25 Brilliant Kickstarter Products With A Cult Following On Amazon

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The advent of crowdfunding has made it possible for anyone with a genius idea to turn their dream invention into a reality. Of course, not all inventions are well received, but these brilliant Kickstarter products with a cult following on Amazon have truly risen to the top.

Some of these products solve common, everyday problems — like preventing your travel mug from tipping over when you accidentally brush against it. And other products do (surprisingly) big favors for the environment, like an organic biodegradable chewing gum that's flavored with natural essential oils.

All these products stand alone as useful, delicious, or aesthetically-satisfying — attributes which are enough in and of themselves.

But I have to be honest — there's also something incredibly satisfying about knowing that you've supported someone who had the courage to turn their dream into a reality.

So whether you're looking for a faster way to charge your phone in your car, or a way to make instant tea that's better than using a teabag, I've got you covered. Or rather, these resourceful inventors have you covered.

What can I say? Believe in your dreams. Or at the very least — believe in these products. I do.

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