15 People Reveal If Their First Impression Of Their Partner Was Accurate & LOL

I remember the first moment I met my boyfriend. He was wearing a basketball jersey and a backwards hat and got down on one knee and proposed to me (a stranger he had met 30 seconds earlier) in the middle of the bar. I thought he was hilarious and a casual dresser. Now we've been dating two years and he's still hilarious but, actually, he's a preppy dresser who usually errs on the side of formal. It's so funny how someone's first impression of their significant other can either be totally accurate or vastly different from who that person winds up being after years of intensely getting to know each other.

In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies share what they first thought of their BAEs along with whether or not they were right or wrong. Read along and bask in the adorableness.

She thought she was going to bang him... and she did.
I thought “I am going to f*ck this dude” and I did.


She thought he was cute... and he still happens to be cute.
I thought he was cute. He is, indeed, very cute.


They've been together 23 years and her first impression still holds true.
I thought he was so freaking good-looking, beautifully tanned and way too young for me. Twenty-three years and two daughters later.... Still so freaking good-looking, still beautifully tanned and he now feels older than I do.


He's much more sexual than she had originally anticipated.
My SO is effeminate and very cute. I also thought he was very smart, kind, and clueless/innocent about relationships in general. I initially thought he was gay, until he started showing an interest in me and I gave it a shot. My impression of him was a bit accurate, but what caught me off-guard was his libido. It was through the roof. My libido is okay, but his is...extremely high lmao. I wasn't expecting it at all.


He's still hot but not as confident as she had pegged him as.
I thought he was the hottest guy I’d ever met, I desperately wanted to f*ck him, and I thought that he seemed super confident.Him being the hottest guy I’ve ever met and me wanting to f*ck him are both still very accurate. He’s not quite as confident as I initially thought, but it’s not like he’s totally self deprecating either. He’s somewhere in the middle. He still gives off a vibe of confidence and acts confident though, even when he isn’t totally feeling his best.


He grew up and stopped dying his hair black.
I first met my SO when I was 14 and he was 15, I wrote him off as one of my sisters nice and quiet friends from her film class. I also remember thinking that he looks so much like the guy from the movie Corpse Bride 😂(he no longer has dyed black hair) We actually started talking(and dating) when we matched on tinder 4 years later. Hes such an amazing person but I'm glad we didnt start dating in highschool because we were both way too socially awkward it probably wouldnt have gone well


She thought he was a douchebag and she was totally wrong.
I thought he was a douchebag (met at a frat party). Eventually we went on a date and we hit it off and have been inseparable ever since. He is kind, smart, Strong, brave, caring, compassionate and amazing in every way. Not a douchebag at all. He will be an amazing father to our future children.


She thought he was a nerd and she was right.
I thought he was an awkward, shy nerd with a lot of strange views on society. I was right and smitten.


She (accurately) felt like he was socially awkward.
I thought he was absolutely gorgeous but kind of socially awkward.Yes, accurate.


She thought she was stuck up but actually she wound up being one of "the most caring people."
I thought she was really cute, but quiet and stuck up.
She's adorable, quiet, and one of the most caring people I've met


She thought he was a douche but, in reality, he was just shy.
He seemed like a bit of a douche (we were at a frat party, and he was sitting off in the corner with that arms folded, 'I own this place and I'm too important to talk to anybody' look'), but he was also insanely, unapproachably hot.
Turns out, he's a bit of a hermit. He does not, in fact, talk to anybody. But he is cute. And he is a pretty good guy most of the time.


He ended up being even more wonderful than she first thought.
I thought he was very friendly and helpful and I remember thinking that he has a kind smile. It was a very accurate first impression. He is very friendly, helpful, plus a ton of other wonderful things and I am very much in love with him and his smile.


She thought he was out of her league... they're engaged now so that was definitely not true.
"damn hes so hot and so out of my league"indeed really hot, no longer put of my league, also my future husband


She thought he was too good to be true.
I thought he was lying about things to get into my pants. He wasn't.


He's not AS flakey as she originally thought.
We worked in the same restaurant. My first memory of him is of him dumping an entire tray of drinks on a customer's lap, so I thought he was flakey as hell.
Turns out, food service wasn't his future (thank goodness because he was not good at it!) and is only flakey in SOME areas of his life.


The good news? Even if you think the guy you went out with for a first date last night was a total dud, there's a chance you might be pleasantly surprised down the line.

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