These Are The 20 Best Jimin Fansites On Twitter, So You Don't Miss A Single Update

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BTS rolls out a ton of content on the regular, like their hilarious Bangtan Bomb vlogs, their endearing social media posts, and their mind-blowing performance videos. Apart from their usual releases, the group also spontaneously drops content when ARMYs least expect, sending fans into a frenzy on Twitter. However, because BTS is always spoiling ARMY with new music, photos, and videos, it can be hard for fans to keep up with everything the group shares every day, especially when you have seven members to keep track of. Thankfully for the ARMY, fansites dedicated to each individual member help keep them updated on each members' latest appearances, performances, and accomplishments. But if Jimin happens to be your bias, in order to not miss a single update, you need to follow these 20 Jimin Twitter fansites.


One of the best Jimin fansites is @__jim_in. Their Twitter bio describes them as "a fan account for translated news & features, trends, analyses, gifs," and they more than live up to all those promises. On top od re-posting and translating anything Jimin shares on BTS' social media pages, they also update fans whenever Jimin's name trends on Twitter, a celebrity gushes about him, and whenever the ARMY works together on a Jimin fan project.


Following BTS' Run BTS! episodes, interviews, or red carpet appearances, @Hearts4Jimin will share Jimin's stand-out moments, so you'll never miss a single thing. The best part is their tweets are tagged as #JiminNews, which means they're easy to find.


From BTS' Winter Package and their Bangtan Bomb videos, to their dance rehearsal clips and show-stopping performances, @OpaliaJM updates fans with the best Jimin GIFs from BTS' appearances.


You guessed it: @parkjiminpics shares the best Jimin pictures (both old and new), either from Jimin's social media posts or BTS' photoshoots. They also take HQ screenshots from the group's videos, so you'll never be without any Jimin content.


With nearly 400K followers, @jiminiful is one of the most-followed Jimin fansites there is, and that's because they take their own photos of Jimin at BTS' schedules. Their pictures always come out absolutely beautiful. There's no doubt you've seen @jiminiful's photos at least once on your timeline, so you better follow the original source for more updates.


You can rely on @TEAM_MOCHI_ to retweet the latest Jimin news on your timeline. Together with other Jimin fansites, @TEAM_MOCHI_ also creates Jimin fan projects and events you can actually attend in person.


@piecesofmind_jm is another fansite that takes their own pictures of Jimin. Whenever they're at one of BTS' events, they make sure to capture Jimin's cutest and sexiest moments, as well as his adorable interactions with the other members.


Established in July 2013, @ParkJamJam_KR is one of the longest-running Jimin fansites there is. There passion for hyping Jimin shows through their presence at most schedules, updates, and gorgeous photos. It's no wonder the site has endured so long and snagged over a million loyal followers.


No matter what, @ethereal_jimin never fails to capture Jimin's smooth and elegant moves on stage.


@JiminGlobal is your go-to source for anything relating to Jimin, as they notify you whenever he posts on social media or makes the news. Occasionally, they'll do giveaways featuring the cutest Jimin merchandise, so you'll always want to keep an eye on their account.


As the photos above show, @ILIKEIT_JM's pictures are as stunning as Jimin himself, and following them is an absolute must for any Jimin-biased fan.


@pjmchart's specialty is reminding fans to stream Jimin's solo music each day on either YouTube, Spotify, or SoundCloud. Whenever any of Jimin's songs or videos reach a certain milestone, they'll let you know so you can celebrate the achievement along with them.


It takes a special kind of photographer to capture a photo of Jimin looking directly at the camera, and that's why you need to follow @laststop_jimin.


@PJM_data will let you know whenever Jimin's name is trending on Twitter, as well as whenever he's making headlines. They'll send you links to the best and newest Jimin articles, too.


I seriously don't know how these fansites don't mess up their photos, especially when Jimin is looking at them like that, so here's a shoutout to @LOVELETTER_1013 for always coming through with all these Jimin photos.


@AllForOurJimin's bio reads, "We are here to love and appreciate Park Jimin," and they definitely do just that, never failing to tweet about him every day.


@Invictus1013 is obviously a talented photographer, but they also use their platform to organize donations from fans around the world, and then donate the funds to various charitable causes in Jimin's name.


As well as posting Spanish-language updates, @ParkJimin_Spain shares Jimin-focused fan projects and translations of articles mentioning Jimin's name.


Nearly half a million BTS fans follow @fate_jimin, and it's not hard to see why, since all their pictures come out flawless.


There are so many things to love about Jimin, but @JiminUncut focuses on showing appreciation for his dancing abilities. They dive deep into BTS' choreography and Jimin's solo moves by sharing their own takes on what certain dance moves mean, as well as how they might connect to the group's other choreography. If you're ever looking for clips of Jimin's best moves, @JiminUncut is the account you need to follow.

All in all, there are so many amazing Jimin fansites, but you can start by following these 20. Whether you're looking for the latest Jimin pics, gifs, or fan projects, these accounts will keep you updated on everything.

Editor's Note: This post has been updated to include @ParkJamJam_KR.