15 Tweets About Justin Bobby That Will Make You Fall In Love With 'The Hills' Again

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Hills: New Beginning premiered on June 24, delivering a catch-up with the majority of the cast who appeared on the original MTV series following young people adjusting to adulthood in Los Angeles. As the gang reunited with each other on camera, one particular return captivated longtime Hills fans. Justin Bobby Brescia was Audrina Patridge's on-and-off boyfriend throughout the reality show's six-season run, and while their relationship had some problematic moments back in the day, Justin and Audrina's reunion in 2019 showed that they still share a spark. Tweets about Justin Bobby on The Hills: New Beginnings prove that fans have definitely rediscovered their feelings for the homeboy who wore combat boots to the beach.

While her Hills co-star Lauren Conrad fell for more traditional-looking men and Heidi Montag paired up with future husband Spencer Pratt early on, Audrina was always drawn to the dark-haired, brooding Justin Bobby. The musician and hairdresser inspired plenty of venting and crying sessions from Audrina, who ultimately married Corey Bohan in 2016. While Audrina gave birth to their daughter Kirra Max in 2016, the two finalized their divorce in 2018 following a rocky relationship.

The start of The Hills: New Beginnings showed Audrina confiding in Heidi and Whitney Port about the difficult aftermath of her divorce. She also revealed that she couldn't quite get rid of her feelings for Justin Bobby, who she met for dinner later in the episode. The two danced around defining the evening as a date, but Justin Bobby stole viewers' hearts when he said he always knew Audrina's ex-husband wasn't the one for her. He has also spoken publicly about keeping in touch with Audrina over the years and checking on her after her divorce.

The two's on-and-off encounters might be old news, but fans on Twitter are actually on board with the new and improved Justin Bobby. To be fair, he hasn't totally proven he's matured from his lackluster ways, but his good looks and quiet devotion to Audrina wooed longtime viewers online.

It's too early to tell if the Hills cast is bound for a dramatic group hangout at a club à la 2007, but I'm here for any nights on the town that shed light on Audrina and Justin Bobby's relationship status. When asked in a recent interview with Glamour about the chances of them getting together, Audrina played it coy, saying, "I don't know! Justin and I, you know us, we have all our ups and downs and there's always something between us."

On the other hand, Justin Bobby revealed in December 2018 that a relationship with Audrina was "not gonna happen." "[That’s] old school, new beginnings, not for that, though," he told Entertainment Tonight.

Well, fans think a tad differently. Viewers will have to wait and see how this trip down memory lane fares for Audrina and Justin Bobby. The Hills: New Beginnings continues at 10 p.m. ET on Monday, July 1, on MTV.