This YouTube Channel Has A Ton Of Dance Workouts You Can Do In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

by Julia Guerra

There’s so much to love about dance workout classes. Between the energy of the instructors and the we’re-in-this-together mentality of the group as everyone’s bodies synchronize with the music, it’s definitely an experience that makes exercise feel a little different, and a lot more free. But like any exercise class hosted at a studio, membership fees can be super pricey, and not everyone feels comfortable working out in front of others — let alone dancing. If either of those factors have been holding you back, 305 Fitness recently launched free dance fitness classes on YouTube, so you can join in on the fun from the comfort of your own home, for free.

The first time I took a dance workout class, I felt silly as all heck. I’m far from coordinated, and I have zero rhythm, but despite all that, once the music played and I got a general feel for the footing, I had a blast, and that’s exactly the driving force behind 305 Fitness' new program, 305 At Home. According to a press release sent to Elite Daily, the dance fitness brand’s new initiative is being described as a “digital library of on-demand workouts” that follow its signature “rave meets workout” motif. Classes will range from two to 30 minutes long, with mixes created exclusively for the program by Grammy award-winning, platinum-certified DJ, Tiësto.

“The fitness landscape is changing, it’s getting more tech-savvy and we wanted to make 305 accessible and affordable to everyone across the globe,” 305 Fitness’ founder, Sadie Kurzban, stated in the press release. In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, Kurzban adds,“ [At 305], we are shedding shame, expressing joy, and living our most authentic selves.”

Now, with 305 At Home, anyone, from anywhere, at any time, can experience this exhilarating form of exercise.

Even if you, like me, wouldn’t exactly describe yourself as “coordinated,” dance, unlike a lot of other, more traditional exercises that are less expressive/artistic, is for everyone, Sassy Gregson-Williams, a ballerina, personal trainer, cookbook author, and founder of Naturally Sassy, tells Elite Daily. “Many people don’t like traditional cardio like cycling/running, and dance fitness often incorporates that as a byproduct of the choreography pace,” she explains. “Instead of doing the same cycling motion or hitting the ground with your feet block after block, the actions you're repeating are diverse and different,” which keeps your body and your mind engaged throughout the workout.

What’s more, the inclusivity of dance goes beyond those who are simply "coordinated" or "uncoordinated." Kurzban tells Elite Daily that, at 305, she’s had clients across the board, from ultra athletes, to 13-year-old teens, to people in wheelchairs that join in to perform the upper-body movements. Dance workouts are inclusive because there’s something for everyone in the rhythm, as well as the exercises that are set to the music.

“Unlike a lot of monotonous, repetitive cardio workouts like running, rowing, or cycling, at 305, you are using every single muscle of your body,” Kurzban explains. It’s beneficial for your balance, coordination, agility, and on top of that, she adds, you're also “asking your neurons to fire in new ways, which creates new patterns of movement and helps your memory and brain health.”

In addition to being an excellent form of cardio that doesn’t confine you to the belt of a treadmill or the pedals of a stationary bike, dancing is brilliant for your mental health, too. Katia Pryce, founder of DanceBody, tells Elite Daily that dance can often be a form of therapy because of its incredible cognitive benefits, such as improvements in your mood and, as Kurzban mentioned, even your memory.

“We call this effect ‘brain off, body on,’” Pryce explains via email. “Because you have to focus on the dances happening in class, it actually doubles as a form of meditation, becoming a free mental space in your day.”

So what do you have to lose? The way I see it, 305 At Home is offering you the best of both worlds: The rave-meets-workout experience for free, plus the added bonus of trying a workout you might've skipped out on in a traditional gym setting. You can bust a move, reap the benefits, all in the comfort of your living room. You don't even have to wear a sports bra if you don't want to.