3 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Bella Hadid, A Loving Libra

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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are one of those will-they-won't-they couples you can't help but low-key hold out hope for. If it isn't meant to be, one thing's for sure: based on Bella Hadid’s zodiac sign, she's looking for a true soulmate who balances her on every level. But perhaps the two's recent brush at the VMAs on August 30 will have reignited the relationship. According to The Daily Mail, the exes “played it cool and crossed paths with each other, same place, same time. [The pair still appear to be] on good terms," an insider told the publication. Exciting!

There's plenty to love about Hadid. She was born Oct. 9, 1996, under the sign of Libra, which is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. Ruled by Venus, Libra loves to be in love, but won't settle for the wrong relationship. They're looking for a connection that's equitable and fair, but also full of affection and playful verbal sparring. They want a partner in every sense of the word, as that sort of balance is very important to Libra. They also need someone who can appreciate the finer things in life with them, as their Venus connection also means they have a profound appreciation for aesthetics. They want to go to the most beautiful places and enjoy the best those locations have to offer, and they want a partner by their side while they do it. They're also natural social butterflies who are friendly and gregarious, so whoever they date will need to keep up with their social schedule and thrive in group settings, too. If traveling and partying with Hadid sounds like your dream come true, and you happen to be one of these signs, you just might be her perfect match.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

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Fellow air signs Gemini and Libra just click when they meet. They're both highly social signs who fall instantly into deep conversation; there’s no such thing as small talk between these two, since they really connect on a mental and spiritual level. Best of all, they just have so much fun together. Like all pairings, however, these two have their struggles. For Libra and Gemini, it's that sometimes their heads are so in the clouds together they forget the practicalities of life. No one's grounding them and making sure that the basics are being taken care of, which can catch up and cause problems as both parties likely assumed the other was taking care of all that.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

Leo and Libra have major power couple potential. They both thrive in social settings, ooze charisma and charm, and love to look their very best when hitting the town. When this couple enters the room, it's all eyes on them. But there's also plenty of depth to this pairing, as Leo's generous and loyal heart meets Libra's desire for a true love connection. Leo shares Libra's romantic and affectionate side, and they could be just as happy spending the weekend in bed mutually appreciating each other as they would be in the VIP section at the club. It's just important that these two make sure to take the time to really listen and hear one another, as they do have a habit of being in their own heads and talking past each other instead of being fully present.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)

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Libra and Aquarius are a dream couple. Libra truly appreciates and gets Aquarius for the unique and unconventional soul they are. Aquarius is used to keeping things on a surface level because people rarely fully get where they're coming from, so they can feel that true acceptance and appreciation from Libra, which makes them open in ways they normally chose not to. In other words, Libra unlocks their emotional side. It also doesn’t hurt that they just have a great time in one another's company. They both have large, diverse friend groups that are likely to mesh well with one another, as they're typically full of open-minded and offbeat folks. When these two get together, it just works on every level — well, except when it comes to conflict. Both signs will do just about anything to get out of having to confront one another when they have an issue. Those problems don’t just disappear, however, so they can each become very passive-aggressive, which is a bad habit to get into if they want to make it for the long haul.

Truthfully, it's not hard to connect with a Libra like Hadid. They're fun-loving, warm, and bright people who go out of the way to make others feel comfortable and seen in their presence. And if you happen to be one of these signs, you have the astrological edge to really claim Hadid’s heart.

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