12 Men Reveal How They Knew They Wanted To Propose To Their GFs & I'm Melting

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When you think about proposals, you likely imagine the big moment when it actually happens. I’m talking about the knee, the ring, and all the happy tears. But what about the moment that comes before it, when he actually makes the decision to pop the question? What does that private, but equally special, moment look like? What was the thing that finally made it click that their current partner was "the one?" It turns out I'm not the only one who's curious about this romantic tipping point, as dozens of men reveal why they proposed on Reddit.

While the stereotype that men are afraid of commitment and marriage persists, the stories they share here about knowing they've found the one may just change your mind entirely. For some, there is a big life-changing moment that makes them finally realize it's time to tie the knot, while for others it's more of a gradual process of realizing their parter was their perfect fit and they didn't want them to slip away. So grab some tissues, because what these fellas had to say about the women they love and went on to marry is going to melt your heart and maybe even make you bust a tear.

For Some It Was The Little Things
When I was giving her some mail and it struck me as strange that it didn’t say "Mrs."


Not to sound sappy and etc, but she really inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and live life to the fullest. She's incredibly brave and confident, and she always brings positive energy and an infectious attitude to those around her. It didn't take me long to figure out what I wanted to do next!


When we got in our first big fight a few months in and times got tough. Instead of considering leaving, I knew I needed to work things out so I could marry her. Proposed a few months later.


For Others, It Was A Big, Life-Altering Moment
I had only been divorced for about six months. My new girlfriend and I were very happy together, and had talked about being fine with dating but maybe getting married "someday." The day she was diagnosed with breast cancer, it changed my perception about what "someday" means. I proposed in the parking lot where I went to meet her after her appointment. She has been through chemo and a double mastectomy, and is on her way to recovery. Couldn't be happier.


After her Grandfather died. We'd been together for about 4-5 years at that point, and when her grandfather died? It shook her entire family. He was like a patriarch to them, and the nicest most willie-Nelson esque man I ever met. And my girlfriend was very close to him.
I came with her to the funeral, which I had never done before. There were so many people who knew this man from family to a whole biker group to several Navy men (as he served in the Navy long ago)
I was crying damn near the whole time. It was impossible not to. This man meant so much to everyone and my girlfriend was absolutely devastated. Somewhere in the service, another family member came up to speak and quoted something he'd often say.
"if you love someone. Tell them. If you have business to take care of. Take care of it. If there's something that's important to you. Cherish it. Because you don't want to live and regret never doing what you needed to do sooner."
And that was it. That was the moment I realized how important she was to me. How much I wanted to be a part of her life from here on out. How f*cking much I love her and still do to this day just as much as I ever did.


We had been dating for 5 years and it was going great. Then one day, last year, a pretty shitty thing happened to both of us that was mostly out of our control. She responded to the situation with a level tact, logic, and empathy that was amazing. I had known she was right for me in good times but after that I knew she would be a great partner in bad times as well.


When She Let Him Know The Time Was Right
When she started bugging me about it and the thought made me happy.


I was kindly informed by my lovely wife (girlfriend at the time) that it was time I propose to her. I obliged.


When You Know, You Know
Had been dating her for 18 months or so. Every month it just felt better and better to be around her. My heart raced every time I saw her. I wanted her face to be the first thing I saw when I woke up every morning and the last thing before I went sleep. 30 years in May and I see that beautiful face every morning and night. And that racing heart? Still does!


I just realized one day that I couldn't imagine my life without her anymore and that, moreover, I couldn't remember the last time that I had been able to. She's as much a part of my life as eating or breathing now, and I have no clue how I could continue to exist without any of the three. The decision was pretty easy at that point.


We had been together for six years. Normal dating, long distance, then together in her new city, then living together. We had a lot of great times and some really tough ones. It wasn’t a specific moment but rather a coalescing of a thousand small ones into the realization that any life without her would not be as full as a life with her.


I had been with my gf for 5 and a half years at that point. I was 20 and she was 21, so I was always conscious of the 'too young' stigma even though I always knew I would eventually. I literally decided the night before I proposed that I was going to do it. So the next day I borrowed some money off my dad, asked her dad and proposed in a spot we'd been going to since we first starting seeing each other. Got married 2 and a half years ago.


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