32 Things On Amazon That Will Make The Disgusting Heat Suck Less

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Ah, summer: the season of blossoming love, beachy waves, and wanderlust. Or in my case, constant chafing, extra sweat, and a serious lack of paid time off. Once the middle of May rolls around, my body flips a switch and starts producing sweat pretty instantly — because no matter what the temperature reads outside or inside, I'm always running a little hot. Luckily, for folks like me who would prefer feeling less of the heat, Amazon features a ton of cooling products and treatments to help keep your body keep refreshed and comfortable.

Take it from someone who has to live in the swamp that is D.C. during the warmer months — figuring out easy ways to cool down without sending your utilities skyrocketing is a must. From refreshing soap cubes that whisk away heat to a car seat with its own cooling temperature control, these products seem like such obvious hot weather solutions. Yet here I sit, hand-fanning myself in an 85-degree apartment, the sad owner of only one of the cooling products on this list.

But you? You deserve much better. So you're looking for other ways to keep cool this summer without chipping away at your thermostat bit by bit, these products are right up your alley!

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