10 Amazing Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Couples Can Buy & Enjoy Together

As a certified chocoholic, I know that an assorted box of truffles is a safe bet as a Valentine's Day gift. But when you're looking for the perfect present to get your significant other for Feb. 14, sometimes going in on a gift for the two of you to share together is a more special way to say "I love you." Valentine's Day is all about love, right? Keep that in mind when prepping for gift-giving on this holiday. Read through these Valentine's Day gift ideas for couples that are sure to provide romantic memories for both of you for days, weeks, and years to come.

Enjoy a night out in the painting studio, and let your creativity flourish together. There are paint and sip studios all over, and the premise is the same: drink and see where your brush takes you. Take home your personal masterpieces, or exchange paintings with your significant other for a gift to keep.

When you want ultimate comfort laying around the house together, matching terry robes are totally the answer. These soft robes are ideal for cuddling and for hopping right out of the shower. Bonus points to PB for including optional monogramming, too!

For the couple that lives together, the Amazon Echo Dot will make your lives much easier. The handy little assistant can change the temperature, read books to you, and even order Dominos or an Uber.

For the couple that loves to exercise and explore, or just needs a cheaper way to commute to work, Citi Bike is an affordable and cost-effective alternate to the subway and taxis. Pick up a bike, ride, and drop it off. It'll be your favorite new way to do groceries together, with its front basket and harness. Other cities have similar bikesharing businesses: Divvy in Chicago and Metro Bike Share in Los Angeles are two alternate options.

Go ahead and whip up a tasty treat together this Valentine's Day. This KitchenAid hand mixer comes with five speed settings and two beaters that'll fit right at home in any sized kitchen. It's small, and the beaters detach for easy cleaning and storage.

For the loved-up social butterflies, host your own Valentine's Day party with these festive decorations and tableware. The set comes with everything from temporary tattoos to cupcake liners – sure to please many different guests!

For the dog-obsessed couple, wake up every morning with a cup of your favorite hot drink and an adorable pup. These mugs come in ivory and pink, so feel free to switch off which one you and your Valentine use every day!

One of the many life lessons I've learned from The Bachelor is that skydiving is a perfect way to fall in love. Or, you know, just feel incredible amounts of adrenaline with another person at the same time. Your pick. iFly uses wind tunnels to mimic the effect of jumping out of an airplane, but this way, you'll fly with your partner indoors. Choose from 30 different continental U.S. cities, and two international iFly locations.

If the two of you don't already have this amazing deal, Valentine's Day is your chance to gift it to one another. For $10 a month, you can see a movie a day, and there are absolutely no catches. Give each other the gift of a lot more movie dates to come, especially during Oscar season.

For a fun rainy day activity, split the pack of pink hearts and gold envelopes in half, and each write five love letters to one another. Mail a card out when you think your significant other will need the extra warm words, and make their day. Oh, and be sure to seal with a kiss!

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