15 Women Share The Sweetest Things Their Partners Ever Said & It'll Melt Your Heart

by Candice Jalili

From cheating scandals to nasty breakups to totally-out-of-left-field divorces, there are about a million and one stories about relationships that are more savory. In fact, I'd argue that there are so many negative stories out there that we forget people can still have happy, wonderful relationships. Well, luckily, I'm here to remind you with a list of the sweetest things women have heard from their partners. That's right. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies were asked to share the adorable things their partners said to them and OMG they're so cute. Prepare to weep some major happy tears.

He told her how much he loved being around her.
"I love having you here". It was in his room before we moved in together. Of course he had to follow that up with "especially if you're naked", but it was still really heartwarming to hear.


He told her she was his family.
Just before my husband and I got married, I was having a lot of problems with my sister-in-law. She was acting really petty and jealous because her younger brother was getting married before she was. I was trying to ignore her constant negativity or deal with it on my own, but I finally broke down. I told my now husband that I didn't want to cause problems with his family, but I couldn't take any more.He looked me in the eye and said, "you are my family now. You are the family I'm choosing and will always choose. I'll deal with my sister."I will never forget that. It meant more to me than our wedding vows. He has a close knit family and I love them to death, but it was so reassuring that he would always put our marriage first, ahead of anything.


He called her pretty much the best character in television history.
He called me the Leslie Knope of his life 😍


He got rid of the insecurities caused by an ex.
He’s said a lot of sweet things! I treasure those little moments, as I’m a super nostalgic, wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve-and-romanticize-everything kind of person.I’ve always been insecure about the way my hair and face looks when I tuck it behind my ears after being told it looked weird once by an ex. I do it all the time, unknowingly, because my hair is so long and it gets in my face. We were getting in the car one day after walking around the city and it was super windy. I had hair every where so I guess I just tucked it behind my ears. He goes, “I like when you do that with your hair. I can see your face more that way.” It was probably an insignificant moment for him, but it meant a lot to me and felt really nice to hear.


He embraced her kinks in the best way.
His idea of beauty has changed as my body changed.I was feeling guilty/weird for my sexual “kinks” and he told me it didn’t matter what my fantasy is, he’s happy to do it because I’m his fantasy. That was the end of feeling guilty for my likes.


He wanted to have a girl just so he could have another tiny version of her.
One time when we were having a causal conversation about having children, my husband said that he really wants a girl. I was surprised and when I asked why a girl his reasoning was that he wanted to have a girl because he said it’d be like having another tiny version of me. I still tear up every time I think about him saying it.


He sees them as a unit and his diction reflects that.
Anytime he uses “we” like “we’ve got this babe” even when it’s a personal problem. It’s so sweet bc it just reminds me that we are in this together and I don’t have to do life alone. Very supportive <3


She made him want children.
That he had never been with someone before that made him want kids. He never really wanted them before or in his past relationships, and when we got to talking about kids he realized that being with me made him want kids :)


He truly couldn't fathom the possibility of life without her.
When we were about to go long distance for college, I had a lot of worries about him meeting someone better 900 miles away. I needed constant reassurance that we would be alright, and I finally asked him, what if hypothetically, we broke up, what would happen to us? He said he couldn't imagine a life where I'm not in it, even if I don't want to be with him anymore, he would always want to be friends and maintain contact so long as I want the same. That led to some great sex shortly after and a happy long distance relationship.


He admitted he loved her, even before he said it out loud.
We’ve been together 7 years now, married for a few months, we had a rocky start where he didn’t want to commit and eventually I just HAD to say I love you to him. A few months ago we were talking about how the beginning was so hit or miss or whatever and I was like yeah, I even said ILY first and he goes “just because I didn’t say it, doesn’t mean I didn’t feel it before then”.He’s a man of few words and a man of even fewer feelings but this just made my heart jump!


All he wants to do when he's drunk is talk about how much he loves her.
He’s said a number of them—but this one I found particularly adorable. We were in our first semester of college and he was mildly drunk with a friendly acquaintance.When said acquaintance left, SO turned to me and said, “Being drunk is so hard because you have no filter. Like I just kept wanting to tell [acquaintance] how in love with you I am over and over again, but I knew I couldn’t do that because I’m drunk.” We hadn’t even been dating that long (less than a month), it was so sweet and cute


He proved he liked her for her mind.
He said, “I love that you know all this stuff about art.” I can’t remember what we were watching, but it was something about animation or painting that I knew something about and got excited and started elaborating. It might not seem like a big deal but NOBODY I’ve dated in the past has ever acknowledged ANY of my interests. This was right when we first got together so it just made me fall even harder for him.


He randomly pauses conversations to tell her how beautiful she is.
We've been together for 2 years and when we go out to eat and we're sitting across from each other, he will sometimes look at me and say "You're so beautiful". It's really sweet that he still thinks to say that, especially when I've got a face full of french fries lol


He saw a real future with her, even as teenagers.
Back when we were in dating on HS, my now husband casually said "I can't wait till we have kids". Him seeing a future with me at such a young age really spoke to me.


He helped her love her body again.
I was suffering from really, really terrible confidence and self esteem. He pulled me in front of a mirror and held me while explaining everything that he saw and what he loved about it. And then at the end of it, he told me he loved me and that anytime I was suffering from low self esteem or being hard on my appearance, to let him know and he'd drag me back in front of the mirror to do it all over again.It really stuck with me. No one's ever done that for me and it meant so much.


He told her he loved her handwriting.
I was writing down a list of groceries and he chuckled and told me he just loved my handwriting. It was in passing, it hardly mattered, but it was unexpected and I havnt forgotten it.


OK, sorry. I have to stop writing because my heart has officially melted all over the floor and I need to find a mop to clean it up.

Here's to hoping we all find partners who make us feel this wonderful all the time.