10 Videos Of Jimin's Cute Pinkies That Made The BTS ARMY Rethink Everything They Ever Knew

Jeffrey Rosen

There was once a time in my life when a pinky — you know, one's little finger — was nothing more to me than, well, a pinky. Back in these days, when my friends asked me to describe my crush, I, first, told them to definitely not look at said crush's Facebook profile because his pictures are trash, but I then went on to describe features like his gorgeous smile, his broad shoulders, his sparkling eyes, or some other normal physical features we as humans associate with "attractiveness" for whatever reason. Never once did I even think to utter the words, "But wait until you see his adorable pinkies?" Then BTS' Park Jimin appeared on my radar, and let me tell you, these videos of BTS' Jimin's pinkies will make you rethink everything you ever knew about pinkies. Foreal foreal.

Chances are, if you're part of the BTS ARMY, you already know all about Park Jimin and his gosh darn adorable pinkies. If you're new to this whole ARMY thing, let me explain: Park Jimin of BTS has adorable pinkies. That's it. Facts have been stated. Moving on.

Now, I thought I was alone in my fascination with Jimin's adorable pinkies. I was ready to live my life UwUing over them all alone in peace. But then, on March 7, Kookmin Bank released this video of BTS promoting the bank's Liiv digital banking platform. In the video, the boys pick out their favorite of five cute little figurines. Check it out below and see if you can catch the moment that made me literally coo out loud over Jimin's adorable little finger.

Did you catch it? That moment around 1:08 where Jimin extends his pinky so that he can pick up the round, yellow figurine at the end of the lineup? It was one second of adorable. And I thought I was the only person who noticed it.

That is, until I logged onto Twitter and saw that I was not at all alone. Someone actually posted a video of Jimin's pinky's moment, but zoomed in at, like, 200 percent:

And ARMY Twitter has been going OFF about it ever since.

In my journey down the rabbit hole that is the corner of the internet that understands the importance of Jimin's pinkies, I was introduced to a bunch of Twitter accounts dedicated to Jimin's little finger — my favorite of which uses their artistic talents to draw Jimin's pinkies' cutest moments with a purple heart bursting from his exceptionally small pinky nail.

UwU. UwU. UwU.

So, if you're just now getting hip to the fact that Jimin has the most adorable pinkies known to man, first, I'm sorry. I'll tell you right now that your life won't be the same after this. Secondly, you're welcome, because, although you will now lose sleep thinking about how adorable Jimin's pinkies are, I honestly think your life will be better because of this knowledge.

So, I compiled this short, but comprehensive list of videos that highlight Jimin's pinkies' cutest moments.

1. When he stretched it to try and make it longer on the SBS Gayo Daejun red carpet.

2. When he compared his little pinky to his bandmates' pinkies.

3. That other time he compared his pinky to V's super long pinky, further accentuating his pinky's adorable existence.

4. That time a fan wanted to compare their pinkies and hers was longer, so he covered his face in faux embarrassment.

Nothing to be embarrassed by, Jimin! Your pinky is perfect the way it is!

5. That time a fan wanted to compare her pinky to his and he got super pumped that they were the same size.

Small victories, you know?

6. That time he tried to finger wrestle V with his pinky.

7. When he gave a pinky promise on VLIVE.

8. Honestly, this whole VLIVE was about Jimin's pinkies.

9. When he cupped his face after the Grammy awards.

10. That time he suggested playing a finger-strength game against V with their pinkies and immediately regretted it once he remembered his pinky is smol AF.

But as adorable as Jimin's little pinkies are, there's one thing that's undeniable: he's got more talent in one of those pinkies than I have in my whole dang body. And when you add that talent to all the talent contained in Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, V, and Jungkook's respective pinky fingers, you get the biggest boy band in the world. So, who's complaining?