King Arthur in 'Cursed'

'Cursed' Fans Are Thirst-Tweeting About Basically Every Character On The Show

by Ani Bundel

Fantasy series continue to be Netflix's strong suit, with Cursed as the streaming service's newest hit. Like The Witcher back in December, Cursed is a smart adaptation of the source material — in this case, the Arthurian legend of the Sword in the Stone. For fans of the genre, it twists the original story just so to create an unexpected and delightful variation on the familiar. But, most importantly, like The Witcher, Cursed is hot. Nearly everyone in the cast is super good-looking, a fact not lost on those watching at home. These tweets about Netflix's Cursed prove the key to successful storytelling is some magic, a sword, a badass Queen of the Fey, and a whole lot of CILFs. (The "C" stands for "character.")

The best part of the series is that there's something for everybody. Arthur, obviously, is a looker, since he's Nimue's romantic interest. And as the competition for her attention, Gawain the Green Knight ain't half bad either. But that's only the beginning. From the latest version of Hot Merlin to an entire ship full of cute Vikings, there's someone for everyone to, well, ship. That's not even taking into account those who go for the emotionally unavailable murderous bad boys like the Weeping Monk, whose eye makeup would not be out of place on Goth Night at the club.

To be honest, Twitter can barely handle the overload. Arthur is one thing:

But when you add in Gawain, it becomes a bit much.

And that's not counting those who were rooting for Pym.

But the two most significant characters to land thirst tweets were Merlin and the Weeping Monk.

Fans think the Weeping Monk is really hot, so what if he murders a few Fey here and there and everywhere or sets fire to their villages? Meh. He's a cute, sensitive Fey murderer.

Then, there's the Merlin thirst tweets, which are a reminder that you can be a zaddy at pretty much any age. (His character is confirmed to be 700 years old.)

But the real joy to Cursed is that just when you think the main characters are the only hot ones, random Vikings show up and prove you wrong.

But even if no one can agree which character is the dreamiest, they all agree on one thing:

More Cursed, please.