'Katy Keene' is one of many new shows premiering in 2020
Here Are 20 New Shows You're Going To Fall In Love With In 2020

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The beginning of a new year is a happy time for many people: It's an opportunity to get started on some New Year's resolutions, open that blank page in the new calendar, and get excited for everything that's to come. But for true TV fans, the best thing about kicking off 2020 is all the new shows premiering in the coming months.

It can be kind of daunting to start anything fresh, and kicking off a brand-new year full of shows vying for your attention is definitely overwhelming. Luckily, you can use this handy guide to all the series — from network sitcoms to streaming dramas — that you should be most pumped about.

Audiences won't have to wait long at all to get introduced to TV's newest gems. All the fun starts right on Jan. 1, 2020, with the launch of the highly anticipated Netflix ice skating series, Spinning Out. The first month of the year will be chock-full of newcomers, including a handful of comedies you're not going to want to miss. The following eleven months will also have lots of good stuff, though many of the most highly anticipated series don't have exact release dates yet.

Behold, your list of shows to keep an eye out for in 2020:

'Spinning Out' (Jan. 1)

The upcoming Netflix original series Spinning Out is set in the world of competitive figure skating. After suffering a terrifying accident, Olympic hopeful Kat turns from solo to partner skating with the local bad boy in an attempt to realize her dreams — but not without a ton of drama.

Spinning Out premieres on Jan. 1 on Netflix.

'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' (Jan. 7)

If you love musicals, or music in general, this new NBC show could be for you. Zoey is a computer coder based in San Francisco who can suddenly hear other people's thoughts through song after a very peculiar MRI. The trailer teases music from the Jonas Brothers, so it's bound to be a good time.

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist premieres on Jan. 7 on NBC.

'AJ And The Queen' (1/10)

RuPaul has earned tons of clout in reality TV with RuPaul's Drag Race, but come 2020, the drag queen will gain some scripted cred in AJ and the Queen. RuPaul stars as a drag queen traveling the United States in an RV with a 10-year-old companion, AJ. The teaser already has fans giggling in excitement.

AJ and the Queen premieres on Jan. 10 on Netflix.

'Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens' (Jan. 22)

Crazy Rich Asians star Awkwafina is stepping back into the spotlight for her very own 2020 show. Based on her real life (and real name), the series showcases a slew of comedic antics and a star-studded cast that includes Orange is the New Black's Lori Tan Chinn and Saturday Night Live's Bowen Yang.

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens premieres on Jan. 22 on Comedy Central.

'Katy Keene' (Feb. 6)

This Riverdale spinoff follows Katy Keene (played by Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale) and her friends as they attempt to make it in New York City. The show is set in the Archie universe, so it's bound to have plenty of drama, but will also have a huge emphasis on fashion and music. Think Sex and the City meets Gossip Girl meets The Carrie Diaries meets Riverdale (if that's not too much to keep track of). This is the second Riverdale spinoff, following Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Katy Keene premieres on Feb. 6 on Netflix.

'High Fidelity' (Feb. 14)

Zoë Kravitz stars as record shop owner Rob Brooks, who revisits her memories of heartbreak and love through music, all while trying to get over her latest ex. The show puts a comedic spin on the 1995 novel and 2000 film of the same name.

High Fidelity premieres on Feb. 14 on Hulu.

'Duncanville' (Feb. 16)

Comedic superstars Mike and Julie Scully (the couple behind The Simpsons) teamed up with Amy Poehler to create this new animated series. Poehler will star alongside her Parks and Recreation bestie Rashinda Jones, as well as Wiz Khalifa. The show tells the life of average 15-year-old Duncan and his mom, who is "constantly trying to prevent her son from ruining his life."

Duncanville premieres on Feb. 16 on FOX.

'Little Fires Everywhere' (March 18)

Based on Celeste Ng's bestselling book of the same name, Little Fires Everywhere stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, and follows the dramatically intertwined lives of two families, telling tales of secret-keeping, motherhood, and danger.

Little Fires Everywhere premieres on March 18 on Hulu.

'Hollywood' (May 1)

Ryan Murphy does it again, folks. The creative mind behind Glee, Scream Queens, American Horror Story, and The Politician will release his newest project, Hollywood, in May 2020. Described as a "love letter to the Golden Age of Tinseltown," the new series will feature several familiar faces including Murphy alums Dylan McDermott, Darren Criss, and Sarah Paulson, to name a few.

Hollywood premieres on May 1 on Netflix.

'Impeachment: American Crime Story' (Sept. 27)

Monica Lewinsky will produce the third season of the American Crime Series franchise alongside creator Ryan Murphy, bringing to life the scandal that rocked Bill Clinton's presidency. Did I mention Murphy is rocking the TV world?

Impeachment: American Crime Story will premiere on Sept. 27.

'Normal People' (TBD)

Based on the best-selling novel by Sally Rooney, this series tells the tale of a will-they, wont-they love between Marianne and Connell from their high school days to undergraduate college years. Set in Europe, this drama is bound to charm audiences with its accurate portrayal of young adult life.

The exact date has not been announced; however, Hulu released a number of photos for the series in late October, which provides reason to believe an early 2020 release date is possible.

'Stargirl' (TBD)

The DC Universe is brining a new show to its streaming service. Stargirl is a teen drama that follows high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore. When she finds a cosmically powerful staff and learns her stepfather has some superhero roots of his own, she inherits the torch's Starman legacy as Stargirl and inspires a new age of superheroes along the way.

Stargirl will premiere in Spring 2020 on the DC Universe digital subscription service. Episodes will air on The CW the following day and will be available to stream on The CW's digital platforms the day after that.

'Lizzie McGuire' (TBD)
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fifteen years after the series premiered, the iconic Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire is getting a reboot on the new streaming service Disney+. The cast includes a host of original cast members including Lizzie herself (Hillary Duff), Jo McGuire (Hallie Todd), Sam McGuire (Robert Carradine), Matt McGuire (Jake Thomas), and the beloved Gordo (Adam Lamberg). The new series will follow Lizzie, who is now 30, engaged, living in New York, and working as an interior designer.

Lizzie McGuire had not started filming as of August 2019, so a late 2020 release date is likely.

'The Falcon And The Winter Soldier' (TBD)

Another addition to Disney+ is Marvel's new series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will pick up where the final Avengers: Endgame movie left off. It's sure to bring some major superhero action.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will reportedly be released sometime in the fall of 2020.

'Nine Perfect Strangers' (TBD)

Nicole Kidman will direct and star in this adaptation of Big Little Lies author Liane Moriarty's book, which follows different characters as they check into a 10-day wellness retreat at Tranquillum House in Australia. The characters will apparently have "no idea what is about to hit them," which makes it sound like this wellness retreat might have more on the menu than meditation.

Nine Perfect Strangers is expected to premiere in late 2020.

'Bridgerton' (TBD)

Shona Rhimes, the woman who brought fans Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder, is adapting Julia Quinn's best-selling novel series for Netflix in 2020. It is set to follow the Birdgerton family, a wealthy group in London's high society, through their lavish and competitive lives, with the iconic Julie Andrews joining the star-studded cast as narrator.

Production began on July 22, 2018, and the series is expected to premiere sometime in 2020 on Netflix.

'Never Have I Ever' (TBD)

Mindy Kaling fans, get excited, because the comedic star is producing a new series for Netflix in 2020. The show, Never Have I Ever, is inspired by her own childhood, and is about a modern-day first generation India-American teen girl. Kaling says the series will include "lots of relatable, awkward teen moments."

Never Have I Ever is expected to drop its first 10 episodes sometime in 2020 on Netflix.

'Central Park' (TBD)

From the creative mind behind Bob's Burgers comes a new animated musical comedy Central Park. The show, already approved for two seasons, is about “a family of caretakers, who live and work in Central Park, end up saving the park, and basically the world.” The star-studded cast includes Kristen Bell, Leslie Odom Jr., and Titus Burgess.

The New York Times reported Central Park should be done "in the next few months." The series will likely premiere sometime in 2020 on Apple TV+.

'Run' (TBD)

Run is a new rom-com thriller that follows Ruby, a woman living an average life who is forced to live more spontaneously. She "gets a text inviting her to fulfill a youthful pact promising true love and self-reinvention by stepping out of her life to take a journey with her oldest flame." Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the mind behind Fleabag and Killing Eve, will produce and act in this new show.

Run is expected to premiere sometime in 2020 on HBO.

'Space Force' (TBD)

Steve Carell is back as co-creator and star in this new comedy series that will follow the people tasked with creating 'Space Force,' a sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces.

As the Space Force teaser explains: "The goal of the new branch is 'to defend satellites from attack' and 'perform other space-related tasks' or something." It comes from the creators of The Office, so it's bound to be comedic gold.

Space Force is set to premiere sometime in 2020 on Netflix.