Tweets about 'Sweet Magnolias'

Twitter Is So Invested In Netflix's 'Sweet Magnolias' & TBH, Same


Do you ever watch a Hallmark movie and wish there was more to it? Well, Netflix may have just solved this problem with its newest series, Sweet Magnolias. The series tells the tale of three women who are navigating small-town life and the dramas of adulthood. On the surface, it's a sweet show that seems pretty low-stakes, but once you tune in, it's easy to get super-invested, and these tweets about Netflix's Sweet Magnolias prove that point all too well.

Spoiler alert: Light spoilers from Sweet Magnolias Season 1 follow. Fans were hooked from the moment the show dropped on Netflix on May 19. The friendship between the three leads — Maddie Townsend (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Dana Sue Sullivan (Brooke Elliott), and Helen Decatur (Heather Headley) — is incredibly sweet, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows. The first season is filled with drama, as Maddie deals with the aftermath of her husband cheating on her with Noreen (played by Jamie Lynn Spears, who makes her big return to acting in this role), who is now pregnant as a result. It's also filled with lots of girl-power moments, as the three women embark on building a spa as a new business venture, and gather over margaritas to catch up on their lives.

For many, Sweet Magnolias is the perfect combination of comforting and intriguing.

Not only are people in love with the concept of the series, they're also super-invested in the characters' lives and their decisions along the way.

Fans were pretty sold on wanting a Season 2 as they watched the show, so when a major cliffhanger came at the end of Season 1, those requests turned into straight up pleas for a second season ASAP.

Season 1 of Sweet Magnolias is on Netflix now.