20 Music Videos With Surprise Endings That Made You Gasp

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The best part about an artist releasing a new single are the killer visuals that accompany it. While some musicians opt to merely perform their song in front of a camera, other artists go above and beyond to drive home their lyrical message, like Michael Jackson who turned a 4-minute track like "Bad" into an 18-minute-long mini movie. This sort of commitment to the craft honestly grips fans. Artists can also captivate their followers when they plant an easter egg or two —I'm looking at you, Taylor Swift. And, fans are even more impressed when there's a good plot twist. Music videos with surprise endings are just so satisfying.

For example, the first music video ever made had its own plot twist. In 1981, The Buggles released their visual for "Video Killed The Radio Star" on MTV and it featured a young girl climbing a heap of radios as the band performed. Toward the end of the video, the pile of radios exploded on their own – fans definitely didn't see that coming. However, they found the video all the more interesting because of it. The element of surprise is still a popular trend amongst music video producers today, so let me show you just a few favorites below.

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