These Minimalist Nail Art Ideas Are Simple, But Still Help You Make A Statement

Guys, I have a confession to make: Since middle school, 90% of my nail salon visits have ended with my nails coated in my go-to shiny red polish. I’m a self-proclaimed lover of trying new things, but it seems every trip to the nail salon brought out some hidden, genetic stubbornness in me I thought (hoped) would skip a generation. (Love you, mom.) Only recently did this seemingly unbreakable habit of mine change. Classic red polish still holds a special place in my beauty-loving heart, but I’ve been experimenting with new nail looks, thanks to all the inspiration from talented nail artists popping up on my Insta feed.

Many nail artists are using really cool methods — frequently playing with negative space, strategically placing embellishments, and using understated hues — to create beautifully minimalist statement nails. I know it may sound contradictory to call a look both minimalist and a statement, but these nails prove that, with some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, you can rock a look that's simple and bold at the same time. Grab a nail file or make an appointment at your nearest nail salon, because you'll want to try these designs ASAP, and you’ll definitely want to give these nail artists a follow.

Fiery Tips

If you dream of nails that look like they're literally glowing, play with a gradient of warm colors in small doses. These tips use bright reds, oranges, and yellows to blaze against the negative space of the nude base. This low-key ember effect is too fire not to try.

Glittery Cuticles

A little something extra at the base of your nail packs a punch of whimsy and charm that’s undeniably stunning. Try painting a silver glittery line swooping under nude polish to create a color and texture combo that’s fairy-like and magically delicate.

Get Wild

I get it — animal print probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of minimalism. But, if you scatter the print around and use a soft nude base, you'll have enough chic negative space to help tame a wild print.

Shoot For The Stars

You don't need to shake out bottles and bottles of glitter to get captivating nails that sparkle. Just sprinkle a few pieces of star-shaped confetti onto your freshly painted nails, right near your cuticles, and you'll have a simple nail design that pulls inspiration from a starry night.

Zaps Of Zig Zags

Zig zags are wild — they create a sense of naturally fun, rowdy movement. The way these simple, single-color zig zags divide each nail creates a well-balanced and epic fusion of wackiness and sensibility.

Wear Your Heart On Your Nails

I hope you’re ready for your nails to be the object of everyone’s infatuation, because these tiny, colorful hearts will give your hands a flirty energy that’s unbelievably crush-worthy.

Frame Your Nudes

In case you weren't sure, I want to assure you that your nudes are totally frame-worthy. Your nude nails, that is. Level up your mani with a gem-packed border to accentuate your favorite faint hue and give your hands a subtle sparkle.

Strike of Lightning

Tone down an intricate design like this one by only painting it on a few of your nails. By leaving most of your nude nails unembellished, there will be plenty of negative space across both hands to guarantee this charming print isn’t too distracting.

Candy Cane Tips

Tips like these do it all — they crisscross to create a negative space with a dynamic shape, and the pairing of red and white creates an audacious contrast. In other words, rock these tips for nails fresher than peppermint.


I guess “xoxo” can stand for hugs and kisses instead of tic-tac-toe, but either way, this pattern is playful and the black polish stands out against the pale base. The way the letters half-way pop up from your cuticles creates a simple, but cute peek-a-boo effect.

Weave Webs Of Glitter

Web designs can be trendier and cleaner than the ones you find in an attic if you make them with metallics. These webs are thin and delicate enough, so your nails won't look cluttered, and anchoring them to a matte polish backdrop guarantees they'll trap all eyes that fall on them.

Asymmetrical Tips

Spice up your tips by making them asymmetrical and bright. This look is perfect for jewel-lovers — its bold sapphire color and gleaming embellishments will have you stunting in nails that look like freshly-mined gems. By leaving most of your nails simply coated in nude polish, you'll balance out your mani so you don't have to sacrifice using rhinestones.