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19 Christmas Cookie Captions For Instagram That Sparkle More Than The Sprinkles

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Almost any kind of cookie is delicious, but Christmas cookies hold a special place on the totem pole. Maybe it's the bits of Christmas spirit sprinkled into them that makes them so yummy. I'm are also here for how decorative they turn out, and so are Instagram followers. Christmas cookie Instagram captions may not go in the oven, but they have to be pretty lit and sparkle more than those sprinkles you go heavy on.

Baking cookies for the holidays is so much fun, and you want your pics to speak volumes about how eventful the moment was. It's the one time of year where you don't look absolutely mad going overboard with the red and green sprinkles on everything. Yeah, it's that serious in the kitchen throughout the holiday season, and that means posting what all your hard work was for. Make sure this is before you take a few bites of your crumbly, cute creations, though.

You can even incorporate what was going on around you when you were baking. Did you use Mom's favorite recipe? Did Grandma actually let you take the reins, or did you make the frosting from scratch? All of this is perfect inspiration for you to deliver an amazing Instagram post to your followers. Let your cookies sparkle, but let your caption show how Christmas cookies aren't just cookies, they're a lifestyle.


1. "You are the boss of that dough."

2. "Nothing says home like the smell of baking."

3. "Bake the world a better place."

4. “Cookies are happy, because that is their job. Making those you know, and don't know happy. They tell people you care.” — Brent M. Jones

5. "Where there's a whisk, there's a way."

6. "Make frosting, not war."

7. "If baking is any labor at all, it's a labor of love. A love that gets passed from generation to generation." — Regina Brett

8. "Baking is both an art and a science." — Sherry Yard

9. "Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards."

10. "Cookies make everything better."

11. "Everyone is kneaded out of the same dough, but not baked in the same oven." — Yiddish proverb

12. "Cookies make everything better."

13. "I think baking cookies is equal to Queen Victoria running an empire. There's no difference in how seriously you take the job, how seriously you approach your whole life." — Martha Stewart

14. "A balanced diet is a Christmas cookie in each hand."

15. "Cookies are made with butter and love." — Norwegian proverb

16. "Christmas cookies and happy hearts, this is how the holiday starts."

17. "The pleasure lies not in the cookies, but in the pattern the crumbs make when the cookies crumble." — Michael Korda

18. "It's hard to be sad when you're eating a cookie."

19. "The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It's doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile." — Julia Child

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