25 Autumn Puns For Instagram That'll Give Your Followers Pumpkin' To Talk About

Cue the oversized sweaters and trips to the apple orchard, because autumn is about to make its mark. You've probably added a few new flannels to your shopping cart already, and are counting down the days until Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes again. It's safe to say you've fallen hard for fall and all of the activities that come along with it. Whether you're headed to the pumpkin patch or a winery with the girls, be sure to pack some some autumn puns for Instagram to pair with your pics.

Not too long ago, you were laying on the sand on your favorite beach towel. But it's hard to miss summer when you're about halfway through that first hayride with your besties. Oh, and the leaves on the ground have miraculously become the best prop for your Instagram. (Thanks, Mother Nature.) At least, that's exactly what your plandids are portraying when you snap a pic tossing dozens of leaves into the air.

"Back to the basics" is an understatement when it comes to fall. Everyone is living their best lives doing the same seasonal shenanigans they did last year. How could you not want to repeat those hot cocoa and s'mores outings over and over again?

Literally every autumn activity makes for an entertaining scroll session when you're exploring your feed. Don't let anyone interrupt your basic fall joys. You can use any of these 25 puns to tell anyone who tries to ruin your fun, to "bow down, witches."

1. "I have a feeling I'm going to leaf you smiling." — Unknown

2. "This hayride is my new autumn-mobile." — Unknown

3. "My love for fall is autumn-atic." — Unknown

4. "Don't be a basic witch." — Unknown

5. "Oh my gourd! Fall is here." — Unknown

6. "When life's gourd, it's gourd." — Unknown

7. "Is it Halloweird yet?" — Unknown

8. "You wish you had these #squashgoals." — Unknown

9. "Creep it real." — Unknown

10. "Fall can never leaf me alone." — Unknown

11. "Isn't this fall foliage so gourdgeous?" — Unknown

12. "I'm such acorn-y person in real life." — Unknown

13. "My cute pics prove it's awwtumn." — Unknown

14. "Orange you glad it's finally fall?" — Unknown

15. "The time has come for bootiful things to happen." — Unknown

16. "Fall so hard mother pumpkins wanna spice me." — Unknown

17. "Fall means you get to find your apple-y ever after, right? — Unknown

18. "Hay, who took a sip of my PSL?" — Unknown

19. "There's about to be a latte leaves on my parents' lawn." — Unknown

20. "I'm more than pine with fall coming." — Unknown

21. "Time to fall in love with this season all over again." — Unknown

22. "Tell the haters to bow down, witches." — Unknown

23. "I'll try not to leaf you hanging for Halloween this year." — Unknown

24. "These puns autumnake you double click and laugh." — Unknown

25. "If you've got it, haunt it and don't be at all sorry about it." — Unknown