man, $14, Amazon

Designed to help keep purses, backpacks, and shopping bags from taking up space and to save them from dirty floors, this device can suspend up to 22 pounds from its small frame. Crafted from sturdy ABS plastic so it's ultra-durable, the fierce face includes teeth made from non-slip urethane rubber to grip onto almost any surface. It also includes a chain you can use to attach it to your bags, so you don't have to worry about misplacing it.


7. These Trucks Meet Up On Taco Tuesday Right In Your Kitchen

Fred & Friends Truck Taco Holder, $23 (4 Holders), Amazon

A taco truck that actually holds your tacos? Be still my heart. If these accessories aren't so kitschy they're adorable, I don't know what is. Molded from food-safe polypropylene plastic, these make a playful addition to your table. There are two assorted trucks in each set — one in salsa red and one in guacamole green — so you're instantly ready for a party. "These little taco truck holders are not only adorable, they actually work REALLY well!" says one reviewer.


8. This Mayo Isn't For Your Turkey On Rye — It's For Your Hair

TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack, $16, Amazon

Whatever you do, don't put this hair masque in the refrigerator — you don't want to accidentally use it in a dip. Rather, this deep conditioning product is crafted with shea butter and macadamia seed oil — in addition to egg yolk extract — to hydrate and moisturize dry, brittle hair and give it a shiny, nourished appearance. And not to worry, because this mayo mask will leave your hair smelling like a sweet blend of vanilla and macadamia nuts, not a sandwich.


9. These Friendly Cacti Will Fluff Your Laundry While It Dries

Kikkerland Cactus Dryer Balls, $8 (Set of 2), Amazon

Reviewers rave about the "sorcery" these dryer accessories perform, which includes everything from reducing drying time to softening clothes to even keeping your sheets wrinkle-free. Whatever the case, these cute cacti fluff and aerate your laundry as it dries, which reduces wrinkles and controls the amount of static that your clothing has when it comes out of the dryer. Clothes get dried 50 percent faster than they normally would without using your little pals. They're like little faux-succulent heroes!


10. This Is The Cushion Abraham Lincoln Probably Used

Kikkerland Log Microbead Cushion, $19, Amazon

A bit of trompe l'oeil-ish magic gives you this cushion, which is great for proving to your friends just how hardcore you are. Turn up your nose at their shiatsu back pillows and show them that you use a log for your lower back relief — now who's tougher? The polyester-spandex cover features a realistic 3-D print of a log, and the pillow is filled with 100 percent polystyrene micro beads, so it's actually very comfortable for lower back pain.


11. The Set That Lets You Make Your Own Monstersicles

Tovolo Monsters Flexible Silicone Molds, $16 (Set of 4), Amazon

Ice pops are always fun, but what better way to kick the whimsy up a notch than by enjoying them in a quartet of monster shapes? These spooky pop molds create incredibly detailed popsicles using your favorite ingredients in four fun monster characters. The flexible silicone of this set makes removing your finished popsicles a breeze. The base tray is designed to fit in freezer door and to stack for compact storage, plus it has handles for easy mobility. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, too.


12. This K-Beauty Mask Looks Just Like A Cup Of Bubble Tea

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack, $10, Amazon

Combining green tea gel and moisture capsule bubbles, this mask isn't just packaged like a bubble tea — the product is structured like one, too. In this version, the green tea extract base is designed to provide a deep-cleansing treatment to clear your pores and remove oil, so that you awake with clean, fresh skin. The "bubbles" in the tea provide a hit of moisture, locking it in so that your skin is soft and hydrated. If you think this product is just cute, check out the raves of the reviewers, one of whom says this is "the best hydrating mask [she's] used."


13. An Adorable Cooker Makes A Dozen Cake Pops In Five Minutes

Babycakes Cake Pop Maker, $20, Amazon

Mmmmmm, cake pops. Once the provenance of Starbucks and specialty bakeries, now you can make them at home with this machine. After all, they're perfect for any occasion — birthdays, showers of any kind, anniversaries, and not least, those random days you'd like to have a bite of different cake varieties. The unit features non-stick baking plates for to help you get the cake rounds out easily and to facilitate easy clean up, and the set includes a plastic cake pop stand, fork tool, 50 cake pop sticks, and a book of recipes.


14. This Quintessential French Symbol Is Now A Beauty Tool

milk + sass Macaron Hair Brush, $13, Amazon

The macaron is about as French as the baguette and the Eiffel Tower — so how much fun is this version, that turns the en vogue cookie into a hairbrush and compact mirror combo? The strategically sturdy radial bristles of the brush are combined with a lightweight, ergonomic design for optimum comfort, control, and tangle taming for every hair type and texture. It delivers fast and gentle detangling, without the breakage and pulling caused by other brushes — leaving hair smoother, frizz-free, and full of shine.


15. This Putty Can Help You Work Through Life's Weightier Issues

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, $11, Amazon

As a longtime fan of Crazy Aaron's, I will tell you that this stuff saved my cuticles. No lie, I used to pick at my cuticles when I was mulling over a problem or a challenge. Now, I have a can of Thinking Putty at the ready and keep my hands busy in this manner instead. It's a lot more fun — and much better for my manicure — not to mention the fact that I'm able to walk around without looking like I've put my fingertips down the disposal (I do a lot of thinking). They also come in fun, beautiful colors and finishes.


16. This Pillow Morphs From A Rainbow To A Unicorn And Back Again

Kikkerland Unicorn Zip & Flip Travel Neck Pillow, $32, Amazon

The level of adorable in this pillow is almost incomprehensible. One minute, you're using the rainbow as a hip travel pillow. The next minute, you've reached the end of your journey, and you're a little lonely in your AirBnB. Presto change-o, your friend Felix the Unicorn comes out to hang, because of course he does. I could tell you this would be a great gift for the tween in your life, if I weren't so in love with it for myself.


17. These Rollers Are Like The Ones I Wore Way Back When...But Better

HailiCare Foam Hair Rollers, $15 (Set of 30), Amazon

I went through a phase as a teenager where I tried wearing fabric rollers to sleep in. These rollers are the cuter, more functional versions of those. Crafted with fabric-covered sponges that are wired to tie, these rollers allow you to comfortably sleep on them — and help create natural waves simply and easily. No clips, no heat, and no chemicals are involved in getting the style you're after — your hair is bent into curls using these soft rollers.


18. A Super-Popular Tassel Design Keychain Camouflages A Lightning Charger

Nkomax Lightning Cable USB Leather Tassel Key Chain, $10, Amazon

Tassels, both as accessories and as design elements, are having a moment. This one poses as a keychain but has within its structure one critically important difference: Within the tassel is a 7-inch lightning cable as well as a 7-inch USB cable, so you'll never be without the cable you need to charge your phone or other device. Both are made from durable and super high-quality materials, backed by a 100 percent lifetime guarantee.


19. A Lotion That Will Make You A Shiny, Happy Person

Juicy Skin Care Gold Glitter Up Body Cream, $19, Amazon

That shiny gold-toned glow Chrissy Teigen is always sporting may just be within reach with this body cream. This shimmering body lotion contains macadamia oils and aloe vera extract for fast and easy absorption, which also stimulates the skin's natural regenerative process. The lotion also contains lightweight golden shimmer to give you an instant golden sheen with a smooth and supple finish — and a rich and fruity fragrance. John Legend not included.


20. An iPad Case That's Super Cute But Tough As Nails

GDSZHS iPad Case, $15, Amazon

Soft in appearance yet tough in makeup, this case for the new 9.7-inch Apple iPad combines form and function in the very best ways. Specially-made to fit this device, it features a three-layer protective design to protect your device, including a soft silicone outer layer and a dual inner layer PC case that includes an overflow border to give the iPad full body protection. The textured outside provides an enhanced grip to prevent slips and and drops, while the design itself is engineered to protect your device from scratches, drop, bumps, dirt, grease, and fingerprints. It has easy installation, and features a kickstand that makes prolonged viewing sessions enjoyable.


21. A Lamp That Is The Hardy Houseplant You've Been Looking For

ZHOPPY LED Desk Lamp, $11, Amazon

If your thumb is not green, this is one faux houseplant even you won't be able to kill — and as a bonus, the first job of this fun accessory is actually to be your desk lamp. The main leaf sprout is actually a gooseneck tube which allows you to adjust the height and angle of the light under the leaf. It operates on a touch-sensitive control switch that lets you adjust to any of three pre-set brightness levels. It also charges via an included USB cable from your computer or any standard USB port.


22. This Fork Looks Like Spaghetti And Serves It Up, Too

Monkey Business Spaghetti Serving Fork, $15, Amazon

While it has the appearance of a bunch of mismatched strands of spaghetti, this fork is actually a fun and functional pasta serving utensil crafted from sturdy, heat-resistant nylon. The broad, substantial handle is wide enough to provide a good grasp on the task at hand, and while the staggered tines are excellent at portioning out pasta, its whimsical design is great for adding a festive note to spaghetti night.


23. This Little Chick Cooks Up All Your Eggs Perfectly Every Time

Yzakka Egg Cooker, $17, Amazon

Whether you like your eggs hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached, this appliance will make them perfectly for you — and it'll look cute as a button while it's whipping them up. This electric egg cooker can make up to seven eggs at a time, and uses steam rather than water, so boiled eggs are easier to peel. Use the settings to choose whether you like your boiled eggs soft, medium or hard. This chick can hatch other delicious foods, too, including poached eggs, steamed buns, small vegetables, and more.


24. The Planner That Helps You Get More Done By Doing Less

Clever Fox Planner, $25, Amazon

"Accomplish more by committing to less:" that's the principle behind this planner. So many of us have problems streamlining our schedules — but no more, with this non-dated organizer to help focus on goals to boost productivity, happiness, and success. It features a high-quality leatherette hard cover with an elastic band, pen holder, accordion folder, three colorful bookmarks, and substantial, thick paper. Created for goal-oriented users, this top-notch daily productivity planner will help you keep track of your day-to-day tasks and achieve that elusive work-life balance, too.


25. A Perennial Favorite That Always Delivers A Smile With Form And Function

PopSockets, $9, Amazon

Since these phone accessories came on the scene several years ago, they've been a perennial favorite — because they've just gotten more and more cute. Yes, they continue to do their job: They give you a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, stop phone drops, and act as a convenient stand so you can watch videos on the fly. But the fun part is in all the cool new looks that PopSockets keeps producing.


26. This Brush Set Will Make You Feel Like The Mermaid You Truly Are

Mengyasi Mermaid Brush Set, $7 (10 Pieces), Amazon

Has your morning makeup routine become sheer drudgery? Perk it up with this brush set that will make you feel like the most beautiful mermaid to come from the sea since Ariel. Soft, champagne-colored nylon bristles sit atop gilded plastic handles with a 3-D fish scale design. The set includes a brush for your every need, including foundation, cream, loose powder, blush, concealer, eyeshadow, and more. You'll look forward to getting up in the morning just to use these brushes.


27. This Odd Little Guy Is Looking Out For Your Fingers

Joie Oven Rack Puller, $7, Amazon

I hate it when I bend over to adjust something in the oven and I get that blowback of hot air that makes me feel like I'm peering into a blast furnace. Clearly, I need one of these gadgets, which would extend my reach by 8 inches and help me safely pull hot bakeware and oven racks closer — the fun, Muppet-like face is just a bonus. It's heat-resistant up to 536 degrees, and it's top-rack dishwasher safe in case you miss and get some casserole on it.


28. These Are So Much More Fun Than The Store's Bread Ties

Trudeau Silicone Tie Wraps, $6 (Set of 8), Amazon

So, yes, these ties are absolutely more fun than the thingamabobs that come home from the store with your bread. They're green and leaf-shaped, which is cool and gives you a visceral reminder to be eco-friendly — but it's truly their versatility that wins the day. You can use these ties to do so much more: Made of long-lasting silicone, these 6-inch wraps can be used to efficiently and securely hold food and storage bags, wrap electrical wires, and much more.


29. These Drink Markers Donut Skimp On Fun

True Fabrication Donut Drink Markers, $10 (Set of 6), Amazon

Why use those boring old wine charms when you could have this set instead, full of fun, personality — and sprinkles! Six miniature donuts of varying kinds can either be slipped around the stem of your wineglass or clipped to the rim of your drink to signify which glass is yours. Are you the cruller or the chocolate with sprinkles? And do you coordinate with your beverage of choice?


30. This Cheese Board Has A Hidden Compartment

VonShef Cheese Board, $20, Amazon

Stylish and high quality, this cheese board has it all: It's crafted from acacia wood and features a removable slate insert that you can write the names of your cheeses on using any chalk to add an artisanal touch. Plus, it has a concealed slide-out tray that holds a set of specialist tools, including a stilton knife, a cheddar knife, a hard cheese fork and a cheese fork — all with stainless steel blades and smooth wooden handles.


31. This Genius Device Is A Must For At-Home Manicurists

Tweexy, $10, Amazon

If you like to do your nails at home, you must have this genius device. Tweexy is a wearable nail polish bottle holder, crafted from silicone, that goes on two fingers of one hand and holds your nail polish securely while you paint. The bottle grip system securely holds any bottle, even when your hand is held upside and shaken — yet can also be easily removed. Now, there's no need to set the bottle down or try to chase it around with your free hand.


32. This Lamp Is Gorgeous And Good For You, Too

d'aplomb Rose Salt Lamp, $40, Amazon

For hundreds of years, salt lamps have been trusted to purify the air and relieve stress. This lamp not only performs those functions, but adds an attractive design note to any room with its facets designed to echo that of a rose. Crafted from 250 million year old pink Himalayan salt, this lamp includes one 15-watt bulb, cord, and a switch to allow for gradual dimming and brightening. It's ideal for the bedroom, office, dorm room, yoga studio or living area.


33. This Lip Mask Uses Cherries To Make Your Lips Moist And Cherry-Like

SUGU Hydrating Gel Lip Masks, $24 (Set of 12), Amazon

Want lips like cherries? Hydrate and moisturize the dryness away with this cherry-infused lip mask. Shaped to form right to your lips, this hydrogel patch locks in the formula, maximizing the absorption of this refreshing essence. It's crafted with wild cherry extract to condition the lips, hydrating violet extract, and allantoin to soften and moisturize.


34. A Gadget That Looks Like A Lightbulb, But It's Actually A Humidifier

JOMO TECH USB Humidifier, $12, Amazon

I Dream Of Jeannie has nothing on this bottle with a lot of tricks up its sleeve. First off, it looks like a lightbulb, and while it's not a lightbulb, it does light up: It's a night light, cycling through seven colors. However, it's primary function is as a humidifier, moisturizing and refreshing the quality of air you breathe and giving you a healthy indoor environment. The tank is, of course, transparent, meaning you can see the water quality and ensure you're getting clean water. Plus, the scene is just plain fun to look at.


35. This Is The Prettiest Holder To Keep In Your Bathroom

Bloss Q-Tip Holder, $8, Amazon

Welcome to your tidy and organized bathroom. The peaceful and serene environment is complemented by this organizer designed specifically to hold your cotton swabs, and it's even fashioned in the shape of a lotus blossom. You can feel the zen settling in already, can't you? The durable rubber petals can be moved around or adjusted to accommodate your swabs, no matter how many or how few you have.

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