Steve Kornacki is back on the big board for the Georgia runoffs, and the Kornacki hive is hype AF.

The Kornacki Hive Is In Full Force Because Steve Is BACK For The Georgia Runoffs

With all eyes on Georgia, unofficial chart-throb Steve Kornacki and his signature Gap khakis are heading back to the big board. The MSNBC and NBC correspondent, who guided viewers through the ups and downs of a very tumultuous election week back in November, makes his return as the country watches the runoff races in Georgia on Tuesday, Jan. 5 — and fans are so hype. Considering the Senate races will determine which party will hold the majority in the upper chamber, these tweets about Steve Kornacki and Georgia's Senate runoffs show people are so excited to have the election night star on board.

Hours after the polls officially start closing at 7 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Jan. 5, Georgia will count ballots for two crucial races which will determine which party controls the Senate. The Senate will be split 50-50 if both Democratic candidates — Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff — win their races, giving the party a slight advantage thanks to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, who can cast a tie-breaking vote in the event of an impasse. If the incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue win out, the GOP will hold control of the Senate. None of the candidates received the necessary 50% of the vote to win back in November, setting the stage for Jan. 5's runoff elections. And once again, Kornacki — who was probably one of the biggest stars from election night — will be able to lead anxious voters through it all.

While election night was a nail-biting watch for voters on both sides of the political spectrum, the analyst calmly — and sometimes very excitedly — walked viewers through the changing results and what factors were responsible for them with a Diet Coke in hand and a seemingly never-ending supply of Gap khakis (which subsequently saw a surge in sales). There's nothing quite like Kornacki's soothing demeanor and excitement about maps to get anxious voters through the final night of the 2020 election season, and, thanks to the Kornacki hive, his name began trending on Twitter on Jan. 5.

MSNBC got the ball rolling with a classic Kornacki GIF.

People are taking to the social media platform to share just how relieved they are that he's back for another stressful night because the Kornacki effect is so real.

It was even declared Steve Kornacki Day.

Kornacki in his khakis just puts some viewers at ease.

The hype is very real.

Kornacki even let his fans know where he'd be with a map-filled tweet on Jan. 5, which said MSNBC's "live special coverage of the Georgia runoffs starts at 6:30 [p.m. ET]. Hope you’ll join us!"

The Kornacki hype is real, but similar to the November election, the results may not come in so easy peasy. Your fave khaki-clad correspondent might be settling in for quite some time at the big board, which is both nerve-wracking for everyone watching the results and secretly what every Kornacki stan wants — more Kornacki. Either way, here's hoping he gets some rest if it's another multi-day affair.