34 Cute Seashell Puns & Quotes For All The Treasures You'll Find On Spring Break

Spring is so close, I can almost smell it. Not in a weird way, OK? I mean I can almost smell the salty breeze from the ocean, feel the wind on my face, and the sand squishing between my toes. Best of all, I can picture the beach stretching on for miles in either direction, imagine the hundreds of thousands of seashells waiting to be found. It's so tangible, it's almost like I'm actually there. Except we're not there — not just yet. We're really, really close. So for right now, we can just admire some really cute seashell puns and quotes for spring break and just pretend it's started.

Who knows how they'll come in handy this break? Whether you're looking for the perfect Instagram caption or comment for that picture of you holding the perfect shell in your fave swimsuit, or need a title for the Facebook album chock-full of vacation pictures, a shell pun or a shell quote make the perfect partner. There's nothing that screams spring break like hunting for shells and making them punny, right?

If you're planning your 'Gram and are in need of a few more perfect ones, no worries. This is your one-stop shop. Your perfect caption is one of these 34 adorable quotes and puns.

1. "Shell yeah." — Unknown

2. "What the shell?" — Unknown

3. "Cheers to shellabarations." — Unknown

4. "Stop being so shellfish!" — Unknown

5. "Let's shellabrate." — Unknown

6. "You used to call me on my shell phone." — Play on Drake's "Hotline Bling"

7. "You make me come out of my shell." — Unknown

8. "Happiness is a full outer shell." — Unknown

9. "So where's the seashore?" — Unknown

10. "The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell." — Andrew Carnegie

11. "Who needs snowflakes when you have seashells." — Unknown

12. "Like seashells, we are beautiful and unique, each with a story to tell." — Unknown

13. "Make a wish upon a starfish." — Unknown

14. "Salty kisses and shellfish wishes." — Unknown

15. "Seashells are love letters in the sand." — Unknown

16. "Every seashell has a story." – Unknown

17. "Hope you always have a shell in your pocket and sand between your toes." — Unknown

18. "There's no place like home. Except the beach." — Unknown

19. "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." — Jacques Yves Cousteau

20. "Pretty sure birthstone is a seashell." — Unknown

21. "By the sea, by the sea, by the sea... oh how happy we'll be." — "By the Beautiful Sea"

22. "Friends are like seashells we collect along the way." — Unknown

23. "Those who look for seashells, will find seashells. Those who open them, will find pearls." — Al-Ghazali

24. "To find a seashell is to discover a world of imagination." — Michelle Held

25. "He held her like a seashell and listened to her heart." — Unknown

26. "I have a large seashell collection which I keep scattered along the beaches around the world. Maybe you've seen it." — Steven Wright

27. "Sandy feet and seashells welcome here." — Unknown

28. "You know you've made it when you can hold a seashell." — Unknown

29. "Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach." — Unknown

30. "Me and this shell are craving some vitamin sea." — Unknown

31. "When I lean my ear up against your seashell heart, I can hear an ocean of loving roaring inside." — John Mark Green

32. "Salt water and seashells heal everything." — Unknown

33. "She sells seashells by the sea shore." — Terry Sullivan

34. "Even these shells know I was born to be a mermaid." — Unknown