31 Genius Products For Anyone Who Thinks They Suck At Doing Their Hair & Makeup

By Ellie Nan Storck
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If you're anything like me, you'll agree that words like "contour" or "smoky eye" or "waterfall braid" mean one thing: minutes, maybe hours, of failed attempts to master the art of beautification. Luckily, there are genius beauty products for anyone who thinks they suck at doing their hair and makeup.

Let's face it: no one is perfect when it comes to hair and makeup, but there are definitely people out there who make themselves look pretty flawless by perfecting makeup application and hair styles. What's their secret? Aside from practice (which definitely helps), one of the biggest beauty hacks we know of is pretty simple: just knowing what to buy in order to elevate your beauty regimen.

Whether you're just trying to nail down a simple makeup routine, looking to achieve smooth curls that look like you just spent hours at a salon, need a quick way to clean your dirty makeup brushes, or want a super-effective route to easy makeup removal, you have come to the right place. Below, you'll find something for all of your hair and makeup woes, as well as products that will push your routine to the next level (like brow stencils, magnetic — yep, magnetic — eyelashes, and an anti-frizz hair towel).

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