32 Oddly Satisfying Products On Amazon That Produce Instant Results

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Real talk: you probably won't admit it, but I bet you like popping zits. It's kind of gross, but I'm not judging you because most people get a weird pleasure from squeezing at those bumps on their skin. In fact, I'd wager 90 percent of people enjoy this not-at-all-approved-by-a-dermatologist activity. But you don't have to just scratch up your face for that effect — believe me, there are oddly satisfying products on Amazon are akin to that feeling. In other words: they're cathartic and they produce instant results. They're also fun as heck to use.

Now, most of these products aren't quite as taboo as pimple-popping, but they are equally gratifying. For instance, there are wine wipes which swipe away the purple on your teeth after a glass of Malbec. There's a touchscreen cleaner that rids your phone screen from fingerprints and smudges, leaving it crystal-clear and bacteria-free. There's a lip stain that peels off your lips after it's dry, leaving you with a rosy, all-day pop of color. (And peeling is always satisfying — I see you, sunburn aficionados.)

And while I can't necessarily recommend squeezing your zits... there is a tool on this list that helps you do it. Click through to find it.

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