30 Brilliantly Sneaky Products On Amazon For Going About Your Shady Business

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Let's see a show of hands for those among us who’ve never acted shifty. This list is about brilliantly sneaky products on Amazon, and those of us who aren't shady won't be interested. You guys can just move on to the next story.

You’re all still with me. Great.

Maybe you’re ghosting because you want your privacy. Or maybe you’re a) an heir or an heiress, or b) a major international crime figure, or c) both. Regardless, there’s no judgement here. As adults, we all have our own #drama, and in the age of social media, there’s little mystery left in this life. Thankfully, there are lots of products on Amazon to keep your business safe from other folks’ prying eyes. Whether you’re running from the Mob, the paparazzi, or your accountant, there’s a product for you.

So you need to secrete all your spare cash from your sticky-fingered sister or roommate? There are a panoply of safes to choose from. Need a few adult beverages to get through your upcoming family reunion, but want to drink on the DL? Pack your travel umbrella — because it's actually a flask. And there's lots more where that came from.

So come on over into the shade. It's cool in here, and we have stuff.

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