11 Times Jimin Made ARMYs Bust An UwU During BTS' 5th Muster

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In Korean, "Aegyo" is "an expression of cuteness in order to appeal to another person," according to Koreaboo. It's basically when someone acts really cute, adorable, and childlike. K-Pop idols are known to perform aegyo a lot as part of their onstage persona. In fact, they do it so much that they can pretty much do it on cue. Still, some are more comfortable doing it than others, while others just exude aegyo naturally. BTS' Jimin definitely falls into that latter category and is not shy at displaying his cute side to fans. If aegyo is "an expression of cuteness," then Jimin definitely appeals to the BTS ARMY without even trying (though, to be fair, ARMYs obviously love everything Jimin does). For BTS' 5th Muster event this year, Jimin went on full aegyo mode to give the ARMY all the feels. These 10 videos of Jimin being cute at BTS' 5th Muster show off his adorable personality.

First, some important background: Some genius in Big Hit's wardrobe department decided to style Jimin in adorable oversized clothing that literally made him look 10 years younger in the finale portion of Muster, so the natural aegyo was flowing.

Second, I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page about aegyo. In case you haven't seen a K-Pop idol doing aegyo before, take a look at the video below of Jimin's "aegyo" side, which seems to come naturally to the K-Pop idol.

OK, have a better idea of it now? Good. Let's get into these 10 videos of Jimin being cute at BTS' 5th Muster, then!

1. Wiggling over to J-Hope

During the performance of "Magic Shop" Jimin and J-Hope sat a few feet apart, but that wasn't good enough for Jimin. He just had to close the gap by wiggling himself over to J-Hope.

2. Showing off those puppy dog eyes

Wow, just wow. In the video below, Jimin's eyes looked so big and they actually sparkled. And um, did you see that pout Jimin did? You could hear fans repeatedly calling him "cute" in the video and like, they're not wrong.

3. And his adorable pinch-able cheeks

OK, what is Jimin trying to achieve besides sending fans into never-ending feelings of admiration for him? After giving fans the puppy dog eyes, he flaunted his cute pinch-able cheeks. Just look at him poking them over and over again:

4. Forgetting where to go during "Boy With Luv"

Jimin seemed to forget his position at the beginning of the "BWL" choreography because, in the video below, you could see him shuffle around the stage adorably trying to find his spot.

And here's a closeup of Jungkook busting an UwU over it just like you:

5. Wiggling his butt back and forth

Say goodbye to the sensual "BWL" choreography Jimin usually does, because this is BWL cute version featuring Jimin wiggling his butt.

6. Playfully punching Jungkook in the shoulder

Continuing on with the cute version of "BWL," Jimin playfully punched Jungkook's shoulder, causing Jungkook to flash the biggest smile. The size difference between Jimin in those hopelessly oversized clothes and Jungkook just made the video even cuter.

7. Doing this cute little dance during BWL

Nope, I'm not done with Jimin's cute moments during "BWL" just yet. In the video below, Jimin showed off some cute dance moves and the rest of "BTS" loved it. Jimin was really embracing his adorable costume, wasn't he?

8. Whining in a Satoori accent

How does Jimin manage to make whining sound so cute and adorable?

9. Acting out the lyrics of "Magic Shop"

Jimin playfully acted out the lyrics of "Magic Shop" with V by pretending to open a door to his heart. Awww!

10. Waving goodbye to fans in the cutest way possible

Jimin sweetly waved to goodbye to fans in the most Jimin way possible!

11. When Jimin acknowledged how adorable he looked

And last but not least, Jimin definitely knew he was giving off adorable vibes and that he looked all of 12 years old in that stage outfit, so he joked that he pulled off a major magic trick when he emerged on stage looking cute AF (since we all know he can just turn around, slap on some black leather jeans, reveal his forehead with a side-part, and it's a whole 'nother vibe).

There were so many cute videos of Jimin at this year's Muster and it just goes to show that he is the King of Aegyo!