15 Tweets About The 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 14 Finale That Perfectly Sum Up Your Emotions

by Ani Bundel

Grey's Anatomy is a bit of a miracle show in this day and age. Most series make it five seasons if they make it for one, hit the syndication 100-episode-checkpoint, and find themselves consigned to history. When Grey's Anatomy enters its 15th season next year, it will be in the Top 10 Longest-Running Scripted Primetime Television Series, hitting the same length as ER, and passing such series as Dallas (which ran for 14.) But this milestone comes with heavy drama and two more cast members leaving. These tweets about the Grey's Anatomy Season 14 finale show that fans are just as invested now as they were back in 2005 when it began.

That's no small feat either. While Grey's Anatomy might no longer be a Top 10 show across the US, Season 14 ratings have averaged 7.5 million viewers a week, enough to keep it within the Top 5 dramas this season, with a 1.9 in the 18-25 age demo that is so important for advertisers. Moreover, its numbers are staying steady. Where ER entered Season 15 on life support and gasped out by the end of the final year, Grey's Anatomy is chugging along, having only dropped .3 of a point in their overall viewership between Seasons 13 and 14.

And it's plot points like tonight's that have driven the show's viewership to remain. Not only do fans have the long-awaited wedding of Alex and Jo, but two departures coming, that of Arizona and April, and there's no telling if one or the other will kick the bucket on their way out the door.

The episode started with Meredith doing Zola's hair while the two discussed the nature of love. Somehow it's the child who's the smart one.

Jo may have jinxed everything by seeing Alex before the wedding, because she got into Mass General. When everyone objects, there's a reminder that some people shouldn't be talking, ahem:

And then tragedy struck. Some how, some way, someone got a hold of the wrong address, and everyone was suddenly at the wrong wedding.

No really, like the bride was someone no one knew and they were all sitting on her side.

Seriously, did no one look at their programs? Awkward.

And then just as they were leaving, the unknown bride's mother collapsed, meaning someone had to stay behind.

At least if someone is going to die by the end of the wedding, fans will all have had a good laugh.

Meanwhile Meredith offers Jo an attending job at Seattle Grace so she and Alex have an excuse to stay. The two are so excited they run off to a shed to have pre-wedding sex since all the guests are late anyway.

...In a shed with a door that doesn't like to open and close. Everyone could see where this was going.

They got stuck. And now there's a wedding set up, there are guests, and there is no bride or groom. And they're screaming for help and no one can hear them...

...in shed that turns out to have a dead body in it.

Meanwhile the guests are getting very drunk. (Hey look, they all went to the wrong wedding earlier. It's been a hard day!) Andrew makes a drunken embarrassing speech. It's all kinds of hilarious and painful.

And then the wedding planner ate shrimp, to which she's allergic. Good thing it's a wedding full of drunken doctors...and one plastic first aid kit.

At least Meredith and Andrew found the bride and groom eventually.

But but then the disasters had piled up. There's blood all over the aisle where the doctors worked on the wedding planner. The cake has been knocked over when someone's date fainted at the sight of blood. The bride and groom are disheveled and covered with schmutz from the barn.

In the end they all give up and go home, leaving April and Matthew on the island, where he proposes marriage, and everyone lived happily ever after.