12 Tweets About Fighting For Your Relationship That Are SO Accurate

Have you ever fought for a relationship to work out? They can totally be worth fighting for! Just because a relationship takes work doesn't mean it's not worthwhile. If you've been fighting for your relationship, you're not alone, as these tweets about fighting for your relationship demonstrate. Fighting for your relationship can end well or it can end in a way that you didn't hope for — but no matter what, it's helpful to know that there are others out there who've shared that experience.

I've had relationships end in the past because of differences I wish I had fought harder to rectify (but there are too many good shows on Sunday nights — how do other people pick?), but I also know that sometimes, it makes more sense to call it quits. According to a Marist Poll study from 2011, 80 percent of Americans surveyed under 30 believe in finding a soulmate, and think it's worth putting in the work to make a relationship last.

Read on for 12 extremely relatable tweets about the fight for a relationship.

Showing Feelings
syafawhuut on Twitter

It's really the sexiest thing. Someone showing they care is wonderful.

Let It Flow
muse_kendall on Twitter

Sometimes, you find yourself fighting for something that might not be worth the fight. Sometimes it is. Only you know what's right for your relationship.

Don't Let Distance Stop You
inesaarutyunyan on Twitter

If you love someone, you can choose to fight for them, even if that means making it work when you don't live in the same place. As they say, distance ain't nothing but a number (at least, I think that's the expression).

Fight The Weather
arilovemail on Twitter

That's how you know you really love someone — when you've seen Icarus try and fail, but you'd still go for it.

Finish What You Started
andrewc_4 on Twitter

If you're wondering whether it's worth fighting for a relationship, it can be useful it to go back and ask yourself why you fell in love with them to begin with. You might decide it's not worth fighting for, but at least you'll know.

Beating The Uber
natooshfatoosh on Twitter

What did he do? Sprint? Fly? Take an Uber? Those seem like the only three options, and all of them are very romantic.

Fighting For The Dream
madison_mariexx on Twitter

Sometimes, looking through your partner's phone is a good idea (don't quote me).

Making The Move
alyssalimp on Twitter

You need your partner there if the world ends! Fight to make it work!

Post-Holiday Bliss
carinahsieh on Twitter

Maybe our partners prove their love by fighting for it against our other imaginary partners? Who's to say, really?

Standing By Your Partner
missmac76392175 on Twitter

Fighting for a relationship can mean backing them up when they're in other fights. It doesn't have to, though — it all depends on what you think is right and how you'd like to support your partner.

Fighting A Bear For The Relationship
fayettevamp on Twitter

Once he's proven he can fight a bear, you know he'll keep the kitchen clean. I hope.

Ride The Rollercoaster
novakuum on Twitter

Congratulations on a big year! Growth happens when change does.

Black Eyed Peas, Please
priyapappu on Twitter

Sometimes, fighting for a relationship means listening to music, and that's OK too.

Fighting for a relationship can take on all different forms. Some of these tweets showcase theories about what it means find someone worth fighting for, while others tell humorous or romantic stories of times a person fought in a relationship. Make no mistake: You never have to fight for a relationship — it's totally fine if it's something you want to end, or if you or your partner choose to walk away. But if you have a relationship you want to fight for, know that you're not alone, and go forth ready to take on the world!