29 Awesomely Indulgent (But Affordable) Things On Amazon For People Who Are Extra AF

By Braelyn Wood
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If there's anything Netflix marathons of Parks and Recreation have taught me, it's that sometimes you just have to treat yourself. But unless you're dripping in cash, it can be a challenge to find indulgent products that are extra AF and still within your budget. If you fit into the "extra" category, you need things that encourage your dramatic, over-the-top (and sometimes completely unnecessary) likes and tendencies.

Luxurious and undeniably satisfying, these wonderful items indulge your interests in wine, precious metals, spa days, and selfies — all for under $50. So even though you might not have a bank vault full of bars of gold, you can slather your skin with a 24K face mask and feel no regrets as it washes down the drain.

These indulgent products also fix problems you didn't know you had (think: a wine-holding lanyard) or can turn day-to-day tasks, like seasoning your food, into a magical, Food Network-worthy experience. Instead of taking boring, quiet showers, swap out your shower head with one that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to let out your inner Mariah.

So whether you just got your paycheck, need some serious R&R, or are simply an extra person, here's a rundown of awesomely indulgent products on Amazon that you'll want in your life ASAP.

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