30 $5 & Under Products On Amazon That Make Life Easier

Pet peeves: large, small, and in between, I have them all. And if there are handy gadgets out there to make life easier for me, I'm down, but one has to ask: How much are they? How about some products on Amazon that are $5 and under? Because another pet peeve of mine is spending too much money.

Yep — even if you're only willing to spare the change that's rattling around in your couch cushions, there’s something out there (and by out there, I mean on Amazon) that can solve your every aggravation, no matter how obscure. Whether it’s your sheets slipping off your mattress while you're in bed, the fact that your phone slips out of your hand every time you're trying to watch a video, or your bra strap sliding down your shoulder every 10 minutes, hey, I feel your pain, and there's a product for both of those irritating little things. But wait, there's more: that product can be shipped to you while you're sitting on the very couch that you pulled that change out of.

Thanks to Amazon, you can also exorcise your pet peeve demons as soon as you finish reading this. I know. Thank me later. Right now, get shopping.

Entertainment — 30 $5 & Under Products On Amazon That Make Life Easier

1. These Genius Gadgets Are Like Having An Extra Pair Of Hands In The Kitchen

DBHAWK Sack Clips, $5 (Set Of 2), Amazon

These super-smart stands are a must-have for anyone who keeps their leftovers. You know how it's like trying to tango with an octopus when you attempt to fill slouchy, misbehaving bags with chopped fruits and veggies? These clips make it feel like you have a sous chef: You set them down on your work surface, where they remain secure thanks to their non-slip rubber base, and fasten the bag under the clip via the adjustable arms. The bag stays in place while you fill it up, eliminating any mess or hassle from your meal prep routine.


2. These Razors With Hundreds Of Uses

Tinkle Face Razors, $5 (2 Packs of 3), Amazon

Whether you groom your eyebrows, shape your hairline, or dermaplane, these razors do it all quickly and painlessly. They're suitable even for use on the most sensitive skin, the stainless steel blades eliminate hair with a quick swipe. Over 1,600 customers gave the Tinkle 4 stars!


3. This Gadget Insures Your Fingers Against Kitchen Mishaps

AllLife Finger Guard, $2, Amazon

For less than $2, you can pick up this nifty kitchen accessory and keep all your digits intact. That seems like a small price to pay when it comes to protecting your fingers, especially when it means giving them a stainless steel shield against sharp knife blades when chopping and slicing. Wear this device like a ring on one finger of the hand that anchors your food; use the "shield" portion to guide the blade as it comes down to cut. It's also a great product for protecting a fresh mani!


4. These Pepper Corers Make An Aggravating Cooking Task Simple

Kitchen Basic Pepper Corer Set, $3, Amazon

This set includes two pepper corers — one for larger fruits, like bell peppers, and one for smaller versions, like jalapeños. Crafted from high-quality ABS, these tools dramatically simplify the cleanup process that comes with cooking these garden favorites; simply push them in at the top and twist, and the core will pull right back out with its seeds intact. Some reviewers note that the smaller corer also works on strawberries.


5. A Super Versatile Brush That Cleans All Your Narrow Glassware

Newcomdigi Bottle Brush, $4, Amazon

This kitchen brush is incredibly versatile: It features a 90-degree bending end, which makes it incredible at cleaning a wide variety of drinkware and getting down to the bottom of many other hard-to-reach areas, including corners, edges, and the narrow necks of bottles, vases and the like. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel with nylon bristles, it has a very skinny design and long handle to reach into crevices and cramped vessels.


6. A Small Button That Adds Major Functionality To Your Cell Phone

Evermarket Finger Ring Cell Holder/Kickstand, $3, Amazon

This little gadget affixes to the back of your phone and turns into a kickstand using premium 3M adhesive, so it's able to recline on any level surface in either landscape or portrait mode. Even better, the flexible joint and invisible spindle on the ring of the mount helps it rotate smoothly in phases between 360- or 180-degrees, so you're able to switch positions quickly and easily. It also functions as a grip, car mount, and cable winder.


7. The Kitchen Accessory That Holds Your Veggies With The Tenacity Of A Stainless Steel Claw

NYKKOLA Vegetable Holder, $4, Amazon

You'll feel like Wolverine's chef-y cousin with this gadget in your kitchen arsenal: Providing a great way to keep your precious fingers out of the way and clear of the knife blade while slicing, it arms you with a stainless steel claw to hold your veggies down when it's prep time. The guide has a large, comfortable oval handle and teeth that enable you to chop uniform slices. It comes with an odor-removing attachment, too.


8. A Device That Turns Any Pot Into A Giant Ladle

NPLE Anti-Spill Soup Spout, $5, Amazon

This spout is another one of those products that's a complete no-brainer: It attaches to the side of your pot and functions as a funnel to eliminate the risk of spills and messes. It's crafted from heat-resistant food-grade silicone, and this little number is durable and top-rack dishwasher-safe, too.


9. These Stencils Give You Perfectly Symmetrical Brows

e.l.f. Eyebrow Stencil Kit, $5 (Set of 4 Stencils), Amazon

This stencil kit simplifies the pursuit of the perfect brow, which is an important part of any look you're going for, from fresh-faced to uber-glam. The kit includes four stencils, suitable for all brow and face shapes: Choose from a curved arch, soft arch, structured arch, and full arch. Then, just fill in with brow pencil or brow powder and go.


10. These Clips Prevent Your Sheets From Bunching Up And Slipping Off

Huaminxiangyue Elastic Sheet Clips, $5 (Set Of 4), Amazon

These sheet clips are incredibly simple, but clear up an incredibly aggravating problem: The bottom sheet that slips off the bed and ends up wadded around your feet or near your waist by the time you wake up. Simply adjust these fasteners to the correct length to stretch across your mattress, then attach to the corners of your sheets. Much like the suspenders that hug Santa's shoulders and prevent his pants from beating a hasty retreat, so too will your sheets remain exactly where you put them.


11. This Glove Keeps Your Hands Safe While Using Hot Styling Tools

Kiloline Styling Heat Glove, $5, Amazon

This glove, a cousin of those popular for use in the kitchen, is designed to keep your fingers safe from those super-hot irons and wands you use to style your hair. It comes in one size, is suitable to wear on either hand, and protects from burns for 10 to 12 seconds, but still allows you to feel the heat so you'll be able to judge how your strands are faring.


12. These Five-In-One Survival Bracelets Are A Must-Have For Camping And Hiking

ECVILLA Paracord Survival Bracelets, $5 (Set of 2), Amazon

This paracord bangle may not be your idea of a friendship bracelet, but by my estimation, anyone who gives you this multi-purpose gadget that could help you survive a camping trip gone awry is a buddy you ought to keep around. It straps on to your wrist and includes a magnesium fire starter with a scraper/knife; a fishhook and some fishing line; an emergency whistle; and a compass. Plus, it's crafted from a military-grade parachute cord, which can be used for so many different ways.


13. This Insert Makes It Easy To Organize Your Bag

JISTL Bag Organizer, $3, Amazon

With a ton of pockets and pouches to keep all its contents in order, this organizer puts an end to aimlessly searching for sticks of gum at the bottom of those cavernous bags. Organize pens and pencils, notebooks, and other personal items, and simply pull the whole thing out to switch between bags.


14. These Dryer Balls Reduce Wrinkles And Static

Woolous Dryer Balls, $5 (Set of 3), Amazon

Crafted from 100 percent organic wool, these amazing dryer balls rely on the power of physics to help dry your clothes faster — without wrinkles or static. Tumbling around in the machine, they work to separate the garments and promote airflow between and around them, cutting down on drying time by at least 10 to 15 minutes per load. Add a few drops of essential oil to each ball and your laundry will be lightly scented each time, too. It's a great natural alternative to those chemical-laden fabric fresheners, too.


15. This Peeler Quickly And Easily "Unzips" Any Citrus Fruit

CJESLNA Citrus Peeler, $1, Amazon

Investing a buck in this tool is a no-brainer if you love oranges and grapefruits, or frequently use lemons and limes in your recipes. Crafted from durable hard plastic, you insert the blade end of the tool into the top of the fruit, then use the curved design to follow down the rounded side of the skin. The ring-size holes make it easy to use, and the tool's small size means it stores easily — great even to pack in a lunchbox or keep at your desk for a quick, mid-day citrus treat.


16. These Reusable Rubber Ties Have So Many Functions

Nite Ize Gear Ties, $3 (4 Pack), Amazon

These ties are so versatile, I'm wondering if I can do some kind of Mondrian-esque mod/hipster hairstyle with them. At 3 inches long, they'll keep your cords in line, tie down cables, seal produce, snacks, and bread, and lots more — all with a simple twist. Great for use outdoors too, the strong internal wire is sheathed in a soft rubber exterior that's UV resistant and waterproof.


17. This Tool Makes Creating The Perfect Cat Eye Easy

Miss Rose Eyeliner Stamp, $3, Amazon

This ingenious device takes the guesswork out of making neat and equal, much less stylish-looking, cat eyes. The dual-sided pen has a brush on one end for freehanded styling, but the real secret is in the stamp on the other side. All you do is soak the stamp in eyeliner, line up where you want it, and press onto your skin. It'll be perfect every time and absolutely symmetrical.


18. These Clips Keep Your Cables Organized And Your Wires Tangle-Free

TTLIFE Cable Clips, $4 (Set of 6), Amazon

These clips will transform the area under your desk or behind your TV, taming any tangled nest of dangerous, snarled cables. These double-slotted clips are crafted from eco-friendly silicone backed with permanent adhesive to easily mount to the floor, a wall, or any flat surface. Plus, this set of six clips that each have two slots will enable you to organize an entire house's worth of cords, for less than a fiver.


19. This Versatile Tool Opens All Types Of Jars And Bottles

Huixuan Multi-Function Opener, $5, Amazon

This handy gadget is ideal for folks with hand strength issues, or — let's be frank — anyone for whom preserving a fresh manicure is critical. It works to open just about every bottled or jarred item in your pantry, from the flip tops on sodas and bottle caps on beers to twist-off tops on beverages or sauces, baby food, jellies, and jams. The grip is made of rubber and leveraged for ease of use.


20. These Clips Turn Any Bra Into A Racer Back, And Keep Those Straps Up

Bra Clips, $5 (Set of 4), Amazon

These clips will change your life if you find your bra straps constantly sliding down your shoulders, or if you'd like a quick and inexpensive way to convert your regular bras to racer backs. Simply clip them onto your straps at shoulder height through the heart-shaped openings in the plastic, then adjust as-needed. With this device in place, you'll also find your posture corrected, and you'll get an assist in the lift and support department as well.


21. These Organizers Will Keep You "Posted" On Where You Stand With Chores And Studying

Redi-Tab Divider Sticky Notes, $4 (Pad of 60), Amazon

How cool are these multicolored sticky notes with the divider tabs? They're ideal for studying or compiling a presentation, but I can envision them being equally helpful in highlighting the persistently helpful parts of the to-do notebooks in which I maintain my ever-present lists. Lined for ease in keeping your notes-to-self legible, they come in cheerful colors to add a little pep to your day, and they use water-based adhesive.


22. These Rubber Grippers Help Pry The Lid Off Of Just About Anything

HuntGold MultiPurpose Jar Opener, $4, Amazon

This rubber opener actually includes three tools in one: One for a large jar (mayonnaise-sized); one for a medium bottle or jar (think salsa); and one for a very small bottle or jar (soda all the way down to toothpaste). Sturdy and easy to use, this device is incredibly helpful for anyone with reduced hand strength due to age, arthritis, or other medical conditions. "I have used one of these for years, and wouldn't be without it in my kitchen," says one reviewer.


23. This Kitchen Accessory Optimizes The Performance Of Your Microwave

HS Microwave Plate Stacker, $4, Amazon

This accessory is great for everyone who enjoys the convenience of microwave cooking as it doubles the capacity of your microwave instantly. Crafted from durable plastic, this device supports a second plate above the first on the turntable or floor of any standard-size microwave. Flip it over, and you can use it as a tray to assist in getting too-hot plates in and out of the microwave as well. Pro tip: Use under table coverings to easily (and inexpensively) add some height to your buffet!


24. These Under-Eye Shields Keep Your Concealer And Face Makeup In Tact

Braceus Disposable Eye Shadow Shields, $5 (50 Pieces), Amazon

These pads are lifesavers if you've ever gotten your face on and then discovered that you've inadvertently coated half your lower cheeks in eye makeup. They're like makeup Post-Its: Adhere them beneath your eyes to prevent mascara and eyeshadow from ruining your concealer or contour. They're also helpful for tracing professional-level lines and shadow creases, or creating precise cat eyes.


25. These Bag Handles Give You Superstrength

Toppy Kitchen Grocery Carrier Handle, $5, Amazon

Okay, so this genius device doesn't exactly give you super strength, but it does make it possible for you to carry so much stuff with one hand that you'll feel like you're superhuman. Crafted from high-impact ABS plastic, it features a durable locking tab to ensure that whatever you choose to lasso with it stays put. Its slightly rounded design provides a grip that makes carrying up to 50 pounds comfortable and easy on your hands.


26. This Folding Cutting Board Works Like A Funnel — Eliminating Kitchen Spills And Messes

Fheaven Folding Cutting Board, $5, Amazon

This cutting board is so clever, it does several jobs in your kitchen. Sure, you'll find the food-grade plastic handy for chopping, slicing, and dicing your food to prep it, but when that's completed, the really great part is that all you have to do is pick it up from your counter, squeeze the handle, and scoop your food into whatever you're cooking or serving it in. The plastic is antibacterial and environmentally-friendly, too.


27. This Accessory Makes Perfect Baked Potatoes In Just A Few Minutes

Potato Express Microwave Potato Cooker, $5, Amazon

This smart kitchen accessory makes perfect baked potatoes in the microwave every single time... and fast, too. The secret is in the unique insulated design that creates a steam pocket to give your potato just the right amount of moisture for a tender skin and a delicious, fluffy inside each time. Use this machine-washable, reusable gadget with any type of potato as well as corn on the cob, and revive day-old bread with it, too.


28. This Genius Product Is Like Painters' Tape For Your Nails

Born Pretty Peel Off Liquid Nail Polish Barrier, $4, Amazon

I'm the worst home manicurist ever, but this genius product seriously might make it possible for even me to paint my own nails. Here's the deal: You paint this polish barrier on your cuticles, then proceed with your mani as normal. At the end of your manicure, peel off, et voilà! It looks all neat and tidy, just like you'd had it done at the salon. It's also a favorite of the pros for creating stylish nail art designs.


29. This Angry Mama Keeps Your Microwave Clean

Angry Mama Microwave Oven Cleaner, $3, Amazon

This super-cute gadget is incredibly smart, too: Just add vinegar and water and microwave it for a few minutes, and she easily cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes your microwave with the power of steam. All that's left to do in the aftermath of Mama's steam bath is a quick wipe-down and your microwave will be crystal clean on the inside, quickly and naturally.


30. This Attachment Fits Any Vacuum And Reaches Into Every Crack And Crevice

TangN Vacuum Cleaner Attachment, $5, Amazon

Suitable for most standard-size vacuum cleaner hoses, this attachment goes everywhere that the nozzle on those hoses won't: The gaps on your keyboard. The slats on your blinds. Between your sofa cushions. In your drawers. Your baseboards. In the car — and much, much more. It attaches easily to your vacuum, and the straws on the head ensure that no other stray detritus is picked up. Set includes one adapter plus two straw heads.

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