People Are Tweeting The Most Embarrassing Things They've Done For Love & OMG

by Candice Jalili

Love, in its purest form, makes people do weird things. While some of us get better at masking them with age, we all have those undeniable urges to do weird things we would never normally do in the name of love. For example, when I was in high school, I chugged a Smirnoff Ice then proceeded to throw up on the beach for two hours all in an ill-fated attempted to prove to my crush I was a cool girl who liked to party. Now, a Twitter thread asking for the most embarrassing things people have done for love proves that none of us is alone in the embarrassing things we've done to impress our crushes.

In fact, I think I could safely bet that for every embarrassing story you have, there's one here that will make it pale in comparison. Yeah, trust me. From a girl stealing (and then proceeding to lose all of) her crush's family photos so that she could make photocopies of them for herself, to a person braving a snow storm to respond to their ex's booty call, to my personal favorite, a girl buying her crush flowers and then having him proceed to eat them, these stories will leave you feeling like an all-star player with airtight game.

She pretended to need a letter of recommendation just so she could read what he liked about her.
He spent money to go to a concert he didn't even want to attend.
She planned an entire class presentation around showing him what he was missing out on.
She played music outside his window before that was a thing people did.
He attempted to a ride a bike even though he had no idea how.
She got a total makeover only to be totally criticized.
She copied the lyrics of a Gloria Estefan song into his yearbook.
She tried to photocopy his family photos so she could have pictures of him... and that's not even the worst part.
He planned an elaborate, romantic gesture for Valentine's Day, only to realize his crush wasn't at school that day.
She flew out to visit a guy she wasn't dating on her birthday, despite his total lack of enthusiasm for the idea.
His way of getting his crush was to start *becoming* him.
In an attempt to "play it cool," they weathered a snowstorm to respond to a booty call.
She continued to do the dishes in his mom's kitchen even after he dumped her there.
She jumped on the hood of his car late on a snowy night while she was barely dressed.
She wrote him a confession of her love that he then proceeded to read in front of her. Oh, yeah, and it turns out, he had a girlfriend all along.
She made up an alter ego via love letters and became his fake girlfriend.
They had an entire relationship purely based on notes passed in class.
After she broke up with her boyfriend freshman year of high school, she called him and played Phil Collins' "Against All Odds"... then hung up the phone with no explanation.
She gave him her email by writing it on a note and placing it on his car... only for his friends to find it first.
She sent him flowers on Valentine's Day... and he ATE them. Yes, you read that correctly.

Honestly, I think we can all agree that this last one was more embarrassing for the guy than it was for her. I mean, a kindergartener eating flowers I can maybe wrap my head around, but a seventh grader?! You're 12 years old at that point, at the very least! More realistically, you're 13! That is way too old to be eating flowers.

But, all in all, I think that, after having read these, we can all take solace in the fact that no matter how embarrassing of a person you are, there is someone out there doing far more embarrassing things in the name of love.

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