32 Products On Amazon That Are About To Hit Cult Status

We all know that Amazon is a terrific source for everything from household items and food to luxury goods. It's also a lock that when your favorite product becomes a viral sensation, Amazon is usually the best place to find it after it's sold out everywhere else. But did you know that there are products on Amazon about to hit cult status that you haven't heard of yet? Believe me — you'll want them before they become the next big thing.

With millions and millions of products, it's only natural that some of the items Amazon has on offer have yet to hit it big, but among their enormous catalog are items that are right on the cusp of hitting cult status.

That's right — these are the beauty products, home accessories, travel goods, and more that are poised to become the next big thing. They're either A-list faves, media darlings that have been written up far and wide, or lauded by hundreds of reviewers whose words won't go unnoticed for long — and sometimes, they're all three. So embrace your role as the influencer you are: Check out this list of must-haves now and place your orders, and when these products get super popular and your friends ask you how you knew, just tell them you're really, really good at spotting the next big thing.

Entertainment — 32 Products On Amazon That Are About To Hit Cult Status

1. These K-Beauty Masks Are Made From All-Natural Ingredients

Nature Republic Sheet Mask Set, $9 (Set of 10), Amazon

K-beauty brand Nature Republic is known for its curation of natural ingredients, and these masks are no exception. The ingredients found in this 10-piece assorted set run the gamut from aloe vera to avocado, and hit some unusual highlights in between — like tomato and royal jelly, for example. As a group, they've received 4-plus stars from hundreds of reviewers, one of whom — a self-professed sheet mask fanatic — writes she had "high expectations for these sheet masks, and they definitely held up!"


2. A Fun-Looking Accessory Really Scratches That Itch

The Original Cactus Back Scratcher, $15, Amazon

Put an end to not being able to scratch right there with this fun, cactus-shaped back scratcher: Its 44-inch straps and power ball grips allow you to get at that pesky itch no matter where it's lurking. Plus, with two sides — one with more pronounced teeth for an "aggressive" rubdown, the other with a more subtle surface for a moderate back scratch — you're sure to find a treatment that will delight you.


3. This Lip Balm Is From The Hottest Coconut-Based Beauty Brand Out There

Kopari Lip Balm, $12, Amazon

Kopari has built its brand around coconut oil, and this lip gloss is no exception. The gloss is a blend of 100 percent pure, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, and shea butter to hydrate and soften your lips. In addition to the exceptional quality of the products, the company places a priority on sustainability, manufacturing its non-GMO and sulfate-, cruelty-, and paraben-free line in its solar-powered Southern California facility.


4. A Fan That Will Keep You Cool Indoors Or Out

SkyGenius Clip Fan, $20, Amazon

This little fan is ready to go where and when you are. Featuring both an internal rechargeable battery as well as a USB hookup for power, whether you're trapped in an office where the thermostat is haywire, or you're outside enjoying the heat, it's on the job. Despite its compact size, this unit is extremely powerful, thanks to its high-quality motor — while it's also very quiet as well. The clip can be used to attach it where you need it to go, and doubles as a stand for added convenience.


5. This Toothpaste Combines Two Hot Ingredients: Probiotics And Charcoal

Hyperbiotics Activated Charcoal Probiotic Toothpaste, $16, Amazon

Bet you never thought you'd be using a pitch black toothpaste, right? Thanks to pastes like this one, you won't give it a second thought after you try it. It uses activated coconut charcoal to polish and whiten your teeth — and combines it with probiotic elements including L. paracasei to promote healthy mouth flora. Natural spearmint and xylitol are added to provide a fresh, minty smell. The result is a paste that not only leaves your smile gleaming, but targets bad breath at its source, and promotes healthy teeth and gums — naturally.


6. An Unusual Face Mask The Internet Won't Stop Talking About

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Mask, $48, Amazon

Since launching on Etsy just a few short years ago, this brand has become a favorite of the beauty obsessed, and this mask is their latest must-have product. The blue tansy oil from the eponymous Moroccan flower that gives this mask both its name and its lovely color is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. Herbivore blends it with fruit enzymes, white willow bark, and aloe in a mask that's the A-list's first stop for natural clarifying and cooling their faces. All Herbivore products are 100 percent natural and cruelty-free, and feature either cold-pressed or steam distilled oils, meaning they're extra pure, too.


7. A Scalp Massager That Goes In The Shower With You For Healthier Hair

Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager, $20, Amazon

Vanity Planet's Facial Wand was a blockbuster success, and this scalp massager just might be their next big hit. It's battery-powered and provides invigoration in or out of the shower with its water-resistant silicone nubs. The rubber bristles gently vibrate against your scalp to develop your shampoo into a thick foam, remove product buildup and other debris, boost your hair's natural shine, and promote healthy hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Plus, this device can also help to control or even eliminate dandruff.


8. An Adjustable Desk That's Perfect For Working Anywhere

AuAg CozyDesk, $39, Amazon

You may have seen this desk on TV, but it's available via Amazon Prime for much less, meaning it's sure to go quickly. Lightweight and portable, the CozyDesk makes it possible to work literally anywhere — even flat on your back in bed — with its unique adjustable design. The CozyDesk also allows your laptop to vent properly, minimizing the risk of overheating as you work comfortably from the couch or the bed. If you've thought about trying a standing desk, this is also a terrific inexpensive way to do just that, without locking yourself into just one option.


9. This Desk Lamp Is Also A Humidifier — And It's Under $10

iMagitek Humidifying Desk Lamp, $8, Amazon

Adequate humidity can help prevent or alleviate dry skin, eyes, and nasal passages, and this humidifier can also help you read at night. Powered via a USB connection, this two-in-one desk accessory provides proper lighting while soothing dry eyes — all to prevent fatigue and headache while you're working those long hours. The lamp features an adjustable gooseneck that can be flexed a full 360-degrees, as well as three levels of brightness. The humidifier runs for four hours on continuous mode, and a full eight hours on intermittent mode. You can also use both at the same time, or either one separately.


10. This Soap Actually Uses Sea Salt To Cleanse And Soften Your Hands

Kalastyle Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap, $24 (4 Pack), Amazon

Sea salt is poised to become the next darling of the health and beauty world, but this soap is the best introduction you can get to it. Crafted with mineral rich salts naturally obtained from sea water, this flagship product is frequently on backorder at the online outlets of the several major national chain stores where it's stocked. Its knockout combination of natural exfoliators and rich, foamy lather — and its simple aesthetic — are pure winners.


11. This Night Light Is A Charging Station, Too

Finduat Wall Mount Night Light/Charger, $10, Amazon

How smart is this all-in-one accessory? This ingenious device first functions as a night light that has two modes: an LED sensor that will operate it automatically on a dawn-to-dusk basis, or a manual on and off operation. On top of that, it also offers two USB charging slots, four AC sockets, and a phone or device holder slot, so it serves as a complete charger station, while freeing up countertop space at the same time.


12. This Oil Can Get You Going In The Morning

Edens Garden Good Morning Oil, $10, Amazon

If you're not a morning person, this oil could be just the ticket for you. Formulated with 100 percent certified pure essential oils and a blend of herbs including peppermint, clementine, and coriander seed, this oil is designed to galvanize and inspire you to start your day right. It's ideal if you're preparing for a job interview or big presentation, or simply need a little extra confidence or pep in your step.


13. A Genius Device That Makes Ice And Holds Up To 120 Cubes

BOBOO Ice Cube Maker Genie, $12, Amazon

This makes ice cubes, stores ice cubes, and serves as an ice bucket— this ice maker does it all. Made of high-quality, BPA-free silicone, it uses a dual-chamber design to work its magic: The outer chamber makes the ice, while the inner chamber stores it. The bucket also comes with an air-tight lid so you can keep your ice clear, fresh, and odor-free at all times. It's smaller than most ice makers, so it saves space in your freezer, too.


14. A Bowl That Gives You Salad In 60 Seconds

Unihoh Salad Cutter Bowl, $11, Amazon

If you're trying to more veggies, you need this bowl in your life, because it makes salads so much faster and easier. Simply rinse your greens and vegetables together in the bowl, then shake and drain to dry. Once that's done, invert over the base and slice, then rotate 90-degrees and slice again — it's just that simple. Made of food grade, BPA-free silicone, this kitchen accessory is a real time-saver.


16. A K-Beauty Set That Deep Cleans Your Pores

AprilSkin Pore Cleaner Set, $24, Amazon

You know that K-beauty is all the rage, and this set from super-hot brand AprilSkin is a real standout: It features a double-sided brush paired with the brand's signature soap for a deep clean. The brush is crafted with 400,000 microfine bristles for pore cleansing on one side, and a silicone jelly head on the other side to help reduce surface oils and remove debris. Paired with the brush, the soap produces a cloud of soft foam that gentle, yet deeply cleanses skin. One reviewer wrote: "Hands down an awesome little duo. Ive only been using it for 3 days but wow!!!"


17. This Sponge Lets You Use One Makeup Brush With Multiple Colors

Arsty Makeup Brush Color Remover, $7, Amazon

With this unique sponge, there's no need to ever put your favorite makeup brush down when you change colors. The scrubbing sponge removes any powder color from your brush by simply moving it across the surface. Both sides of this environmentally-friendly sponge are usable, and it can also be washed in fragrance-free soap and warm water to revitalize its powers. Its small size means it's portable, and great for travel, too.


18. A Super-Smart Gadget To Get Every Last Drop Off Your Whisk

Whisk Wiper, $20, Amazon

Ever wondered how much batter or whipped cream you're leaving behind on your whisk? With this gadget, you can find out: It slides down the tines of your whisk (that fits the included 11-inch whisk perfectly) and scrapes it down, good to the last drop. When it's on the whisk, it keeps the tines off your counters. Bonus: you can also remove the Whisk Wiper from the utensil and use it to scrape your bowl.


19. This Device Is A Truly Modern Surge Protector

PowerCube, $20, Amazon

Strip-shaped surge protectors can be unwieldy and sometimes don't actually allow you to use all the outlet spots in their design. This cube puts an end to that with its modern design — it features four outlets and two USB charging ports, all accessible even if your plugs overlap. It also offers a 175 Joule energy rating to protect all your electronics, small appliances, phones, and lamps from dangerous current spikes.


20. This Party Game Will Show You How Devious Your Friends Really Are

Timber & Bolt Werewolf, $13, Amazon

Have a blast at your next party with this game for up to 35 people. A party game "of lies, deceit, and accusations," Werewolf puts you in charge of saving the village — unless you're tasked with playing the title character. Roles are dealt out at the beginning of the game, with the ultimate task of ferreting out the werewolf (or -wolves) before all the villagers are killed off. Is someone speaking too much? Could mean they're a werewolf. Is someone not speaking enough? Could mean the same thing. It all depends on the people you're playing with, and how well you know them.


21. A Spray That Will Relax You Anytime You Need It

Luna Lavender Aromatherapy Spray, $14, Amazon

Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy for its calming properties, and this spray incorporates 100 percent pure lavender essential oil to create a premium relaxation experience. It's the coumarins found in lavender oil that do the trick: They're known to soothe muscle pain, lower blood pressure, and act as a sedative. This spray is great for your pillow at bedtime, for your yoga mat before practice, and it's perfect for adding a calm note to hectic travel — but you can use it on any water-safe surface for a breath of fresh air.


22. These Panties Make Getting Through Your Period A Little Bit Easier

Yoyi Fashion Period Panties (XXS-4XL), $21 (3 Pack), Amazon

These panties are purpose-built for a menstrual cycle, and they're popping up everywhere. They're crafted with a soft fiber blend that's stretchy for all-day comfort — so important when you're already battling your period — while the inner leak-proof lining gives you extra protection from a heavy flow. No more worries about bleeding through and no more concerns about ruining your good underwear — these panties are nice enough for every day but provide that extra bit of insurance you need to go about your business without thinking twice.


23. These Charcoal Sticks Purify Your Water Bottle

IPPINKA Kishu Binchotan Charcoal, $13, Amazon

Charcoal is definitely having a moment, and these sticks that turn tap water into purified water are all set to vault to cult status. They're crafted from charcoal of the Japanese oak (binchotan), which is activated through an extremely high burning temperature and a rapid cooling process. The result is a purifier with an alkaline effect to soften and improve the overall taste of your water — all while adding back natural minerals and absorbing chlorine and other chemicals. These sticks are eco-friendly, too, as they're reusable for up to three months.


24. This Cleaning Tool Has So Many Uses You'll Want One For Every Room

Bump It Off, $10, Amazon

To say that this tool is unique would be an understatement: Seriously, what other product do you know can function as a cat groomer one minute and clean your makeup brushes the next? Crafted from 100 percent silicone, the Bump It Off fits in your hand to scrub your dishes, provide a soothing body massage in the shower, loosen and lift laundry stains, give your pets a rubdown and lift their fur off of upholstered furniture with ease, clean your grill — the uses are pretty much endless. Once you're done, simply throw it in your dishwasher on the top rack, and it's ready to go all over again.


25. This Serum From The Brand Everyone's Talking About Can Turn Back The Clock

Yeouth Retinol Serum, $20, Amazon

Any dermatologist will tell you retinol is a powerhouse ingredient — it can do everything from get rid of acne to add more elasticity to the face. This serum from talked-about brand Yeouth is made from 2.5 percent of its hero ingredient to boost collagen production, but there's more — the hyaluronic acid traps moisture in your skin, vitamin E shields from harmful UV rays, and aloe vera soothes and balances out the resurfacing effects of the serum. The result is a unique blend that rejuvenates the skin and can deliver dramatic improvements with daily use.


26. This Pillow Cradles You In Comfort And Keeps You Cool All Night Long

LANGRIA Contour Cooling Pillow, $29, Amazon

Put an end to those nights of turning the pillow over and over, trying to find a cool spot to lay your head: This pillow features a special knit cover to disperse body heat and keep your head dry from sweat while sleeping. And chances are, you won't be tossing and turning anyway — the ergonomic design of this pillow features high and low lofts that adapt to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders to promote healthy spinal alignment and a more comfortable, restful sleep.


27. This Tiny Griddle Is So Cute And Super Functional, Too

Dash Mini Maker, $15, Amazon

If your kitchen is cramped or you're cooking for one, pay special attention to this griddle. Its cute and compact design allows you to whip up one egg or a pancake — or even a cookie — at a time, all in under three minutes. Dozens of recipes come in a book included with the Mini Maker, and you'll have access to thousands more in their online cookbook, too.


28. A Device That Lets You Make Your Own Sparkling Water At Home

Innovee Soda Siphon, $40, Amazon

Simply attach a standard CO2 charger to this device, and you're in the business of making sparkling water right in the comfort of your home. Create whatever tasty and delicious fruit and herb blends you like — all the creativity to customize your water is in your hands. You can increase your water intake, steer clear of the unwanted additives you may find in some store brands, and ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck, too.


29. This Accessory Gives Every Brownie Crispy Edges

Baker's Edge Brownie Pan, $36, Amazon

There will be no more fighting over who gets the edge pieces once you add this pan to your kitchen arsenal: Each and every piece has at least two chewy edges and crispy edges to delight all the brownie lovers in your household. This pan was specially designed to accommodate box mixes with no adjustments, and is crafted from heavy gauge cast aluminum with a durable nonstick coating. One continuous chamber makes the batter easy to spread, too.


30. This Two-In-One Tool Will Help You Improve Your Balance And Strengthen Your Core

Fit & Me Balance Board, $35, Amazon

Whether you're coming back from an injury or simply looking for a new weapon in strengthening your core, this balance board can help. Crafted from premium wood, it's sturdy and durable — and is designed to increase the strength of your core muscles, promote improved posture, and enhance coordination. Great for everyone from performance athletes to seniors, it holds up to 330 pounds, and comes with a how-to ebook as well as an online resource of video exercises.


31. An Accessory That Sanitizes The Most Bacteria-Ridden Thing You Own

PhoneSoap, $60, Amazon

Your cell phone is probably the dirtiest, most germ-ridden thing you own, and this device can clean that mess right up. PhoneSoap got its start on SharkTank, so you know this one's a winner. The germicidal UV light on the reflective interior of the case kills 99.99 percent of bacteria, plus you can charge your device while it gets clean. This model fits all phones, even the oversized models.


32. A Clock That Uses Your Natural Circadian Rhythms To Wake You

monochef Sunrise Wake Up Light, $33, Amazon

Getting up in the morning doesn't have to be a struggle thanks to this innovative device that uses the power of your body's natural circadian rhythms to wake you. Set the alarm with your wake up time, and the light will come on 30 minutes ahead of that time, waking you with a gradual increase in brightness to mimic the sunrise. It works in the opposite manner at night to lull you into sleep with its optional sunset function. You can choose from seven mood light colors as well as six natural alarm sounds including forest, birds, and waves.

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