35 Best-Selling Amazon Products That Are So Damn Clever

It's super easy to get overwhelmed by your problems — like the fact that you have no money to go out this weekend, or that your tiny city kitchen is waaaay too cramped for you to actually cook — and just sit around and mope. Or sit on the couch and watch Netflix one more weekend with cold fast-food leftovers, friendless and alone. Womp-womp, you. Luckily for you, you've come to the right place — today, the fix is in with these bestselling Amazon products that are so damn clever.

As the old saying goes, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. So let's break your issues down into bite-sized pieces. "The man" got you down because you're broke AF? You may not be able to wave a magic wand at your wallet right now, but you could take steps toward positive change with respect to your financial woes with this planner. And you may not be able to rebuild that mini-kitchen, but you could invest $15 in this organizing rack? On Amazon, solutions are abound, and they're just a click away, so who's to say you can't make your dreams come true at the very same time that you're watching Netflix and eating cold, leftover fast food? How's that for wish fulfillment?

So what's your problem? Dig in and get started!

Entertainment — 35 Best-Selling Amazon Products That Are So Damn Clever

1. This Two-In-One Kitchen Accessory Will Cut Your Prep Time In Half

Prepworks by Progressive Over-the-Sink Prep Station, $30, Amazon

I love to cook, but all the chopping, slicing, and just plain getting ready that comes before the cooking really gets me down. If you feel me on that one, get this two-in-one cutting board and colander combo and streamline your food prep routine. Wash and strain your fruits and vegetables in the collapsible silicone strainer with its 3-cup capacity, then chop and slice them for serving on the adjacent cutting board. The stainless steel arm extends more than 7 inches to adjust the unit enabling it to fit over most sinks, plus it stores nearly flat so it's a great fit for small spaces.


2. These Cloths Remove Makeup And Help Save The World

S&T Always Off Makeup Remover Cloths, $3 (Set of 3), Amazon

When you buy something that works great and is better for the environment, that's always a win-win — like these cloths, for example. One of my very favorite cheap, cheerful, and incredibly functional Amazon buys, they're crafted from velvety soft and durable microfiber, and make a great replacement for the disposable makeup remover wipes we all love but that are so bad for Mother Earth. Use them wet or with your favorite cleanser, then wash and reuse.


3. This Gadget Gives You An Extra Pair Of Hands In The Kitchen

Jokari Baggy Rack, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

Aside from blow drying your hair with a round brush, there's no task that's harder to do than trying to get any food other than a sandwich into a zip-top bag with just your hands. This gadget, while a bit bizarre, steps in with the assist — it has clips that hold tight and allow you to fill the bag without spilling. If you're the thrifty type (hi, Grandma! Put down those packs of Splenda from the restaurant and listen up), you can also use this to dry rinsed bags prior to reusing. The rubber base keeps it from slipping while you do your thing.


4. These Little Mirrors Give You Sight Where Once You Were Blind

Utopicar Blind Spot Mirrors, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

How many times have you had a near miss while driving because a car was lurking in your blind spot unseen? Once you've installed these mirrors, that risk will no longer be a concern, since their design is uniquely engineered for improved visibility in that difficult-to-view zone right around your car. They install easily, too, adhering to your standard side mirrors with heavy-duty, no-fail 3M adhesive — and they're crafted with highly reflective silver film to give you the best reflection possible.


5. These Socks For Your Little Piggies Are Great For Mules

TeeHee Womens Toe Topper Socks, $10 (5 Pairs), Amazon

If you like the feeling of socks but absolutely don't want them to show, these fascinating heel-less wonders have your back. Crafted completely from nylon with a non-slip grip to prevent slippage, they're perfect with slides or mules, but are suitable for wear with any type of shoe if you prefer. One reviewer writes: "These half sock foot liners are just what I have wanted but not been able to find. They are light and comfortable. They stay on my feet! NO sliding. NONE!"


6. A Fascinating Gadget To Chop Your Lettuce Into Salad

Chef'N Salad Shears Lettuce Chopper, $9, Amazon

Salad lovers, you'll be having hoop dreams for reals when you add this circular lettuce chopper to your kitchen arsenal. The scissor-like design cuts and shears through your greens quickly and easily, and your greens will remain fresh and unbruised thanks to the serrated nylon blades. Great if you love chopped salads or if you have restricted use of your hands due to conditions like arthritis. As one reviewer says, "You need this in your world if you love salads!!"


7. This Backpack Is Lightweight And Perfect For Day Trips

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack, $18, Amazon

Perfect for day trips while you're camping or to pack inside your luggage on a long journey in the event you end up coming home with more than your suitcase can hold, this backpack is lightweight yet water-resistant and durable. Crafted from rip-resistant nylon with reinforced stress points and abrasion-resistant zippers, it folds into a zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere. The spacious main compartment is augmented by plenty of additional storage for everything you need.


8. A Sports Bra That Will Hold Your Phone Without Using Your Cleavage

QueenieKe Sports Bra (XS-XXL), $20, Amazon

I'll admit it: I'm guilty of putting my phone in the cleavage of my sports bra (and sometimes my regular bra too) and I bet a few of you are, too. This sports bra has a convenient pocket between your shoulder blades to keep it in place while you workout, while it also offers support, thanks to its nylon-polyester-spandex construction and wide elastic hem. It wicks moisture while you sweat through the toughest challenges, and incorporates antibacterial technology to keep you healthy, too.


9. These Dryer Balls Will Make Your Laundry Wooly, Wooly Soft

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls, $17 (6 Pack), Amazon

Going green or watching your wallet? In either case, these wool dryer balls will absolutely tickle your fancy. Crafted from 100 percent premium sheep's wool from New Zealand, you simply toss three of the little snowy wonders into a small to medium load, or six for a larger load, and your garments will emerge fluffy and dry faster. Not only do you save on dryer sheets, but you're also reducing your energy costs — and they're a great alternative for anyone with allergies to chemicals and additives. Bonus: they can be infused with essential oils for a natural scent boost.


10. A Spiky Little Gadget That Helps Out With Lower Back Pain

SOLIDBACK Stretcher, $30, Amazon

Studies show that more than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of back pain at some point in their lives, so if and when your turn comes, this stretcher can help. Constructed with high-quality, heavy-duty EVA foam that's firm, this unit is built with a unique arch that provides a therapeutic stretch for your upper and lower back muscles to align your spinal cord and release tension. It also helps out with sciatica and pain from herniated discs.


11. This Pillow Does The Twist...For Your Comfort

Twist Memory Foam Pillow, $25, Amazon

If you're looking for custom support from your travel pillow and just haven't found it yet, look no further than this model that's almost infinitely customizable into a wide range of noodle-like shapes. Suitable for supporting your head, neck, back — basically, anywhere you need a little extra oomph — this pillow is made from memory foam that will cushion your body and covered from a breathable, washable cotton cover to keep it clean in between journeys.


12. A Tray That's There When You Need It, Virtually Flat For Storage When You Don't

Table-Mate II Folding TV Tray, $40, Amazon

Perfect for dorm life, anyone living in a small, crowded space, or if you're like me and love to hang out and relax in your bed, this tray adjusts to six heights, has three tilt angles, and folds down virtually flat for simple storage when not in use. It's engineered from polypropylene that's rated for food consumption, so no worries there, and even has a built-in cup holder for your convenience. It assembles without tools for easy set-up, too.


13. This Picture Hanging Pack Hanging Artwork Incredibly Simple

Monkey Hook Picture Hanger Pack, $12 (30 Piece Set), Amazon

Hanging pictures is the biggest drag of decorating, but you can make it as simple as a little monkey business with this picture hanging set. This kit includes three varieties of steel hooks, varying grades of thickness for your use — 10 Original Monkey Hooks, rated to hold up to 50 pounds, 10 Gorilla Grade hooks, rated to hold up to 40 percent more than the original, and 10 Flush Mount hooks, designed for smaller items that must mount flush to the wall.


14. The Highlight Of This Mister Is Its Unique Clog-Free Pump Mechanism

CHEFVANTAGE Olive Oil Mister, $25, Amazon

A terrific asset for any home cook, this olive oil mister features a clog-free non-aerosol pump mechanism that dispenses a super-fine spray on your foods or pans so you use exactly the amount of oil you want to use — and your dishes cook evenly. With a glass oil chamber that's antibacterial, scratch-proof, and offers easy clean-up, this mister looks lovely on display. It's also suitable for infused oils, too, as well as vinegars and salad dressings.


15. A Little Clip-On Light That Has So Many Uses

NiteIze SpotLit LED Light, $9, Amazon

In the event that you missed the reference above, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this adorable red light is reminiscent cartoon Rudolph's nose when illuminated? While this handy device comes in seven other colors, I'd definitely choose this shade to add visibility to a dog collar, backpack, bike basket, keychain, tent pole, or countless other items. With a glow that's bright enough to read by, it's crafted from water-resistant materials, and features a durable stainless steel clip.


16. This Rack Expands Your Kitchen Cabinets Fivefold

SimpleHouseware Pan Organizer, $15, Amazon

Made from sturdy metal and finished in an attractive oil-rubbed bronze, this rack will instantly quintuple your kitchen storage space. Yes, I had to look up quintuple, but one thing you won't have to research is how to put this accessory together, as one thing the 1,500 plus reviewers who have given it 4.5-stars praise is its ease of assembly. Use it vertically, or use it horizontally — it's both durable and versatile.


17. This Napkin Holder Is Both Functional And Stylish

OXO Good Grips SimplyPull Napkin Holder, $20, Amazon

From the design gurus at OXO comes this napkin holder that's nearly sculptural in its attractiveness. But it this stainless steel unit is more than just an aesthetic addition to your kitchen: The weighted arm holds your napkins secure and is equipped with a rubber grip to ensure that they don't slide, and the bottom is also equipped with rubber, so your napkins will stay put until you need one. The arm also opens extra-wide, stays open for easy refilling, and folds back into the base for easy storage.


18. A Silicone Accessory Is Like A Cone Of Shame For Your Spattery Fried Foods

Frywall, $29, Amazon

You know that cone your dog wears around their head so they won't scratch after they've been to the vet? This sleeve is essentially the same idea, only for your bacon, sausage, or other fried foods as they cook away on your stove. Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved silicone that withstands heat up to 450 degrees, this genius accessory will trap the grease on its sides and in your skillet so that it doesn't land all over your walls and cooktop. It's dishwasher-safe, too, making it so much easier to clean up than scrubbing down your entire kitchen after breakfast.


19. These LEDs Will Shine A Little Light On Your Trickier Dark Spaces

Amir Motion Sensor Lights, $20 (6 Pack), Amazon

Everyone has that hard-to-illuminate hallway, closet, or countertop that's difficult to navigate and completely devoid of outlets. Here's a simple solution: These cordless, battery-powered LED lights stick on and provide lots of bright light wherever it's needed. With features including automatic motion sensing, illumination only when it's dark, and an automatic shut-off function 15 seconds after cessation of motion, these lights are a lightweight, portable, and inexpensive way to add some safe and attractive brightness at home or in the office.


20. These Genius Slippers Keep Your Feet Off The Floor All At Once

Evrilholder Slipper Genie Microfiber Slippers, $11, Amazon

How often do you have the opportunity to do your housework and be in full-on lounge mode all at the same time? With these slippers, you can realize that dream: They make it possible to dust and clean your floor in your house shoes. The removable soles of these one-size-fits-most slippers are equipped with microfiber loops that grab onto the hair, dust, and dirt that accumulate as the result of everyday living. When you're done, just peel back the soles and throw them in the washing machine, and you're set to go.


21. A Tablet Stand That's Bendier Than A Crazy Straw

Tyrone Gooseneck Tablet Stand, $20, Amazon

With an aluminum alloy gooseneck, this device stand is both built to last and will bend into more positions than your toddler when he's trying to get out of your arms at bedtime. Suitable for your iPad, Nintendo Switch, or your Android device — basically, anything between 4 and 10 inches — the reinforced clamp base of the device clips on to your table, headboard, countertop, chair, or other surface for YouTube streaming, gameplay, and more.


22. This Two-In-One Tool Helps You Get Out The Door Faster In The Morning

KOOVON Hair Dryer & Styler, $30, Amazon

Combining the best features of your blow dryer and your paddle brush, this genius device both dries and straightens your hair to get you where you're going faster in the morning. It features three heat settings — including a cool shot button — so it's suitable for all hair types, from fine and straight to thick, curly hair. Your 'do will be soft, healthy, and frizz-free, and you'll save both time and money.


23. These Teflon Liners Will Get You Out Of The Worst Chore In The Kitchen

FitFabFun Non-Stick Oven Liners, $17 (3 Pack), Amazon

I hate cleaning the oven so much that I can truthfully say I've never done it — despite the fact that I love to cook and have no qualms about making messy dishes. Now you won't have to, either, thanks to these brilliant Teflon oven liners. Non-stick, reusable, and heat-resistant up to 500 degrees, these liners are dishwasher-safe and FDA-approved. It's also multi-functional, working as a grill mat, a baking sheet, and a pan liner.


24. A Planner That's The Secret To Pulling All The Good Stuff Into Your Life

Freedom Mastery Deluxe Law Of Attraction Life Planner, $24, Amazon

With 4.6-stars from more than 1,500 enthusiastic reviewers, this planner could be the secret you've been looking for to unlocking happiness and success. Key strategies embodied in this undated planner include prioritizing, delegation, affirmations, and ensuring that you work gratitude into your daily life. The structure and format of the book make it completely customizable to your own personal journey, and it incorporates proven academic standards with the law of attraction principles. The vegan leather cover is also a beautiful rose gold, too.


25. These Wands Whisk Away Your Wine Headache Before It Even Arrives

PureWine Wine Wands, $12 (3 Pack), Amazon

Wine lovers who suffer from painful headaches after imbibing will appreciate these genius wands that filter out the histamines and sulfite preservatives from your favorite vino so you can enjoy with confidence. FDA-compliant and BPA-free, all you have to do is swirl it in your glass then let it soak for at least three minutes before your first sip. The Wand alleviates all the symptoms of your histamine reaction, including unpleasant flushing, congestion, and headaches. One reviewer writes: "OMG!!!! This works. I love wine, but have terrible allergies to the histamines, sulfites, and preservatives in wine. I actually use one wand for two glasses of wine. I was very skeptical, but it works like a dream!"


26. The One Hanger That Can Get The Bits And Pieces In Your Closet Right In Shape

InterAxis Organizer Hanger, $9, Amazon

Crafted from durable steel with an attractive chrome finish, this hanger will both take all the stragglers in your closet — the belts, scarves, handbags, ties, and other items that lurk around with no place to go — and organize them to eliminate clutter and save space. You'll get back the space that you would have used to store 14 of those items normally when you choose this hanger that's suitable for any standard closet bar, making it perfect for any small home, apartment, or dorm.


27. These Oversized Bear Paw-Scoops Aren't For Your Barbecue, They're For Your Yard

GardenHOME Hand Rakes, $12 (1 Pair), Amazon

You've seen the "bear paw"-style claws for shredding pulled meat for barbecue sandwiches — well, these lawn accessories are much like those, except they're oversized versions for your yard. Made from lightweight yet durable plastic, they're comfortable enough for extended use without tiring, and you'll be able to pick up large piles of yard waste in each big scoop. They're easy to clean and completely corrosion-resistant, too.


28. This Shelf Will Help Keep Your Spices Handy For Easy Viewing And Use

YouCopia Chef's Edition Spice Stack Spice Organizer, $40, Amazon

Variety is the spice of life, and with this organizer, you'll be able to access a full 30-bottle range of spices to add some variety to your cooking. The cabinet accommodates both round and square bottles, and the drawers pull out and lower so that you can get a good look at what you have to choose from. Best of all, it requires no installation or mounting, and comes with labels to assist in your quest for organization.


29. A Simple Gadget Finally Finds All Those Lost Bobby Pins

HairpinPal, $14, Amazon

If you use bobby pins in your hairdo, you'll know what a hassle it is to keep track of the darn things after you take your hair down: They get scattered all over the bathroom and it's messy AF. This magnetic holder solves that problem making it possible for you to simply toss all the pins straight into your sink and use the HairpinPal to pick them all up afterward. Don't use hairpins, you say? Why not take the HairpinPal to work and use this trusty little number for your loose metal accessories there, like paperclips?


30. These Washable Insoles Will Keep Your Feet So Fresh And So Clean

HappyStep Terry Insoles, $16 (2 Pairs), Amazon

Engineered with a pure terry top for absorbency and a latex sole that controls odors, these insoles also provide full-foot shock absorption. Great for athletes and anyone who works on their feet, they're machine-washable — meaning they're reusable, saving you money, and better for the environment than the disposable alternative. It also adds a layer of odor prevention your shoes' insoles just don't have


31. The Organizer Will Make You Feel Like You're An Esthetician Every Day

DreamGenius Makeup Organizer, $25, Amazon

You'll feel just like an A-list celeb getting primped for the red carpet with your cosmetics in this organizer. Made from durable acrylic, it has a lazy Susan mechanism that allows it to rotate a full 360-degrees silently and effortlessly, ensuring your beauty products stay in place as you shuffle through them. Store your brushes and other tools in the large capacity top compartment, and keep the rest in the remaining six adjustable tiers.


32. A Garlic Peeler To Keep Your Hands Smell-Free

OXO Good Grips Garlic Peeler, $7, Amazon

You wouldn't think a simple silicone tube could keep your hands smelling fresh, but when it comes to garlic and this peeler, it sure can. Insert the garlic while it's peeled, then roll the tube between your hands or on any flat surface. The garlic emerges peeled, just like magic. "Every household needs one of these," says one reviewer — and it comes with its own case for storage so that it doesn't attract any unwanted materials inside your utensil drawer.


33. This Blanket Will Put You Into A Heavy Sleep. Seriously.

YnM Weighted Blanket, $79, Amazon

There's not enough space on the whole interwebs for me to tell you how much I love, love, love this gravity blanket. As a lifelong insomniac, I've tried everything, and this blanket has been a quantum leap into better sleep for me — it's soothing and really does live up to the billing of creating a sensation of being enveloped in a hug. They come in many different sizes and weights to suit your both your bed and your body size, so invest a little time to research what will suit you best...you absolutely won't be sorry. It has seven layers and comfortable glass beads that make this a superior version than other models.


34. A Soap That Cleans Unwanted Odors From Your Hands

Ueasy Stainless Steel Soap Bar, $7, Amazon

Whether you're peeling fish, chopping onions or garlic, or dealing with any other food scents you don't want left on your hands, this highly unusual soap is your ticket out. Not actually soap but rather a soap-shaped oval of pure stainless steel, it attracts the sulfur molecules from unwanted odors and binds with them, thus removing them when rinsed with water. With a working life of about a decade, this is truly a great investment and makes a wonderful gift, too.


35. These Sticky Pads Can Prevent So Many Needless Falls

StepNGrip NeverCurl, $13 (4 Pieces), Amazon

It's time to take away one factor that might cause you to find yourself slipping and falling unexpectedly: Get these V-shaped adherents and make sure your throw rugs are going exactly nowhere. These patent-pending grippers flatten your rugs' corners instantly to stop annoying curling, while also preventing them from sliding on your hardwood floors. It doesn't twist and turn like individual pieces, and these adherents enable you to move your rugs and reapply them for money-saving reuse.

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