'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby' on Netflix

16 Tweets About 'A Christmas Prince 3' That Are Royally Hilarious


When a movie franchise is as fantastical and over-the-top as A Christmas Prince, half the fun of watching it is talking to other people about it. As the third installment in Netflix's beloved series of movies, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby lives up to legacy of ridiculous holiday fun that its predecessors set. These tweets about A Christmas Prince 3 show just how much fans are enjoying talking about it.

In the world of A Christmas Prince, big milestones seem to only happen around the holidays. In the first movie, journalist Amber (Rose McIver) spends December traveling to the small European country of Aldovia to write about Prince Richard (Ben Lamb)... and ends up falling in love with him. The follow-up movie, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, then follows the journey toward the couple's Christmastime wedding. Now, in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, King Richard and Queen Amber are expecting a bundle of joy right around — you guessed it — Christmas. The movie also involves a 600-year-old peace treaty and an ancient curse, but even all of that can't get in the way of the trilogy's lighthearted yuletide festivities.

A lot of fans on Twitter are making it clear they're ready for even more Aldovian adventures. Some fans have suggestions for how the Christmas Prince franchise can go on... and on and on.

It really is an understatement to say that fans were excited to return to Aldovia for A Christmas Prince 3. There are some people who set aside their entire day to watch and revel in the movie's frivolous fun, which is truly quite the commitment.

Luckily for the true fans, it seems like all their time and dedication was worth it, because the movie seriously delivered.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is available on Netflix now.