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27 Captions For Your Unicorn Costume, So Cue The Glitter & Rainbows ASAP

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Not every costume has to take hours to prepare. A majestic unicorn will prove to be one of your best costumes, and all you need is glittery makeup and a bedazzled headpiece. However you decide to style the rest of this whimsical look is up to you. Be sure to save captions for unicorn costumes before you head out with your crew, so you don't have to stress when it comes time to post a selfie.

There are several different ways to pull off the unicorn look, so have fun with it. Make it your own and get creative with makeup ideas, because a successful unicorn doesn't solely make an entrance because of the whole horn thing. Your goddess senses should be tingling the second you look in the mirror to check out your masterpiece once it's complete. (Beautiful rainbows and glitter tend to have that effect on people.)

I mean, is there a better excuse to play with pastel glitter and neon wigs? Go all out, because Halloween is the one day out of the year where you can get away with leaving fairy dust all over the place. And you never know, you could end up winning a Halloween costume contest. It's hard to compete with a concept that's so magical. Even if you don't take home the gold, any of these 27 captions will still make you and your costume feel like winners:


1."Roll me in fairy dust and call me a unicorn."

2. "I've always been one to ride with unicorns and swim with mermaids."

3. "Life's all about rainbow, glitter, and unicorns."

4. "I'm too magical for your BS."

5. "She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." — Kate Spade

6. "Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then, always be a unicorn."

7. "Be the baddest unicorn in the whole freakin' galaxy."

8. "Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be."

9. "Throw some glitter, make it rain on 'em." — Kesha, "Blow"

10. "Be a unicorn in a field of horses."

11. "I was born for the unicorn life."

12. "Keep calm and love unicorns."

13. "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." — Roald Dahl

14. "Rise and sparkle."

15. "Unicorns don't lose sleep over the opinions of little ponies."

16. "Wake and slay."

17. "Dancin' on rainbows."

18. "Bringing a rainbow and fairy dust to a neighborhood near you."

19. "Everything is better with a unicorn."

20. "It's going to be a rainbow and unicorns kind of day."

21. "Don't kill my magical vibe."

22. "Your sparkle has not gone unnoticed."

23. "Who doesn't love unicorns?"

24. "I'm a unicorn because this world needs more fantasy."

25. "Parking in the unicorn section. Violators will be turned into rainbows."

26. "I'm just a magical unicorn chasing rainbows for fun."

27. "Happiness is believing in unicorns."

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