If Your Date Was A Straight Up Jerk To You, Here's What 15 Women Do To Feel Better

by Candice Jalili

There are plenty of ways to deal after your date was a total jerk. You could go the more self-destructive route and turn to impulsive actions (i.e. angry texts and phone calls) to numb the pain of what just happened. But there are also other options! You could prioritize your own self-care in that moment and combat the sad feelings in a more positive way. For example, when one woman recently had to deal with a rude booty call who was just straight up rude to her, she turned to Reddit for some self-care activities when your date was a jerk that will put you in a better mood.

If you've been in a similar situation, then you know how painful that can feel. Remember, though, that the pain is only temporary, and that there are ways you can pamper yourself to help you feel better. Read along and take notes on these stellar suggestions from real women.

Curl up with a book, and call it an early night.
Blech wtf?
Make a Spotify playlist and throw it on while I organize or fix something. Not exciting but it helps me feel like I’m regaining a bit of control.
Wash my favorite blanket so that it’s warm and curl up with a book or a podcast. And go to bed early after.
Play with my cats. They love these toys you film across the room at the wall.


Bust out your favorite tune.
You should find a friend with benefits that still does the friend part too and not just sex.


Get some exercise then treat yourself to some dessert.
Run. Get those endorphins going. Eat ice cream. You deserve it after that run. :)


Treat yourself to a little bit of pampering.
I do something for me that I may not get a chance to do often. Like massage, pedicure, facial, etc..... sometimes you need to treat yourself!...


Get in the kitchen and whip up something delicious.
Lately it’s Terrace House or British gardening shows on Netflix. If it’s not too late, I cook something, which is the best mood lifter for me. Can be anything from roasted vegetables to bread to a cake.


Get some fresh air on a bright, sunny day.
My favorite way to feel better is to go on a long walk - especially when the weather is nice and warm outside. If I am not able to be outside, I'll light some candles, turn off my phone, and binge watch some of my favorite shows.


Get your groove on.
Put on a really good song, and dance it out.


Watch some reality TV from the tub.
Bake cookies, make a coffee and eat/drink in the bath while I watch Rupaul's drag race


Create your own private oasis.
I lock myself away from the world, get some sh*tty food (pizza, wings, beers, etc), and watch Netflix or a movie or something like that. Treating myself to bad food (which I rarely eat) and unplugging from the world with some entertaining TV shows or movies is a great way for me to reset myself. I can be unapologetically relaxed and not feel like I have to be anything other than a lazy lump, which is awesome.


Go hang at an open mic night.
If it's available, I find open mics are a great place to go when sad. You can drown in other people's problems and hopes. You can be that ne crazy supportive person who claps at everything. You can get five cookies. Go up to every performer and tell them what you liked about their stuff. Being kind to others always makes me feel strong, Independant, and happy. And who knows. Maybe you will make a Freind who doesn't just want you for sex. Buy someone who looks lonely five cookies. Listen to their stories about doctor appointments. Leave a big tip. Walk home.
Or go there to cry. Open mic people are awesome and I bet at least one person will hug you.
Poetry ones are the best but music will do in a pinch.


Do some relaxing activities while you listen to your favorite podcasts.
Wow what an assh*le.
I listen to podcasts while doing something fun or relaxing like drawing, popping out to get some nice food (and eating the food), or having a nice bath.


Catch up on your favorite YouTube videos.
Watching my favourite YouTubers in all honesty. It’s safe, it’s familiar, it makes me feel good. Then I can be productive.


Get some retail therapy in.
Shopping or get my hair done. Sometimes a long shower & sleep helps.


Jam to your favorite songs.
Music. I usually put on a good record and chill.


OK, seriously, who needs a booty call when you have all of these dope activities to keep you entertained? Forget the people who treat you like dirt. Treat yourself like the queen you are.

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