3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cancel Your Date Last Minute

If there's one thing that drives me bananas, it's having someone flake on a date at the last minute. Sure, it's better than being stood up or ghosted entirely, but, at the same time, it would have been nice to know that the date wasn't going to happen before I spent all that time getting ready. Listen, I get it, we've all flaked a time or 10 in the past, but the more notice you give someone, the better. At least by knowing the zodiac signs most likely to cancel your date, you can start putting together a plan B for the night, so your pre-date glam sesh doesn't go to waste when you get that last-minute apology text.

Now don't get me wrong, none of these zodiac signs have malicious intentions with their flakiness, but sometimes, things come up, and these are the signs that have the hardest time either juggling their social calendar, or that feel less inclined to see plans through if something else comes up. Sure, that's frustrating, and, well, kinda rude, but at least this way you can see it coming and lessen the sting if they flake right before you're supposed to meet up. Below, the zodiac signs most likely to cancel a date at the last minute.


If there's one thing you should know about Geminis, it's that they will always lean toward whatever (or whoever) is catching their attention in the moment. They require mental stimulation and excitement, so if you happen to be someone who does that for them, count on Gemini to be front and center on date night. However, this malleable air sign can drift away easily if another activity or person is seizing their interest, especially if you’ve just started dating. The good news is that this Mercury-ruled sign is a great communicator, so they may flake, but they won’t ghost. You can count on at least a text letting you know that they won't be able to make it.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 TO OCT. 22) 

Honestly, Libras are awesome on a date — so long as they show up. It's not that this sign is thoughtless or selfish when it comes to last-minute cancellations, it's just that Libras struggle to balance their overly full social life. If anything, Libras agree to date with the best of intentions. The problem is that they've probably also agreed to do five other things at the same time. They are serial over-bookers who, once they realize the mistake, have difficulty making a decision on the best way forward, so this air sign tends to just go wherever the wind blows them. The good news is that although they can be a bit flakey at first, once you're a real part of their life, they're very loyal friends and lovers who are good at prioritizing the people closest to their hearts.


There is no sign in the zodiac more spontaneous than Sagittarius. That makes them incredibly fun and alluring to date, but hard to, well, actually date. You never really know what to expect with this sign except that trying to force them to commit to doing anything is the most effective way to achieve the opposite outcome. This is a sign that insists on keeping their options open at all times; any effort to the contrary is basically a guarantee of a no-show on date night. It can be really frustrating to date this sign, but it's hard to quit them because when they do show, well, there’s nothing more fun than a wild night out with a sexy Sag.

While it’s never fun to get that last-minute text asking for a raincheck, or outright cancelling, just remember it could have been worse: They could have gone straight-up Casper. Try not to sweat it too much, meet up with your pals, and make the most of the night.