Three friends clink their champagne glasses together to celebrate the holidays.

34 Instagram Captions For Champagne That Are So Poppin' & Bubbly

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Out with the old, in with the new. As the countdown to Christmas gets closer, you're coordinating FaceTiming dates with your besties, getting out your bubbly, and starting to think about your New Year's resolutions. To celebrate the beginning of a new year in style, caption your pics with any of these Instagram captions for champagne.

Nothing says "let's toast to good times ahead" quite like a glass of bubbly, and these Instagram captions for champagne totally get that. Corks popping off of champagne bottles is a sound of celebration. So, why not show off your fizz-tastic moments on the 'gram to say cheers to all of the good things to come?

Your followers will raise their own glasses when they see you twisting the cork off in your candid photo. Or, you can snap a picture of you and your housemates toasting to one another and pair it with a heartfelt caption about being thankful for having them in your life. If you're celebrating alone this year, don't fret, because there are champagne buckets of ideas for you, too. Get your squad on Zoom and take a photo of you clinking your glasses against the screen in a silly yet celebratory moment.

It's important to take time to reflect, celebrate, and welcome in the new. So, let your Insta feed know you're ending your year sparkling with these Instagram captions for champagne.

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1. "I got that bubbly feeling."

2. "Sir sips' a lot."

3. "Fizz the season."

4. "Stop, pop, and toast."

5. "Toasting to all the good times to come."

6. "Out with the old, in with the new."

7. "Cheers to a fresh slate."

8. "It's a bubbly kind of night."

9. "Sippin' in my party pants."

10. "It's been a flute-ful year."

11. "Champagne kisses."

12. "Sip, sparkle, shine."

13. "Toasting to making the new year pop."

14. "Cheers to everyone for crushing it."

15. "Let's pop some possibilities."

16. "Work from home, toast from home."

17. "We popped, we clinked, we toasted."

18. "Sparkling my way into the new year."

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19. "To lifelong friend-sips."

20. "Sippin' and chillin'."

21. "Nothing celebrates more than champagne."

22. "Salut to you."

23. "A taste of the holidays."

24. "Spirits are merry and bright."

25. "More bubbly, please."

26. "Let's clink together."

27. "Spreading some holiday cheers."

28. "It's beginning to look a lot like... happy hour."

29. "Merry little champagne cocktails."

30. "Cheers o' clock."

31. "On NYE we pop champagne."

32. "Merry Cheer-mas."

33. "These flutes were made for toastin.'"

34. "What's poppin'?"