Jennifer Lopez has been teasing new music, so with that in mind, fans can take a trip down memory la...

20 J.Lo Lyrics For Instagram Captions That'll Get All The Likes

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Jennifer Lopez is the epitome of a triple threat. While Lopez can sing, dance, and act, in 2019, she mainly focused on her acting roles, starring in the 2019 film Hustlers. Lopez has definitely come a long way since her early days as Jenny from the Block, but she's not stepping away from the music scene altogether. In fact, in an April 2019 interview with HOT 97 radio, Lopez revealed she'll continue to balance all of her different projects at once, and hopes to release new music soon. Until then, fans can take a trip down memory lane with these 20 Jennifer Lopez lyrics that make perfect Instagram captions.

Lopez has eight albums under her belt: On the 6, J.Lo, This Is Me... Then, Rebirth, Como Ama una Mujer, Brave, Love?, and A.K.A. It's been six years since Lopez released her last album in 2014, and, to keep fans busy, the singer shared a few singles and collaborations while fans wait for her next album.

In any case, Lopez has hundreds of songs in her discography built over the course of two decades, ranging from R&B and pop, to hip hop and Latin. Basically, there's a J.Lo lyric for pretty much any feeling and situation. So, without further ado, here are 20 Jennifer Lopez lyrics that make perfect Instagram captions.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

'On The 6'

1. "I've been so caught up in the thought of me and you, even though I love someone else, I know my heart belongs to you." — from "Should've Never"

2. "Would've given anything to be your one and only." — from "Too Late"

3. "Like the stars above, I'm gonna shine, anything I want will be mine." — from "Feelin' So Good"

4. "Like a movie scene in the sweetest dreams, I have pictured us together, now to feel your lips on my fingertips, I have to say is even better." — from "Waiting for Tonight"


5. "Just take it from me, it's gonna be alright, so let's go out tonight and we can leave all our cares behind." — from "Dance With Me"

6. "I'm real, what you get is what you see." — from "I'm Real"

7. "I'd live a thousand lives, each one with you right by my side." — from "Ain't It Funny"

'This is Me...Then'

8. "Would you mind if I took the time to get to know you" — from "Loving You"

9. "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block." — from "Jenny from the Block"


10. "Thought it would last but there's no forever." — from "He'll Be Back"

11. "I should've just walked away, but your eyes were telling me to stay." — from "Cherry Pie"

'Como Ama una Mujer'

12. "I want to wake up with you every sunrise." — from "Te Voy A Querer"

13. "Sometimes, I think you appeared to show me that love exists." — from "Tu"


14. "It just ain't enough days in a week, weeks in a month, months in a year, how can I make it clear, I wanna be with you." — from "Forever"

15. "Here's the thing, I was minding my own business doin' what I do, I wasn't trying to look for anything, all of a sudden couldn't take my eyes off you." — from "Do It Well"

16. "It's time to be brave." — from "Brave"


17. "Back to the beginning, now round two, try my luck with something new" — from "One Love."


18. "I wish you were my first love 'cause if you were first, baby there would have been no second, third or fourth love." — from "First Love"

19. "Your body is heaven and it feels like home." — from "Never Satisfied"

20. "You say that you gon' take my heart babe, but I don't believe in fairy tales." — from "Emotions"

Jennifer Lopez knows exactly how to pull at fans' heartstrings, and there's no doubt her next album will be just as amazing.