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These 14 Stories About Women Meeting Their SOs IRL Will Give You Hope

by Candice Jalili
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I know it seems like it's literally impossible these days, but I swear it's still possible to meet your significant other in person. Don't believe me? Take these stories about meeting a significant other in real life as your cold, hard proof. In a recent Reddit AskWomen thread, ladies shared the way people met their significant others. Believe it or not, lots of them stumbled upon real love while living their real, ordinary everyday lives. Read along and prepared to be filled to the brim with hope.

He Trained Her At Her New Job
We met on my first day at my “new” job, management had paired me up with him for training. Everything turned into laughter and jokes. We started eating lunch together every day in the cafe.
A couple weeks later, he asked me out to lunch outside of the office for the first time.
2 weeks after that, I invited him to my apartment for the first time, for dinner and a Mario Kart tournament. At this point, I knew that I was interested romantically, but I wasn’t sure if he was. Until he looked at me and told me that he would really like to kiss me.
This happened a bit over a year ago. We’ve been inseparable ever since.


They Had Been In Each Other's Lives For Years
Knew each other as acquaintances for years. We had a minor flirtation going on but were always with other people. Started bumping into each other on the bus regularly. My relationship was ending and he was single. Gave him my number, he called me 10 minutes later. Went on a date that night. It’s our 2 year anniversary today. Never been happier.


They Got Together 10 years After Going To School Together
We went to school together, then left and didn’t see each other for about ten years until his first wife upped and left him and he started to get his life back together a while later. He went to my parents’ house and asked after me and my mum gave him my number etc. It’s been fifteen years this year since and it’s all still good!


They Ran Cross Country Together
We met in high school on the cross country team. He's older than me and I had a crush on him from the beginning but figured he wouldn't want to date someone younger than him. He claims that I gave him a hug one day after practice when we were waiting for our siblings. I don't remember this at all! He started hanging out with me at summer practices and asked me to go on a date when the school year started. We've been together for 11 years and married 4 years. His brother also met his wife on the same high school cross country team!


They Met While She Was Picking Up A Check From Work
We crossed paths on the walk to work, he was working I was picking up my cheque. He would not stop pestering me about what I was doing that night. I snapped and said something along the lines of “do you want to come with me or something”... it was Spider-Man 2 I was going to see and I was annoyed he tagged along, we grabbed a drink after and parted ways. He asked me out the next day.
I was oblivious and for weeks he’d been trying to ask me out, 15 years later we are married and have 2 children


They Had A Major Jim/Pam Situation
I was the receptionist at an engineering office, he was one of the engineers. I thought he just had an addiction to the lifesaver mints I stocked at the desk. We became friends, joined the company kickball team, became closer friends during that. I expressed feelings first (but he was totally into me first) he said he was too scared from being hurt by his ex wife. And the fact that we worked together made him nervous. I started dating another guy. Fast forward 8 months after that, things happen, feelings don't go away, and I left the other guy for him.
We have been together for 1.5 years and living together for 8 months and very extremely happy!


They Wouldn't Have Met If It Weren't For Their Moms
Before we met he broke his ankle and had to crawl home. He dropped his wallet and my mom happened to found it. Turns out he lives on the same block as my mom. I went to return the wallet and his mom opened the door. Thats when I found out he broke his ankle. He couldn't come down to say thank you but his mom took my number? Which to this day I don't know why she did lol but she did and he called me. We met up and we were friends for a while but he was in a rut because of his ankle. I got into a serious relationship and kind of forgot about him. We were friends on and off throughout the years until my ex broke up with me. My SO and I started talking again but again it was on and off until last year. His house burned down and we weren't on good terms at all but I couldn't bear the thought something happened to him. I was pacing back and forth trying to decide what to do and I went to see him. Somehow from that day on something changed and we were casually dating for a month before I told him I want to be serious that I don't need anything casual right now. It was a very anxious time as he said he need some time to think about it. We took a leap and decided to be official. Best decision I made as he is exactly the type of lover I needed. I see my future with him clearly and I have no doubts that if we ever got separated we would come back to each as we have for the past four years💙


He Was Her Customer
He was a customer of mine at work. We started talking one day and one of my colleagues helped to push as along. Ended up with his number and we've been together 18 months


Her Ex Set Them Up
We were introduced to each other by my ex. He had just gone through a break up, we hooked up a few times, then he disappeared for two years because he wanted to try to make things work with his ex. One day I get a message from him out of the blue saying he needed to say some things to me. Explained his whole situation and apologized. We started talking every day and decided to be friends. One day we met up and just walked around the city for five hours. He spent the whole time telling me jokes and trying to make me laugh, he was so nervous. When he was walking me to my bus stop, he asked me on a date and I said yes without needing to think. It's been almost five years since then and now we're married. It's rough sometimes, but that's my person. He still makes me laugh, he still gets adorably nervous around me, I still get butterflies when he puts his hands on my waist or stares at me like he loves me.


Her Friends Took Him Over To His Place
He was friends with my two best friends so I went to his house with them. He went to work pretty much right after we got there, but allowed us to sleep over so we could all hang out when he gets home in the morning. I stayed up all night because I also work third shift, but had off so I was just working on homework while drinking a bottle of wine. I finished my paper as he was coming home so we split another three bottles of wine. I blacked out and woke up to us spooning and holding hands. I asked him if anything else happened and he said “ No, you were too drunk. I just took care of you while you threw up. Then you held my hand while you slept” Now we’ve been dating for ten months. Lol


Their Bands Went On Tour Together
Weirder story here: We both played music and my band was touring with his band. We were both dating other people but we’re completely unhappy in our relationships. Over the few weeks of being together on tour feelings developed that became overwhelming. I felt like I could literally feel when he walked into a room I was in and we started flirting via text. I would get so excited to get to the venue just so I could see him. We both broke it off with our former relationships after the tour and talked on the phone/Skype nonstop. We actually knew and decided we wanted to marry each other over these conversations and he decided to leave his band and move to Nashville to be with me. I went to pick him up in Memphis to bring him back with me and that was the first time we kissed. I don’t think I’ve ever been as nervous nor will I ever be in my life. We’ve been married for 3.5 years now and he’s the best person I’ve ever known =)


They Met In First Grade
We went to the same primary school and met in first grade. She was a totally rebellious kid who loved video games and drawing everywhere (still does). I was more of a goody two shoes and loved reading by myself, still am a total bookworm.


He Was Her Regular When She Worked At Starbucks
I used to work at Starbucks, and my now-bf was a customer. His office was directly upstairs so over the course of 3 months I grew to know the orders of his coworkers and himself. I started getting nervous every time he came in, and I wasn’t sure if he was single or not. Knew I either had to admit my feelings to him or move on. Ended up shooting my shot through a coworker to ask if he was available and he was. This weekend we’re celebrating 3 years of dating, 1 year living together and we recently adopted a puppy together 🎉


They Met Walking Their Dogs
We met walking our dogs in our apartment complex last July. For months I figured out his evening walk schedule to accidentally run into him, turns out he was doing that in the mornings. January he asked if I’d want to go to the dog park with our dogs. I had refused to date during grad school and would be moving this summer so I went in thinking friendship (turns out same thing for him and we were moving to the same town 2 hours away). We were at that dog park almost every day that week in the freezing cold for hours to talk. He asked me to grab beer and pizza after the third dog park thing walk in and they had dog trivia going (we won) spent 11-3am walking around down town talking about life holding hands together.
Within a month every day was together and I practically moved into his apartment in 2 months. 6 months later we now live together officially in the new town.


OK, so there is still hope for meeting someone IRL. But, you guys, there's also literally no shame in meeting someone online. It's all about who you meet, not how.

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