When You're Too Sore To Function After A Workout, These 10 Yoga Poses Will Soothe You

by Georgina Berbari

Just about every single person I know who works out is familiar with the feeling of being so unbelievably sore after a trip to the gym that the mere act of standing seems like it might just be impossible. Yes, maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration, but the feeling of achey, pulsing, inflamed muscles working hard to repair themselves is no joke, my friends. So when you're looking for ways to relieve that pain, try rolling out your mat and flowing through some yoga poses for sore muscles. Pretty soon, you'll return to an ache-free, functional version of yourself that does have the energy not just to stand up, but to also complain about how sore you are to anyone who will listen (come on, you know I'm right).

Yoga combines deep, expansive breathing with slow, intentional stretching, which is basically everything your muscles are looking for after a challenging workout. And luckily, there are so many different asanas in yoga that target all different parts of the body, meaning you'll be able to focus on specific muscles that feel especially achey, and give them some extra lovin' and gentle attention.

The next time you hit up your favorite workout class or conquer yet another excruciatingly satisfying leg day, try moving through these 10 yoga poses after you're done to help your muscles recover, loosen up, and enjoy some sweet relief from all the work they've been doing.

Standing, Wide-Legged Forward Fold Will Feel Amazing For Your Lower Body
Yoga With Adriene on YouTube

For a case of sore hammies, an aching lower back, or even throbbing shoulders, a standing, wide-legged forward fold will feel absolutely amazing for your body.

Be gentle when you're getting into this stretch, and make sure not to push past your body's natural limitations. Keep a flat back as you fold forward, and clasp your palms together behind your back if you're looking to add in that luscious, upper-body stretch along with your lower-body and back restoration.

Cobra Pose Will Bring Your Abs Some Sweet Relief
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If your abs have ever felt so sore after a core circuit that it literally hurt for you to sneeze or laugh, then you need cobra pose in your life, girl.

This bad boy stretches out your midsection in the most incredible way, and TBH, you'll probably want to stay in it for days because of how yummy it feels for your sore midsection.

Low Lunge Will Do Wonders For Your Quads
RosalieYoga on YouTube

If your quads, legs, groin, and hips are inflamed and begging for TLC, slip into a nourishing low lunge to give them the attention they're craving. You can stay in this stretch, passively, for as long as you want — just make sure to even it out on both sides of your body so you'll be as balanced as possible.

Child's Pose Loosens Everything Up From The Waist Down
Yoga With Adriene on YouTube

Child's pose is incredibly calming and stretches your hips, thighs, lower back, and even your ankles. Plus, the restorative asana is great for relieving stress, as Huffington Post reports it can "induce feelings of calm and help put the mind in a meditative state." I don't know about you, but I'm definitely stressed when I'm feeling super sore, and this yoga pose always brings me back to center.

Seated Spinal Twist Will Lengthen The Muscles That Feel Tight
Abi Carver on YouTube

If you want to zone in on and lengthen your hips, back, or neck (or all of the above), seated spinal twist should be your go-to pose.

As you inhale, lengthen your spine and pretend like you're literally growing taller. As you slowly exhale, twist a bit deeper and savor the amazing stretch you'll feel in your lower back (you might even get a satisfying crack!).

Triangle Pose Is A Great Full-Body Stretch
Yoga With Adriene on YouTube

Triangle pose stretches your legs and hamstrings, but it also challenges the hips and shoulders a bit, too, so you'll basically be doing it all when you break out this asana.

Pay attention to proper alignment here, and breathe into the gentle, wonderful side stretch as you look up toward the sky or ceiling. Remember to repeat the pose on both sides to maintain balance throughout your body.

Cat-Cow Stretch Can Be A Calming, Moving Meditation
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For back soreness and abdominal aches, flow through a cat-cow sequence and allow the fluid movements of your body to provide a welcome stretch from head to toe.

Try to link each inhale and each exhale with a new movement. Make this stretch a moving meditation that's relaxing for both your mind and your body.

Standing Forward Fold Relieves The Tension In Your Sore Muscles
Agnistoka on YouTube

Whether you're feeling soreness in your lower body, your back, or even your arms and shoulders, standing forward fold will take care of your muscles. Rest your upper body on your thighs, and release your head and neck by nodding your head "yes," then shaking it "no."

Remember, you can keep a bend in your knees if this asana is too much for your hamstrings. Additionally, try clasping your hands behind your back for added, upper-body relaxation.

Reclined Bound Angle Pose Will Feel Incredible For Your Hips
Ekhart Yoga on YouTube

If it's your hips that are especially crying out in pain after your workout, sit back, relax, and let reclined bound angle pose work its magic. Be sure to place blocks or blankets underneath your knees if they don't reach the ground and you want a little extra support in this pose.

Reclined Figure-Four Stretch Will Soothe Your Sore Butt In No Time
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Whenever your hips and butt are incredibly achey and sore, taking a figure-four stretch will hurt so good. Initially, this pose might feel intense for your sore glute muscles, but once you breathe through the uncomfortable sensations, you'll find this asana can do wonders for your hard-working lower body.