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12 Taylor Swift "The Lakes" Instagram Captions For Photos With Your Muse

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Swifties might argue all of Taylor Swift's songs are equally special, but "The Lakes" was more special than most. This is because it was a bonus track for her most die-hard fans, only available to those who bought a physical copy of Swift's Folklore album. The track felt sort of like a secret between Swift and her closest fans, and it wasn't available on streaming services until weeks after its release. But that's not the only reason why "The Lakes" is so special. The romantic track appeared to be written about Swift's romance with Joe Alwyn, and it's undeniably one of her sweetest songs to date. Given the song's back story, it makes sense Taylor Swift's "The Lakes" has Instagram caption-worthy lyrics all the way through it.

Swift revealed how fans could listen to "The Lakes" on July 23, explaining that it was on all tangible copies of her album. "You can get the bonus song “the lakes” on the 8 deluxe CD editions, 8 deluxe vinyl editions, and the cassette edition of folklore that are available at taylorswift.com," she wrote on Instagram.

After listening, it didn't take long for fans to realize "The Lakes" was likely an ode to her British beau. She referenced the UK several times throughout the track, including talking about England's scenic Lake District, as well as the mountain peaks near Windermere.

After the most-dedicated Swifties who purchased a physical album heard the song, Tay finally released it to the public on Aug. 18. Now that the "The Lakes" is available to the masses, these are the the lyrics you'll want to keep handy for your next dream-like, romantic Instagram photo.

1. I'm not cut out for all these cynical clones.

2. Take me to the lakes.

3. I'm setting off, but not without my muse.

4. Take me to the lakes, where all the poets went to die.

5. Those Windermere peaks look like a perfect place to cry.

6. I don't belong and, my beloved, neither do you.

7. I want auroras and sad prose.

8. Tell me what are my words worth.

9. I want to watch wisteria grow right over my bare feet.

10. I haven't moved in years, and I want you right here.

11. Calamitous love and insurmountable grief.

12. I want you right here.