If Your Partner's Into Food Play, Send Them These 15 Delicious Sexts

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If you're a firm believer that food belongs in the kitchen and nowhere else, bring it to the bedroom. Using chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or honey to paint your partner's body (or to have them paint yours) before licking it off is 100% chaotic, delicious fun. If your partner's into food play, send them these sexts to turn the heat up a notch prior to your hookup session.

Food play during sex falls under the "wet and messy" fetish category, which is exactly what it sounds like. Do you get turned on by the sounds and textures of slushy foods? Does thinking about your partner naked, covered in something sweet make your toes tingle? Try these sexts on for size. Below, 15 to get you and your partner simultaneously horny and hungry.

1. I was thinking... maybe we could take body shots when I come over. Are you down?

2. TBH, I can't stop thinking about licking whipped cream off your chest.

3. Would you be down to eat Nutella off my breasts?

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4. I kind of want to see what all the peach hype from Call Me By Your Name is about.

5. Quick question: What if I made brownies and then you bent me over the kitchen table to eat them off me?

6. For our picnic tomorrow, I want you to feed me cantaloupe, and I want to suck on your fingers while you're doing it.

7. You, me, and a bottle of champagne. What do you say?

8. I want to drizzle caramel on your d*ck and lick it off.

9. I'm down for sushi, but I'd be extra down if I could eat the sushi off your back.

10. Your body is so delicious it makes my mouth water.

11. These chocolate chip cookies are great, but what if I ate your cookie instead?

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12. Next time we play with food in bed, why don't we hop in the shower together for round two?

13. I can pick up strawberries if you let me eat them off your stomach.

14. Pancakes with syrup are cool... but I'd like to have pancakes, syrup, *and* you.

15. What if you ate cake off my cake? Just a thought.

If you're trying to get kinky in the kitchen, there are a few key precautions to keep in mind. First and foremost: Whether it's sexting or the real deal, make sure you have your partner's enthusiastic consent for every sexual act. Second: Make sure you're aware of everyone's food allergies. How sexy can whipped cream be if your partner has a dairy allergy?

Third: Keep sugary foods, alcohol, and spicy foods away from any sexual orifices. So unless you're using plastic wrap, keep things like chocolate syrup or Tabasco away from your partner's vagina. And lastly: Remember that coconut oil can deteriorate latex condoms. Once you've checked all your pre-sex boxes, send these sexts to your partner for a bedroom session to remember. When you two part ways, you'll be extra satisfied.

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