32 Products On Amazon That Are About To Hit Cult Status

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We all know that Amazon is a terrific source for everything from household items and food to luxury goods. It's also a lock that when your favorite product becomes a viral sensation, Amazon is usually the best place to find it after it's sold out everywhere else. But did you know that there are products on Amazon about to hit cult status that you haven't heard of yet? Believe me — you'll want them before they become the next big thing.

With millions and millions of products, it's only natural that some of the items Amazon has on offer have yet to hit it big, but among their enormous catalog are items that are right on the cusp of hitting cult status.

That's right — these are the beauty products, home accessories, travel goods, and more that are poised to become the next big thing. They're either A-list faves, media darlings that have been written up far and wide, or lauded by hundreds of reviewers whose words won't go unnoticed for long — and sometimes, they're all three. So embrace your role as the influencer you are: Check out this list of must-haves now and place your orders, and when these products get super popular and your friends ask you how you knew, just tell them you're really, really good at spotting the next big thing.

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