34 Futuristic Household & Beauty Inventions On Amazon That Are Actually Bargains

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When it comes to finding the latest and greatest inventions that'll be around for decades to come, there are two places you generally look: Shark Tank, and Amazon. Unfortunately for both of us, Shark Tank doesn't showcase millions of products, which means until then we've got to rely on Amazon for brilliant products that are actually quite the bargain.

For starters, there's a butter knife with serrated holes that allows you to cut your butter into ribbons so that it melts and spreads more easily, which is so mind-blowingly genius I'm not even upset I didn't come up with it myself. And when it comes to monitoring your daily water intake, there's even a smart water bottle that glows to remind you it's time to take a swig — we're almost at the point in technology where we almost don't even have to think about too much anymore, and I couldn't be more excited. The best part? All of these products aren't as expensive as you'd think — they're all surprisingly affordable for the amount of work they do and the convenience they provide.

Whether you're looking for the newfangled products of tomorrow, or simply just cruising for a good bargain, Amazon has all the genius products at crazy-low prices you could ever want.

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