If You Can’t Afford The $150 Mason Pearson Hair Brush, Try One Of These Under $30 Dupes


If you read or follow beauty blogs, you've likely come across rave reviews for the Mason Pearson hairbrush at some point. This prestige boar bristle brush is the gold standard in hairstyling — but that killer finishing power comes with a hefty price tag. And it's for that very reason that companies have begun churning out cheaper Mason Pearson dupes at a fraction of the cost.

The original Mason Pearson brush, which dates back to 1885, is such a cult-favorite because of its ability to minimize frizz and promote shine without disrupting your hair's natural pattern. It does this thanks in large part to the tightly-packed boar bristles that massage the natural oils from your scalp down through the rest of your hair shaft. The boar bristles also have a similar feel and structure to the rest of your hair, which makes them much gentler when it comes to detangling. But the main selling point for investing in this very pricey brush is that it'll literally last you a lifetime. Dupes might not last you as long, but they will be made similarly and accomplish many of the same things.

So without further ado, here are the three best Mason Person dupes on the market.

The Best Mason Pearson Dupe On The Market

If you're looking for a brush that gets as close to a Mason Pearson as possible, you want Denman's Natural Bristle With Nylon Brush. Based on my research, this is the most highly recommended dupe from most hair stylists and beauty experts. Not only does this brush behave almost exactly like the good 'ol Mason Pearson, but it looks like it, too. It uses a mix of boar bristles and nylon pins to smooth your hair, detangle knots, and reduce frizz, and it helps add shine by distributing your hair's natural oils from root to tip. And at $16, it's significantly less expensive than a Mason Pearson — but you'll barely be able to tell by the way it works.

Editor's note: This exact same brush is available in a smaller size, which you can buy here.

An Even Less Expensive Option

For those trying to spend even less money, there's the Wet Brush Pro Shine Brush. It combines boar hair and the brand's signature Intelliflex bristles for shine and detangling, as well as a cushioned base to protect your scalp. Its handle is made of rubber, so it fits in your hand much more comfortably than the plastic handle of a Mason Pearson. This particular brush has a rectangular shape, which is great for producing smooth, straight blow dries, but it also comes in a rounded version that mimics the design of a traditional Mason Pearson. And though it's not nearly as luxurious of a brand as Mason Pearson, Wet Brush is probably one of the top brush-makers out there right now, thanks to their durable but affordable designs that have become famous for their detangling prowess.

Another Great Choice, If You've Got A Bit More To Spend

Got a little extra cash to spend? Then pick up the Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Hairbrush. What sets this one apart from the rest is its ionic cushioning, which uses tourmaline technology to produce even smoother, shinier hair. This also makes it more adept at fighting frizz and reducing static. Like the other dupes on this list, this brush uses a mix of nylon and natural boar bristles, and it's gentle on both your scalp and hair. This particular gold design is from the brand's 50th-anniversary collection, but you can also buy it in the traditional silver, here.

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