30 $5 & Under Products On Amazon That Make Life Easier

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Pet peeves: large, small, and in between, I have them all. And if there are handy gadgets out there to make life easier for me, I'm down, but one has to ask: How much are they? How about some products on Amazon that are $5 and under? Because another pet peeve of mine is spending too much money.

Yep — even if you're only willing to spare the change that's rattling around in your couch cushions, there’s something out there (and by out there, I mean on Amazon) that can solve your every aggravation, no matter how obscure. Whether it’s your sheets slipping off your mattress while you're in bed, the fact that your phone slips out of your hand every time you're trying to watch a video, or your bra strap sliding down your shoulder every 10 minutes, hey, I feel your pain, and there's a product for both of those irritating little things. But wait, there's more: that product can be shipped to you while you're sitting on the very couch that you pulled that change out of.

Thanks to Amazon, you can also exorcise your pet peeve demons as soon as you finish reading this. I know. Thank me later. Right now, get shopping.

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