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These 15 Dramatic Wedding Stories Will Make Your Jaw Drop

by Candice Jalili

While it's nice to hear lovely stories from beautiful weddings, let's be real: dramatic wedding stories can be way more fun. Between the high stakes, the intense emotions, and the open bars, nuptials can often take a turn for the wacky — especially, you know, if Aunt Barbara and Uncle Dave are in the same room together for the first time since their divorce in 1997. The truth is that not every wedding goes exactly as planned.

In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, people shared the most dramatic things they've seen and heard at weddings and, oh man, they did not disappoint. From ripped wedding dresses to blackout drunk grooms, and double-booked churches to suddenly closed venues, it's clear that a surprising amount can go wrong... and that's not even counting all the awkward moments that can go down at the altar.

Despite hiccups during the nuptials themselves, there's no real proof out there that an awkward ceremony or even a disastrous reception will carry over into a ruined relationship. Accidents happen, and brides and grooms can't control everything. Ultimately, wedding drama is just that — a piece of gossip that has no real bearing on the actual marriage itself.

The master of ceremony burst into tears.
Ugh definitely the master of ceremonies at a huge, very formal and expensive wedding bursting into tears at the podium about how she had hoped to be asked to be a bridesmaid and she didn't realize she and the bride had grown apart so much. Everyone in the room was stiff as a board, then her male co-MC tried to lighten the mood with a joke about how he would have loved to be a bridesmaid too and the crying lady snapped that he was asked to help so she wouldn't feel so "on the spot" up there. Like girl, how much more on the spot can you possibly become?


The bride smashed a wine glass on her brother's head.
My sister in law was getting married, and she's what I'd call "high strung". During a family picture, I watched as she smashed a wine glass over her brother's head because he was so tired, he was nodding off during the photo. It was wild.
Not dramatic, more funny but my husband dropped my ring and it rolled under a pew while giving our vows haha. That might be my favorite memory from the ceremony..


The kitchen caught on fire.
The caterer set the kitchen on fire and the venue had to be evacuated. Fire department was called and checked out the place, extinguished the fire and confirmed that the fire was out and the place was safe.
To their credit, my family and the staff stepped up, aired out the place, had everything back together and didn’t say a word to me about it when I arrived 20 minutes later with my dad.
Dinner was served slightly late, I was puzzled no one complained but it turned out that everyone was highly impressed the caterer had a backup plan and got the dinners out at all. Plus the caterer had been super smart about it, confined the fire and made sure staff were safe.
I didn’t find out until the next morning at the airport on the way to my honeymoon.


The couple's true intentions were revealed.
Someone revealed to my cousin's very religious in laws at her wedding that she was pregnant and that's why her and my brother in law had been so enthusiastic about getting married quickly lol. Her mother in law fainted and needed a fan to wake her up.


The pastor was a little too interested in hearing objections.
You know that line about anyone who thinks the couple shouldn’t get married come forward? Well at my SIL’s wedding, the pastor who is also her uncle kept asking the question like 4 times. Anyone? Anyone? Awkward af.


The ring bearer fainted.
At my aunts wedding when I was little I was a junior brides maid and it was a very long ceremony. The ring bearer ended up locking his knees while standing and passed out from lack of blood flow. It was very wild


The bride revealed some major bombshells while in her undies.
The bride stormed out of her parents' house (wedding was on her parents' farm), in her underwear screaming about how the groom had ruined her life, she hated him, hated the whole stupid wedding, and how Brad (grooms' best man and cousin) was better in bed.
I stood back and ate the delicious pizza (late night snack) while the whole thing went down. After a few minutes, I took a pizza box, rounded up my (then) bf and his sister and we decide now was probably a good time to head out. We drove back to the hotel and stuffed our face with pizza.


A young guest ripped the bride's dress by accident.
When I was at my godmothers wedding - I was really young and during the reception when dancing I STOOD on her dress and it RIPPED! I was so embarrassed and upset - she was so mad at me. I remember her friend trying to sew it back together in the bathroom


The groom disappeared.
The groom got black out drunk halfway through the dinner and disappeared. The bride gave a brief speech and disappeared to tend to him. We didn't know if that was the end so we just all left whenever we finished our dinner. A very anticlimactic ending


No one was there on the groom's side.
Absolutely NO ONE showed up for the groom


They found out the venue was closed upon their arrival.
Got to the reception venue to find out it was closed - they'd had a major problem in the kitchen. Despite knowing our cell phone numbers, they called my mother in law's LANDLINE during the wedding. Because obviously someone was going to be there to answer it.
My dad found out first (we didn't have the wedding at the reception venue) and met us in the car park and I honestly thought he was joking. :(


A little boy projectile vomited.
At my cousins wedding when my brother was about 5, they decided to do speeches before the wedding breakfast and everyone was STARVING. My brother drank a load of orange juice and because his stomach was empty he ended up projectile vomiting everywhere.


The church was double-booked.
The priest forgot there was a wedding scheduled in their church. We were waiting a while, then someone called the private number and an hour later the priest arrived with the keys to the church and held the ceremony. Could say that was a sign, that marriage didn’t last.


The bride punched her mom.
My sister punched our mom at her wedding reception. She got so drunk and went to leave with her young daughter and our mom wouldn't let her leave. She was so worried. Well my sister didn't give a flying f*ck.. turned around and punched her in the face.


The bride got food poisoning and had to leave early.
I got food poisoning at my own wedding (bad clam) and had to leave early and puked the whole night, ruined my dress, and was sick for two days after.