101 Genius Gifts On Amazon Prime When You Don't Know What To Give

By BDG Commerce
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We've all been there before: that uncomfortable moment when you're gift shopping for someone and you're drawing a total blank when it comes to what to buy them. The great thing about shopping for genius gifts on Amazon Prime is that even if you don't really know someone that well, you're guaranteed to find something really clever that's also useful in everyday life.

If you're shopping on Amazon for gifts, you could start at the Movers and Shakers page, which shows how things are selling over a 24-hour period, this one can actually just tip you off to stuff that's super cool and building buzz online. Or you could check out this curated list so you don't have to do the guesswork anymore. Your choice!

When it comes to giving gifts when you're not completely sure what to buy, sometimes it's best to go with things that have universal appeal. From a set of soothing bath bombs to a beanie that actually plays music, popular products on Amazon can make for really memorable gifts. Best of all, you can practically wait until the last minute to get any of these, since these are all available on Amazon Prime and will arrive in 48 hours.

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