29 Of The Highest-Reviewed Beauty Products That Obsessed Fans Use Every Day

by Ellie Nan Storck

We all know someone who is die-hard dedicated to certain beauty products — I know that sure I have my fair share of regulars in the medicine cabinet. Maybe it's a mascara that achieves out-of-this-world volume, maybe it's the best shampoo you've ever encountered, a gentle makeup remover, a skin-evening toner, or a magical overnight face mask. Whatever the case may be, there's a reason certain beauty products sell out fast and always come back into stock, and I'm here to get to the bottom of it.

Below, I've sorted through tons of reviews and recommendations to sift out some of the highest-rated, best-selling beauty products on the market that dedicated fans just can't shake. This list cover everything from classics, like Thayer's Witch Hazel, to Korean cleansers and masks, to unique products like a brow gel that can stay on for days at a time (and even in the pool).

Whether you're looking for an entirely new and refreshing beauty routine, or just a couple hot products to liven things up, you're sure to find something that suits your needs and skin type. (Warning: it's very possible that you may become one of the aforementioned die-hard fans by the end of the slideshow.)

A Toner That Triples As An Acne Treatment, Scar Healer, & Makeup Remover

Okay, so I have to admit — I'm one of those totally obsessed fans of Thayers. And the reason that it always has prime real estate in my beauty cabinet is that its benefits are, time and again, totally impressive. Because it's a 100 percent natural astringent, Thayers' Witch Hazel helps to fight bacteria, thus reducing breakouts, excess oil, and inflammation. It's been used for centuries as a gentle skin toner, makeup remover, spot treatment — and even a scar healing aid. Thayers happens to be one of the oldest drugstore sellers of witch hazel, and I think everything from their beautiful packaging to the scent (rose water is the best) is totally worth the very affordable price.

A Multi-Purpose Eye Gel That Yields Results in a Few Days

This restorative eye cream packs a big punch and comes at a good price considering how much it does for the eye area — plus, Amazon reviewers absolutely rave about it, citing its quick-acting abilities. When treating such delicate skin, it's important to use a product that will be both gentle and effective. Baebody's eye gel uses key ingredients like plant stem cells, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and Matrixyl 3000 to hydrate, plump, and protect skin against damage.

A Facial Serum That Uses Plant-Based Ingredients to Treat Acne, Sun Damage, & More

Best known for its collagen-boosting abilities, this 20 percent vitamin C serum helps to treat and prevent acne and sun damage, while brightening, toning, and refreshing the skin. Made in the U.S. with natural and organic plant-based ingredients like aloe, witch hazel, dandelion extract, and jojoba oil, users can look forward to a gentle and effective facial treatment.

A Vegan Serum That Improves Lash & Brow Growth In 60 Days

Ever spend time lusting after mile-long eyelashes and thick, defined brows? Well, according to Amazon reviewers, this serum is the crème de la crème of growth products. Organys uses natural amino acids to stimulate hair growth, improve volume, and soften the look of your brows and lashes in just two months — and some reviewers see results in as little as two weeks.

A Game-Changing Beeswax Chapstick That Provides Intensive Nourishment & Hydration

There's lip balm, and then there's good lip balm, and then there's this lip balm. Made from peppermint-infused beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, it's also 100 percent certified organic and a total bargain, considering how excited fans are about its nourishing and hydrating abilities. It's also hypoallergenic, and protects against environmental elements that can dry lips out.

A Makeup Brush That's Oval-Shaped For Optimum Coverage

Complete with 10 brushes, this makeup brush set is a hit with Amazon reviewers, most of whom have given it five stars and rave about the good quality for the reasonable price. With plastic handles and high-quality synthetic hair, these brushes apply both foundation and powder evenly to skin for a soft, finished look. The dense bristles also need less product to provide even coverage, so you waste less makeup over time.

A Waterproof, Matte Primer That's PETA-Approved & Made To Last All Day

With over 1,300 excellent reviews, this primer from Elizabeth Mott provides all-day, long-lasting coverage that creates a silky, smooth, matte look, keeping skin hydrated and prepped for makeup. Many satisfied reviewers pointed out that it's especially good for those with oil-prone skin, as it won't create eyeshadow creases. And for those who are animal-conscious, this formula is registered in PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies Program.

A Makeup Setting Spray That Dries Quickly, Hydrates, & Refreshes Skin

In addition to makeup that stays put for the day, most of us love having that healthy glow — and with this 90 percent organic setting spray, you'll get both for the price of one. Primarily used to set makeup in place and keep it intact (and reviewers seem to agree that it does a great job in this department), this natural spray from Bella Jade uses revitalizing tea extract to freshen and hydrate skin, keeping it plump, smooth, and happy in addition to smudge-free.

A Face Mask That's As Delicious & Nourishing As It Sounds

I've had friends gush about this product, and it's no surprise, because according to the reviews, this black sugar mask dishes up a facial treatment that hydrates and gets rid of dead skin. Made from organically produced Brazilian black sugar granules, this mask exfoliates while boosting skin with rich vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium that help rejuvenate cells and lock in moisture.

A Silicone Face Brush That Cleanses, Exfoliates, & Massages

With a battery that can last without recharging for over a month (!), this palm-sized silicone face cleanser sends gentle, high-frequency pulses to the face to exfoliate and massage. It also boosts blood circulation, which contributes to collagen production, leaving skin smooth and glowing. Plus, thanks to its handy size, it's portable and, of course, waterproof.

A Creamy Face Cleanser That's Great For Makeup Removal

Using natural and gentle papaya extracts, grape seed oil, and olive oil, this sherbet cleanser goes deep within pores to cleanse and soften your skin — it starts thick, but melts down into an oil as you apply it to dry skin. Many reviewers were pleased with how effectively the product removes especially heavy makeup, without leaving residue or tightening skin.

A Multi-Function Face Cream That Uses A Unique Ingredient

With a name like "Snail Repair Cream," it's completely normal to raise an eyebrow at this product — but it has a major cult following, and for good reason. This cream provides skin with snail mucus extract, which helps with skin regeneration and resilience. Many reviewers who are prone to acne or have sensitive skin emphasized how gentle this is on skin, and how it quickly and visibly reduced breakouts, redness, and irritation.

A Cleansing Foam & Oil Duo That Uses Rice to Remove Dead Skin Cells & Brighten

Users who love this cleansing set applaud the product's ability to gently cleanse without drying out skin too much — it's ideal for those who like to double cleanse, especially with oil-prone or combination skin. The rice water foam is light and frothy, removing dead skin cells and makeup, while the cleansing oil is enriched with hydrating jojoba oil to provide lasting moisture and protect the skin.

A Moisturizing Mask That Uses Argan Oil To Condition & Soften Hair

It's all about achieving salon-level, supple-smooth texture with this deep conditioning mask from Arvazallia. In addition to providing hydration, this creamy product, enriched with cosmetic-grade argan oil, will help to detangle, repair, and protect hair in need of some love — and it promotes future hair growth. No matter your hair type — colored, curly, short, long, straight — this mask will give it a texture boost and shine that mimics a long visit to the salon in just five minutes.

A Gentle Facial Cleanser With A Low pH Balance

Amazon reviewers who love this cleanser praise it for having a low pH of 5, meaning it's very gentle on easily irritated, combination, and oily skin, and also suitable for those prone to acne. Made with plant-based extracts like tea tree oil and mild acids that cleanse without stripping natural oils, this gel cleanser is a great option for sensitive skin.

A 100 Percent Mineral, Tinted Sunscreen That Works On Many Skin Types

Many users and subsequent lovers of this La Roche-Posay mineral sunscreen laud it not only for its overall function as sensitive-skin-friendly sun protection (thank you, SPF 50!), but as a skin tint that matches many skin colors and types. Oil-free and water-resistant, this SPF leaves your face feeling moist with an even, matte finish. Reviewers say it's great for medium skin tones, but can be used under foundation (it won't pill) if it doesn't match your shade exactly.

A Vegan Serum For Sensitive Skin That Plumps & Softens

This serum uses 100 percent pure hyaluronic acid (HA), which binds water to skin cells, thus providing skin with a deep, lasting hydration. Suitable for both sensitive and oily skin, this serum will make skin visibly plumped and smooth after only a few uses — many reviewers made note of their new healthy glow after application.

A Fast-Acting Drying Lotion With Salicylic Acid That Can Spot-Treat Acne

This drying lotion has had a cult following since the 1960s, and deservedly so. The unique blend of salicylic acid, sulfur, and calamine targets excess oil and acne spots overnight — specifically those pesky whiteheads — to leave skin appearance even and smooth. It also helps to prevent further breakouts.

A Shampoo-Conditioner Duo That Uses Mint Extract To Strengthen & Smooth Hair

Infused with cooling mint oils, this winter blend shampoo and conditioner set pretty much serves any and all hair needs, helping to prevent breakage, promote thickness, and smooth texture. Many Amazon reviewers give the set five stars and praise the products for leaving their hair shiny, bouncy, and soft — and note the refreshing, tingly mint scent.

A Bar Soap That Uses Dead Sea Mud To Combat Acne & Eczema

Dead sea mud from Israel has been used as a key ingredient in beauty products for centuries, thanks to its high concentration of beneficial salts and minerals, like magnesium, potassium, and sodium — which help skin to retain moisture. This dead sea mud bar soap from Aspen Kay Naturals also utilizes key organic ingredients like shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, and sunflower oil to provide rich hydration and leave skin feeling smooth, cleansed, and refreshed.

A Foot & Body Wash Made With Tea Tree Oil That Fights Fungus & Bacteria

It might not be the most glamorous thing, but fungus is real, and thanks to vital natural ingredients like tea tree oil (honestly, what doesn't it do?), it's completely treatable. This particular body wash uses tea tree oil to soothe dry skin while fighting off bacteria and fungus on the body and feet (it's especially good for athletes). Aloe vera and sea kelp work to condition and relieve irritated skin, so the body and feet will feel and smell clean, soft, and happy.

A Pigmented Brow Gel That Can Last A Few Days

Over 10,000 fans of this brow gel come back to it time and again because of its super long-lasting quality (one reviewer notes that you have to wash with soap and water to remove, and it can even stay on for a few days). Made of a unique blend of hair-like fibers and deep pigments, the product is meant to latch onto the brows for whatever amount of shape, color, and definition the user pleases.

A Two-Step Natural Mascara That Uses Gel & Fiber For Long-Lasting Volume

This Simply Naked Beauty two-piece set is all about the scientific makeup of makeup. Both waterproof and smudge-proof, the brand uses natural green tea fibers to create the black gel and fiber combo that lasts up to 24 hours, is completely non-toxic, and works for sensitive skin. And, many satisfied Amazon reviewers have provided before-and-after photos that prove this combo yields dramatically visible volume.

A Mirror That Provides Intense Magnification For Precise Makeup Application

A Foot Mask That Leaves Feet Smooth & Exfoliated

Who says your feet don't deserve the pampering that your face gets? This set of masks is the perfect solution to dry, peeling feet — something that is inevitably hard to avoid in cold winter months. When applied to each foot for 60-90 minutes, the natural lavender and botanical extracts in the masks work to remove dead skin and gently exfoliate, allowing dead skin to peel away (which may continue over a few days or up to a week). Your feet will be left with new, baby-soft skin.

A Hand Cream That Seriously Hydrates & Protects Very Dry, Cracked Hands

If you take a little scroll through the Amazon reviews for O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream, you'll notice that almost all of them give the product five stars for providing penetrating and restorative hydration to especially dry hands — many reviewers who have cracked skin or eczema said they saw results almost immediately. With simple ingredients like water, paraffin, and glycerin, this fragrance-free lotion provides deep, locked-in moisture while protecting the skin's barrier.

A Water-Based Mask That Soothes & Moistens Skin While You Sleep

The main function of this overnight sleep mask is to provide the skin with one vital thing: hydration, hydration, and more hydration. The lightweight gel formula uses beta-glucan for deep, penetrating moisture, as well as a blend of aromatic essences that help to soothe and relax the user. Snow water revitalizes and smooths skin, so when you wake up after the overnight treatment, your face will feel restored and totally hydrated.

A Hair Straightener That Provides Protection & Great Results

If you're looking for an effective hair straightener at a very reasonable price, this glider is your product. HSI uses high-quality, tourmaline crystal ceramic plates that have micro-sensors to distribute heat evenly to hair. This provides hair with protection and a smooth finish, while quickly straightening, flipping, or curling. With one-inch plates and fully adjustable heat control, it's made to style and protect.

A Vegan Face Cream That Provides Rich Hydration & Is Suitable For All Skin Types

Using simple, effective ingredients like rose distillate, vitamins C and E, and orange extract, this organic, vegan, paraben-free face cream provides delicate facial skin with rich moisture, day and night. It can even assist with damaged skin, rosacea, or eczema. Amazon reviewers rave about the lightweight, luxurious feel of the cream itself, as well as the silky effect it has on skin.

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