34 Futuristic Household & Beauty Inventions On Amazon That Are Actually Bargains

When it comes to finding the latest and greatest inventions that'll be around for decades to come, there are two places you generally look: Shark Tank, and Amazon. Unfortunately for both of us, Shark Tank doesn't showcase millions of products, which means until then we've got to rely on Amazon for brilliant products that are actually quite the bargain.

For starters, there's a butter knife with serrated holes that allows you to cut your butter into ribbons so that it melts and spreads more easily, which is so mind-blowingly genius I'm not even upset I didn't come up with it myself. And when it comes to monitoring your daily water intake, there's even a smart water bottle that glows to remind you it's time to take a swig — we're almost at the point in technology where we almost don't even have to think about too much anymore, and I couldn't be more excited. The best part? All of these products aren't as expensive as you'd think — they're all surprisingly affordable for the amount of work they do and the convenience they provide.

Whether you're looking for the newfangled products of tomorrow, or simply just cruising for a good bargain, Amazon has all the genius products at crazy-low prices you could ever want.

Entertainment — 34 Futuristic Household & Beauty Inventions On Amazon That Are Actually Bargains

1. The Phone Mount For Glass That Can Be Used Over And Over

Kapotas AIRstik Phone Mount, $19, Amazon

Whereas other phone mounts require tools to install, with the Kapotas AIRstik phone mount, you just gently press it against any window, mirror, or glass surface — and it immediately attaches. Because it uses suction rather than adhesive, this mount is reusable, and if the suction ever falters just clean it like water to get it like new again. Able to hold up to 2 pounds, this mount is also waterproof, and even made from 1/8-inch thick durable Polycarbonate.


2. A USB Power Strip That Can Connect To Your Computer

SmartDelux Powered USB Hub, $70, Amazon

Instead of hunting around for a power block, try the SmartDelux powered USB hub the next time your devices need a charge. This USB hub has 10 high-speed USB 3.0 ports that provide up to 2.4 amps each, and because it can connect to your computer, this USB power strip allows you to transfer data back and forth from any devices plugged into it. Made from sturdy, scratch-resistant aluminum alloy, this USB hub also has built-in surge protection so that your electronics are protected from any voltage spikes. One reviewer writes: "It runs cooler than I expected and the different colored lights for data vs. charge only is more useful than I anticipated, too. Would definitely buy again."


3. The Acne Mask That Uses Light To Fight Unwanted Blemishes

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Face Mask, $25, Amazon

Great for sensitive skin since there are no potentially irritating chemicals involved, the Neutrogena light therapy acne face mask uses blue and red light to help reduce any inflammation while eradicating any acne-causing bacteria. Not only is this acne face mask safe for everyday use, but many reviewers even noted how they have been able to see results in as little as three weeks. It's basically the same light technology you'd get at the doctor's office, but without the price it costs per session.


4. A Beauty Roller With 30 Massaging Stones

NGlare Beauty Roller, $24, Amazon

Whereas most beauty rollers only have one rolling massager, the NGlare beauty roller has 30 massaging stones that help even out your skin tone by promoting blood circulation in your face, feet, neck, arms. You can also put it in the freezer for some cold therapy, and can even help regenerate skin cells and prepare the face for serums and moisturizers.


5. The Desktop Air Purifier That Captures 99.97 Percent Of Allergens

Guardian Technologies Desktop Air Purifier, $53, Amazon

No matter whether it's dust, allergens, odors, or smoke, the Guardian Technologies desktop air purifier can capture 99.97 percent of it to keep your air fresh and unpolluted. The charcoal filter works to filter out any unwanted smells that may occur, and the optional UV-C light technology doesn't just remove bacteria — it kills airborne viruses, germs, and mold spores as well. And because it's only 11 inches tall, this air purifier is great for small spaces or offices.


6. A Magical Tray That Helps Your Food Defrost Faster

VonShef Defrosting Tray, $23, Amazon

Coming home to find your food hasn't fully defrosted is a real mood-killer when you're hungry, so try the VonShef defrosting tray next time. This tray works to defrost chicken, steak, pork, lamb, and more in just 60 minutes — depending on how thick the protein is — and since there is no heat involved, this tray won't accidentally cook bits and pieces of your ingredients as they thaw. No pre-heating required, so it's ready to go when you are.


7. The Notebook That You Can Microwave

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, $26, Amazon

You can't reuse the pages in a traditional notebook, but with the Rocketbook wave smart notebook all you have to do is microwave the pages for them to be wiped blank, leaving you with a fresh notebook you can use up to five times. If you download the Rocketbook app, you can also upload the notes from your notebook to your Dropbox, iCloud, email, Evernote, and more.


8. A Travel Pillow That Doubles As A Light-Blocking Eye Mask

Sondre Travel 2-In-1 Travel Pillow, $20, Amazon

Not only is it 50 percent smaller than traditional U-shaped travel pillows, but the Sondre Travel two-in-one travel pillow even has a built-in eye mask so that you can drift peacefully to sleep no matter where you are. Stuffed with thousands of microbeads that contour to the shape of your head and neck as your sleep, the exterior is extremely soft to the touch and made from high-quality plush fabric.


9. The Plugs That Connect To Your Amazon Alexa's Voice Control

Etekcity WiFi Smart Plug, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

I actually own the Etekcity Wi-Fi smart plugs, and they're honestly pretty fun — if you plug lamps or other electronics into them, you can turn said devices on and off by speaking to your Amazon Alexa. These smart plugs also allow you to track over time how much electricity each device winds up using so that you can adjust your power usage to save on utilities, and you can even create a customized schedule that turns them on and off automatically for you while you're away.


10. A Backpack That Keeps Your Belongings Hidden From Thieves

Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpack, $33, Amazon

Made from tear- and water-resistant fabric, the Kopack slim business laptop backpack sets itself apart from other bags by having a separate compartment hidden in the rear of the bag that allows you to access your laptop without showing what else is in the bag, preventing aspiring thieves from getting a good look. There's an external USB charging port and cable that allows you to charge your devices off your laptop, and there are also 17 different slots and pockets so you can keep yourself organized.


11. The LED Candle You Can Control With Your Smartphone

YEELIGHT LED Candle Light, $50, Amazon

Designed to look like a real flame, the YEELIGHT LED candle light can be adjusted in brightness, and can be controlled remotely using a downloadable app for your smartphone. The rechargeable battery can last for up to eight hours of continuous use off of one single charge, and if you have multiple candles (up to 30,000 — seriously) you can control them all simultaneously using the built-in BLE Mesh technology through your smartphone.


12. A Futuristic-Looking Kitchen Gadget With Five Different Ways To Open Jars, Lids, And More

Kuhn Rikon 5-In-1 Master Opener, $22, Amazon

Getting stuck with a difficult jar when no one is around to help can be frustrating, which is why the Kuhn Rikon five-in-one master opener can do it all: lids, bottles, pull tabs, plastic, bottle caps, small sauce bottles — you name it, this gadget can open it. Designed so that you won't need to pull and strain just to open a lid, one Amazon reviewer even raved that "I have multiple-sclerosis and my daughter rheumatoid arthritis, and we would both be stuck without this!"


13. The Dipping Cups That Can Hold Up To 8 Ounces Of Fries

The Smart Kitchen French Fry Dipping Cup, $22 (4 Pack), Amazon

Whether you're just feeling fancy or looking for flair to add to a dinner party, The Smart Kitchen french fry dipping cups are sturdy, lightweight, and make sliced vegetables as well as French fries look Instagram-ready. Each cup is 7 inches tall and able to hold up to 8 ounces of fries or vegetables, and since the dipping cup easily slides in and out, clean-up is a breeze.


14. A Butter Knife With Shredding Slots For Butter Ribbons

DIVIPAL Stainless Steel Butter Knife, $14, Amazon

Butter ribbons melt and spread much more easily onto your bread than hard, dense slices do — which is why the DIVIPAL stainless steel butter knife has built-in shredding slots that allow you to ribbon your butter for easy eating. Made with high-quality stainless steel that's rust- and corrosion-resistant, this butter knife is also ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and maneuver.


15. The Water Bottle That Reminds You To Drink It

Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle, $45, Amazon

Staying hydrated is important, and the Hidrate Spark smart water bottle makes it easier than ever — it'll glow whenever it's time for you to take a swig of water. Unlike regular water bottles, this one tracks how much water you drink throughout the day by synching with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and can even integrate with your FitBit, Apple Watch, or other activity tracker. Able to hold up to 24 ounces, you don't need to charge this water bottle for it to sync with your phone.


16. A Scalp Massager That Also Works On Your Face

Ikeepi Handheld Scalp Massager, $17, Amazon

Because it has two different massaging heads to choose from, the Ikeepi handheld scalp massager works on both your scalp and your face to help you relax from stress — all while promoting healthy blood circulation. There's also a vibration function that works to combat any mild aches or pains, and the easy-grip handle ensures your hands are comfortable while using it. And in the event you're not near an outlet, this massager can run for up to three hours using just two AAA batteries.


17. The Glasses That Protect Your Eyes From Digital Blue Light

Bukos Blue Light-Blocking Glasses, $40, Amazon

The blue light emitted from computer screens and other electronics can leave your eyes irritated and sore, which is why these blue light blocking glasses are designed to filter that color out so that your eyes do not become as strained. The frame has an extra screw on the inside for added stability and strength, and because these glasses are made from durable plastic, they're also flexible and retain their shape for a very long time. One reviewer writes: "Highly recommend these for heavy computer users. If you are a heavy user of Excel Spreadsheets with a white background these glasses will relieve eyestrain very well." They can even help you fall asleep easier.


18. A Gadget That Sanitizes And Charges Your Phone At The Same Time

Consolidated Holdings Portable Cell Phone Sanitizer, $35, Amazon

You're constantly washing our hands, but what about your smartphone? Now, you can clean the germs off before you rest it on your face with this Consolidated Holdings portable cell phone sanitizer. It eradicates 99.9 percent of potentially harmful bacteria in just six minutes using a UV light sterilizer, and can fit any smartphone up to 6 inches tall. And while it's marketed as primarily for cell phones, you can sanitize anything you put in it, including toothbrushes, keys, and jewelry.


19. The Plugs That Keep Your Phone Ports From Collecting Dust

PortPlugs Aluminum Dust Plugs, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

Getting the dust out of your lightning port can be difficult, so prevent it from getting there in the first place with the PortPlugs aluminum dust plugs. Designed with premium aluminum, these plugs are custom-molded so that they'll fit snug into the lightning port of your iPhone 7, 8, or X — and each order comes with a cord attachment that holds your plug for safekeeping while you charge your phone, plus a port brush for easy cleaning.


20. A Toilet Night Light That's Motion Activated

Glow Bowl Toilet Night Light, $15, Amazon

Because it's got a built-in motion and light sensor, the Glow Bowl toilet night light only turns on when someone is in the bathroom when it's dark, helping to save the battery so that it lasts longer. There are 13 different dimmable colors to choose from so that you can pick one that matches the decor of your bathroom, and unlike other toilet night lights, this one has an air freshener to keep your bowl smelling fresh.


21. The Gadget That Cleans And Dries Your Makeup Brushes

Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner, $23, Amazon

Using dirty makeup brushes can lead to breakouts and blemishes, so wash your brushes clean with the Luxe makeup brush cleaner. There are three different agitation levels to pick from when washing different types of brushes, and each order comes with a bonus bottle of cleaning solution. It also dries brushes immediately, is splash-proof, and come with eight different collars to fit everything from foundation to lip brushes. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "This baby deep-cleaned my brushes like crazy, I've never been able to clean them with an ordinary mat!"


22. A Multi-Functional Hot Tool That Adds Volume And Shine To Your Hair While Drying It

Tru Beauty Rotating Hot Brush Hair Dryer, $40, Amazon

Designed with a ceramic-coated barrel to help keep your hair protected from any heat damage, the Tru Beauty rotating hot brush hair dryer spins in both directions to make styling your hair easy. The anti-static bristles add volume and shine to your locks while detangling at the same time, and there are three different temperature settings to choose from so that people with thick, thin, wavy, or curly hair can choose what's best for them.


23. The Teeth Whitening Kit With An LED Light That Speeds Up The Process

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit, $46, Amazon

Whereas most teeth whitening kits only have the whitening solution or strips, the AuraGlow teeth whitening kit has a light with five powerful LED lights that help speed up the whitening process. Over 20 whitening treatments come with every kit, and the mouth tray is able to fit without any molding or boiling like other models. Great for removing stains from coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and more, this kit even has a built-in timer so that you can easily keep track of how long your whitening session has lasted.


24. An Exfoliating Serum That Tightens Up Your Pores

BRTC Pore Magic Heating Gel, $19, Amazon

Made with fresh Jeju volcanic clusters, the BRTC pore magic heating gel first opens up your pores by creating a mild heating sensation up against your skin — then when you wash it off, it exfoliates away dead skin cells and leaves your pores feeling tighter and looking smaller. The eight different types of plant polyphenols to help give your pores a needed refresh, and Amazon reviewers raved about how this gel left their skin feeling soft and detoxified. It's also made with coffee extract to wake skin up and lavender water to calm and soothe.


25. The Water Additive That Lets You Brew Delicious Coffee From The Tap

Third Wave Water Coffee Brewing Water, $15, Amazon

The Third Wave Water coffee brewing water is made from a blend of minerals (including magnesium and calcium for the health benefits) that enhance the taste of your brewed coffee, regardless of how low-quality the water from your tap may be. This water additive can be used in conjunction with coffee machines like Keurigs, percolators, French presses, and more, with coffee-obsessed reviewers remarking how there's no longer any bitterness or stale taste in their brews.


26. An LED Light Bulb That Doubles As A Bluetooth Speaker

Texsens LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker, $18, Amazon

You can connect to the Texsens LED light bulb Bluetooth speaker using your smartphone to play music, as the Bluetooth 3.0 speaker is great for playing music in bedrooms, closets, workshops, or other small rooms. The speaker and light are both adjustable in volume and brightness, and each bulb comes with a remote control that works even when there's a phone paired with the system. It's also energy efficient, so it won't up your electricity bill.


27. The Smart Lightbulbs That Can Pair With Amazon's Alexa

Philips Hue Dimmable LED Smart Bulb (4 Pack), $50, Amazon

You can use your Amazon Alexa to turn the Philips hue dimmable LED smart bulbs on or off, as well as dim and set schedules for them using the downloadable smartphone app. They're super easy to install since they screw in like regular light bulbs, and they can also connect to the Amazon Echo Plus, Nest, and SmartThings systems to help integrate your household together.


28. A Heated Eye Massager That Helps Remove Dark Circles

SUNMAY Heated Eye Massager Wand, $19, Amazon

Whether you're trying to drift off into a peaceful sleep or waking up from a rough night, the SUNMAY heated eye massager wand is a great way to ease away stress while also combating any dark circles that may have developed. The gentle vibration and warm heat help your eyes to relax, and the temperature stays around 100 degrees. It's also great for massaging your face to help open up your pores for deep cleansing, allowing your skin to remain firm and refreshed.


29. The Face Mask That Uses Clay To Retain Temperature Better Than Gel

FOMI Cold Clay Facial Ice Mask, $15, Amazon

Clay holds temperature for longer, better than gel does, which is why the FOMI cold clay facial ice mask uses a blend of all-natural ceramic clay in conjunction with non-toxic oils to create a reusable mask that's great for fighting inflammation, swelling, dark circles, and more. One side of this mask has a plush fabric backing for a more comfortable and mild experience, while the other side is made with premium PVC for a more direct impact.


30. A Fitness Tracker That Can Connect To The GPS On Your Phone For Increased Accuracy

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, $30, Amazon

Able to connect to the GPS on your phone to more accurately track your running pace and distance, the LETSCOM fitness tracker has 14 different exercise modes to choose from so that your step count at the end of the day is as correct as possible. It can also monitor how long you've slept and how sound that sleep was, which allows you to adjust your nightly habits if needed for a more refreshing slumber.


31. The Toothpaste That Uses Activated Charcoal To Whiten Your Teeth

Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Mouthwash, $18 (3 Pack), Amazon

Made without any alcohols or fluoride, the Hello Oral Care activated charcoal toothpaste uses coconut oil to moisturize and charcoal to detoxify your mouth, leaving it with a naturally fresh mint flavor while the tea tree oil cleanses your teeth. Each order comes with three bottles, and there are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or sulfates. One reviewer raves: "You guys. This stuff is legitimately amazing. I used it once & could immediately see a difference."


32. A Smart Thermometer You Can Wear For Easy Temperature-Taking

Fever Scout Wearable Smart Thermometer, $25, Amazon

Whereas traditional thermometers can be uncomfortable to hold in your mouth and ear, the Fever Scout wearable smart thermometer is a soft, flexible, and wearable patch that gently adheres to your skin so that you can track your temperature throughout the day on your smartphone. Medical-grade adhesive is included, and you can even set an alarm on your phone that goes off to alert you when your fever spikes or passes whatever threshold you choose.


33. The Facial Cleansing Brush That Removes 99.5 Percent Of Dirt And Oil

Foreo Portable Facial Cleansing Brush, $39, Amazon

You only need to use it for one minute, twice a day for the Foreo portable facial cleansing brush to effectively remove 99.5 percent of dirt, oil, and other impurities from your skin — which helps to keep your pores clean and minimize their appearance. The fine, medical-grade silicone bristles are non-abrasive and safe for sensitive skin, and because this cleansing brush is non-porous, it's even resistant to bacteria and more sanitary than traditional nylon bristles.


34. A Balm That Helps You Relax And Drift Off To Sleep

Scentered Aromatherapy Sleep Well Balm Stick, $20, Amazon

Instead of trying to power through those restless nights, try the Scentered aromatherapy sleep well balm stick. This aromatherapy balm stick has a blend of floral lavender, chamomile, Palmarosa, Ho Wood, Bois de Rose, and geranium, in addition to small notes of Ylang Ylang and clove. All you have to do is apply it to the pulse points on your wrists and neck about 30 minutes before going to bed, then take a gentle inhales to help relax.

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