These Timeless Pussycat Doll Lyrics Are Purr-fect For Your Next IG Caption

Neil Mockford/GC Images/Getty Images

The Pussycat Dolls are back together and bringing the heat the best way they know how: with impressive choreo, spicy outfits, and even spicier lyrics. A decade after their split in March 2010, the group made their triumphant comeback on Feb. 7 along with with their steamy "React" music video. The track reminded fans of what they loved most about PCD, and that was their message of female empowerment. It was salient in their early 2000s bops like, "Beep," "Buttons," and "Don't Cha" and is just as obvious in their new single "React." When you really think about it, PCD songs are full of one-liners that capture a lot of different emotions. Feelin' sexy? They got a line for that. Feelin' smitten? They've got a line for that, too. When writing your next Instagram post, consider using Pussycat Doll lyrics for Instagram captions. They'll never let you down.

Take "React," for example. The single is about a doll (because all PCD fans are dolls) who is tired of her spineless partner. While the doll knows dating someone who'll bend over backwards for them isn't necessarily a bad thing, they continue to do the most in hopes they'll get any other type of reaction.

Basically when bae is annoying, look to "React" to direct a sub-caption at them. There are also these other 20 lines perfect for captions on the 'gram.

1. "Call me masochistic, but sometimes I want to fight." - from "React"

2. "You're turning me cruel, 'cause I'm just wanting you to react." - from "React"

3. "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" - from "Don't Cha"

4. "I'm telling you loosen up my buttons, baby, but you keep fronting." - from "Buttons"

5. "Take a chance to recognize that this could be yours." - from "Buttons"

6. "Seems as like everybody is breaking up, and throwing their love away, but I know I got a good thing right here." - from "Stickwitu"

7. "You know how to appreciate me, I'm gon' stick wit you, my baby, nobody ever made me feel this way, I'ma stick wit you." - from "Stickwitu"

8. "I keep turning' 'em down, but they always come around, asking me to go around, that's not the way it's going down." - from "Beep"

9. "I'm not a superhero, sorry I couldn't save the day, believe me when I say, that I'm sorry I couldn't wear your, halo." - from "Halo"

10. "I'm on my knees and pray for our love, promise not to let anything come between us." - from "Halo"

11. "Boys call you sexy, and you don't care what they say, see every time you turn around, they screaming your name." - from "When I Grow Up"

12. "When I grow up, I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies." - from "When I Grow Up"

13. "The world slows down, but my heart beats fast right now, I know this is the part, where the end starts." - from "I Hate This Part Right Here"

14. "I don't wanna try now, all that's left is good-bye." - from "I Hate This Part Right Here"

15. "If he wants you to stay in the house everyday and night, you tell that dude he got to go." - from "Whatcha Think About That"

16. "I'mma let you play my part, so you can feel a broken heart." - from "Whatcha Think About That"

17. "I'm here, searching through the wreakage, wondering why the message never got through." - from "How Many Times, How Many Lies"

18. "I've already spoken, our love is broken." - from "Hush, Hush"

19. "No there is nothing that can stop us, nothing can ever come between us." - from "Jai Ho"

20. "I don't have to think it through, you know if I'm into you." - from "I Don't Need A Man"