32 ‘Future Nostalgia’ Captions For When Your Partner Has You “Levitating"

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If there's one thing Dua Lipa's music is never devoid of, it's good vibes, and the pop queen's most recent record, Future Nostalgia, is packed full of them. Seriously, this album will make you want to pull on some outrageous sequined pants, shimmy into your loudest going-out top, and strut your stuff to the club. But just because Dua unapologetically brings the disco to the most dismal of times, doesn't mean there isn't space for heartfelt lyrics. The following lyrics from Future Nostalgia make the perfect Instagram captions to infuse some joy into your quarantine couples pics.

It's no surprise her bops strike a sentimental chord — Dua has truly been feeling the love over the past couple of years. The pop star is currently head-over-heels for boyfriend Anwar Hadid — a fact that fans caught wind of when they were seen embracing at a music festival in July 2019, but wasn't confirmed until they made their couple debut at NYFW. Since then, they've been all kinds of cute together on social media and IRL, and have spent much of the last year together with Hadid's family.

Below, 32 lyrics from Future Nostalgia that'll make great captions for pics with the Anwar to your Dua.

"Don't Start Now"

1. "Did a full 180, crazy, thinking 'bout the way I was."

2. "Did the heartbreak change me? Maybe, but look at where I ended up."


3. "Guess I never had a love like this, hit me harder than I ever expected."

4. "We been up all godd*mn night, keep it going till we see the sunlight."

5. "Got me losin' all my cool, cause I'm burnin' up on you."

6. "Never runnin' out of juice when it's only me and you."

7. "I like us better when we're intertwined."

8. "Put your love with your lips on mine, you got me working up an appetite."

9. "Skintight, I'll show you heaven, there's nothing better, I'll give it to you all night."

10. "My love makes you brand new."


11. "Common love isn't for us, we created something phenomenal."

12. "You got me feeling diamond rich."

13. "Who needs to go to sleep when I got you next to me?"

14. "All night, I'll riot with you. I know you got my back and you know I got you"

15. "Adrenaline keeps on rushing in, love the simulation we're dreaming in."

16. "I don't wanna live another life, 'cause this one's pretty nice."


17. "If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy, and I can take you for a ride."

18. "I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm where the music don't stop for life."

19. "Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes, shining just the way I like."

20. "You want me, I want you, baby. My sugarboo, I'm levitating."

21. "I got you, moonlight, you're my starlight, I need you all night, come on, dance with me."

22. "I believe that you're for me, I feel it in our energy, I see us written in the stars."

23. "I feel like we're forever every time we get together."

24. "Whatever, let's get lost on Mars."

"Pretty Please"

25. "I know that I seem a little stressed out, but you're here now, and you're turning me on."

26. "Hate it when you leave me unattended, 'cause I miss ya, and I need your love."

27. "When my mind is runnin' wild, could you help me slow it down?"

28. "I need your hands on me, sweet relief, pretty please."


29. "No, I ain't got no money, but I'm letting you know that I'ma love you like a fool."

30. "I hallucinate when you call my name, got stars in my eyes and they don't fade when you come my way."

"Love Again"

31. "I never knew I had it in me to dance anymore, but godd*mn, you got me in love again."

32. "I'll sink my teeth in disbelief, 'cause you're the one that I want."

From lines about puppy love and honeymoon heart eyes to sensual lust and unconditional devotion, these Future Nostalgia lyrics make elite captions for Insta pics with your beloved.

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