'Same Time, Next Christmas' is one of the many holiday movies on Hulu in 2019
20 Holiday Movies To Watch On Hulu For A Festive Night In


With so many TV channels hopping on the 24/7 holiday content bandwagon, all the options out there might have your head spinning. If you're the kind of person who can't keep track of which TV channel is showing which movie at which time, you might be better off using a streaming service. Luckily, there are lots of holiday movies to watch on Hulu in 2019, so you can watch your movie of choice at 2 p.m., 2 a.m., or any time in between because, let's be honest, there's no wrong time for a holiday flick.

The holidays are a great time for families to gather around the TV for some festive watching — or, you know, for people to avoid their families by hiding out alone with a good movie or two. No matter your watching style, Hulu is making it super-easy to help you find specific types of holiday content. With a dedicated "holiday" tab and content broken up by genre, viewers won't have to search through cartoons and rom-coms if a holiday horror is more their thing. And if you're not exactly sure what you want, take a peek at this handy list of some of the best options out there.

'Same Time, Next Christmas'

For those dreaming of warmer weather this Christmas, you might want to look to this new ABC original movie that takes place in Hawaii. Glee's Lea Michele and Charles Michael Davis star as two childhood sweethearts who reunite over Christmas vacation. However, things get complicated when Michele's characters's current partner shows up on the same trip and makes the two protagonists question their decades-old bond.

'Rodeo & Juliet'

After her grandfather dies, a woman from the big city returns to the family ranch, where she falls in love with a local cowboy and enters a riding contest in an attempt to save the ranch from being sold. Meanwhile, her mother rekindles a flame with her childhood sweetheart.

'Holiday In Handcuffs'

This movie, which stars Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez, gives whole new means to the term "cuffing season." A young woman literally handcuffs one of her customers and brings him home, showing him off as the "perfect boyfriend." Their relationship might start off on rocky terms, but viewers learn there might actually be hope for them as a couple.

'An Accidental Christmas'

In this Parent Trap-esque flick, Vicki and Jason are set up by their children to spend the holidays on vacation together. But it might just take a Christmas miracle to get them to fall in love all over again.

'Christmas In The Heartland'

Two girls from completely different worlds switch places for the holidays to avoid spending time with their respective distant relatives whom they've never met. It's a tale of a classic (and Christmas-y) switcheroo.

'Daddy's Home 2'

It seemed Brad (Will Ferrell) and Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) had figured out the whole co-parenting thing in the first Daddy's Home, but when their fathers come to town for the holidays, they have to deal with a whole new challenge.

'A Christmas Kiss II'

An elevator might seem like an unlikely place to find love, but an impromptu kiss under the mistletoe sparks some major flames between a shy workaholic and an outrageous millionaire. Bonus: This movie stars Jonathan Bennet (aka Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls.)

'The Christmas Calendar'

A mysterious Christmas calendar shows up on the doorstep of a struggling bakery, bringing the town (and two bakers in particular) together to figure out where it came from.

'Home For The Holidays'

Although this 1995 classic technically happens over Thanksgiving, it's the symbolic start to the holiday season and is too relatable not to mention. Claudia returns home to visit her eccentric extended family over the holidays, and learns how to navigate their quirks along the way.

'Girlfriends Of Christmas Past'

Three women team up around the holidays to get revenge on their mutual cheating ex. Think John Tucker Must Die, with a festive twist.

'Home By Christmas'

If you're on the hunt for a tearjerker, look no further. In this Lifetime original, Julia Bedford finds herself with nothing after a contentious divorce and begins to learn what the important things in life really are.

'Christmas Perfection'

Ever try to create the perfect Christmas day? Darcy attempts just this in this film, but when a magical gift from her grandma transports her to her "ideal" Irish village, she realizes her version of "perfect" might not be what she thought. Magic, accents — there's a lot to love in this one.

'The Spirit Of Christmas'

Ghosts don't belong only in Halloween movies, and this flick proves it. When Kate is sent to appraise and sell a haunted inn, she falls for the resident ghost, Daniel, who awakens each year for the 12 days of Christmas.

'12 Dog Days Till Christmas'

Calling all animal lovers: This film might be for you. A teen is sentenced to community service at a dog shelter and learns some valuable lessons about responsibility and family as he tries to find a home for the unadopted dogs.

'Married By Christmas'

Carrie and Katie are in a race to get wed. According to a clause in their grandmother's will, the first person to get married will inherit their family's company, and with Katie's wedding already planned for Christmas Eve, Carrie has to make some major moves and find a husband before it's too late.

'New Year, New You'

If horror movies are more your vibe, try this Hulu original. A few ladies gather for some New Year's Eve fun, but their night turns into a deathly fight when a game of secrets gets out of hand.

'Second Chance Christmas'

A woman set on getting a divorce has an accident and loses her memory. For some reason, her husband decides to take advantage of her amnesia and tries to woo her all over again.

'Christmas Cupid'

In this A Christmas Carol spin, a high-powered executive is visited by ghosts of her ex-boyfriends, and is forced to take a look at her past, present, and future. Featuring Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars, Chad Michael Murray from A Cinderella Story, Christina Milan, and Jackée Harry, this star-studded cast has a lot going for it.

'A Christmas Tree Miracle'

This movie tells a heart-warming tale of a family who is reminded of the true meaning of Christmas when a tree farmer helps them out of a bind.

'A Very Brady Christmas'

If you're looking for a classic the entire family will love, the entire Brady bunch (and their new families) reunite for this warm, two-hour holiday special.